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Police Entice Woman to Snitch, Get Her Killed, Blame Her for Her Death

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NORML reports on the death of Rachel Hoffman, another disgusting and preventable death caused by the war on drugs and the reckless police tactics it has inspired.

Hoffman was caught selling marijuana and ecstasy in Florida. After threatening her with prison time, the police then gave Hoffman the option of becoming an informant–without first consulting with her lawyer. They set up a deal with her connection. What happened in between isn’t yet clear. But they found her body late last week.

Proving once again that the most dangerous thing about illicit drugs like ecstasy and marijuana isn’t the drugs themselves. It’s what the government does to you after you’re caught with them. [The Agitator]

Watch this video, in which Tallahassee Police Chief Jones blames Rachel for her own death and then says, "we are aggressively seeking justice for Rachael and her family."

If Chief Jones wants justice he should start by fixing the protocols he claims his officers adhered to. They sent Rachel in to purchase an uncharacteristic amount of drugs, along with a gun, just to ramp up the charges even higher. Their insatiable lust for big busts and big headlines gave them away and got their informant killed. There's nothing complicated about this. No nuances to debate. It's horrible policing brought on by a horrible war, which produced another horrible outcome.

Note: If you get arrested, speak with a lawyer immediately and do not fall for the common tricks police use to recruit snitches. They may tell you that this is your only chance to make a deal. They may exaggerate how much trouble you're already in, so as to leverage your cooperation. Frequently, people arrested for drugs endanger their own lives by becoming informants, when a lawyer could have gotten them off altogether. The drug war feeds on these coercive tactics, creating crimes that would never have occurred, and ruining one life after the next. Don't fall for it.

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march at the capital

concerned citizens will march on the capital this wednesday at 5:30 to 8:00 pm to strongly protest the tactics used by Tallahassee police dept. that got this young woman killed. If you can help, please do so.

All because she got busted

All because she got busted for 5 ounces of pot and six ecstasy pills. This girl was basically just selling bags to her friends. No wonder those guys knew something was up when she tried to buy 1,500 ecstasy pills, 2 ounces of cocaine and a gun. It would have been a miracle if she didn't get killed.

This is really sad. She was fresh out of college, and had her whole life ahead of her. Will this madness ever end?

Thank you!

I live in Tally and have been slammed on the blogs by some for blaming LE for her death. I totally agree with you and am glad the few of us protesting this are not alone!

Re: Thank You!

Comment posted by Anonymous on Tue, 05/13/2008 - 9:58am
"I live in Tally and have been slammed on the blogs by some for blaming LE for her death. I totally agree with you and am glad the few of us protesting this are not alone!"

I live in Tally, too. See you tomorrow... look for the old hippie in the Norml shirt!


Snitch or else?

Evidence of the failures of this war on citizens continues to mount. Large numbers of opponents to the government's current drug control policies somehow need to all get on the same page at the same time and let elected reps know that it's time for change before any more lives are destroyed or terminated in this manner. A thought here might be, for those that have access to all or most of these types of tragic events, to compile as complete a list as possible, for the last 5 years or so. Maybe if the people that could make a difference could see and fully realize just how many instances and consequences similar to this have occured, all in one summary, a bigger impression could be made. At least, the public might appreciate taking a look at the total picture. That may make a few people take a second look.

We're losing the drug war......

When will these politicians realize that we are spending billions to fight the drug war, and we are losing!!! We need
to elect more politicians who have the courage to take a stand against these archaic laws and save more lives.
Hey, isn't this the land of the free? Free for whom? Wasn't prohibition abolished?
Aren't our civil liberties being violated? Where is the ACLU when it REALLY counts?


They're done some fantastic drug policy reform work. Don't blame them for this.

No sympathy for rats

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada What it comes down to is that this woman made the choice to deal drugs and when she got caught she turned on her cohorts and tried to deal her way out.If you can't do the time,don't do the crime.Back in the analogue days when I had a police scanner I used to listen to the narcs make their busts and they would always either call for a wagon or not.It didn't take a genius to figure out the reason for the not.If you think the police care what happens to you when you turn,take note of this story.Every time I went to prison it was the result of an informant and I was usually aware of who it was.If not at the time,for sure by the end of the trial.The cops could care less for informants.I was told once that back in my day the cops used to knock people around a bit to get them to talk.Now they have to knock them out to shut them up.People who grow up poor seem to form some kind of allegiance to their companions but the spoiled kids of wealth just don't seem to have the character.Just take a look at the "new"Mafia.It's all the result of really bad drug laws that pitch people against one another.There's no up side to prohibition.It's a nasty and vicious business and it's the law of the jungle.Informants are just one of the really sleazy aspects of drug enforcement and they deserve whatever they get.It's cold but that's the way it is when people use people.

another death

caused by greedy lazy poilice who care only about themselves and thier greedy sleazy nazi masters .

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