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Drug Cops Raid Innocent Man, Shoot Him 5 Times, Then File Bogus Charges

His name is Tracy Ingle and he's alive, but he needs help.

1. They raided his house from multiple entrances, bashing down his front door with a battering ram and crashing through his bedroom window.

2. He grabbed a broken gun to scare what he thought were burglars and was subsequently shot 5 times. One bullet remains lodged above his heart.

3. In jail, they withheld his pain medication and antibiotics. They ignored his doctor's instructions to change his bandages and clean his wounds. He became infected.

4. They found no drugs but charged him with drug dealing. His sister claims ownership of the scale and baggies which form the basis for the drug charge. She uses those things for making jewelry.

5. He pawned his car to make bail so he had to walk 2 miles on crutches to his first court appearance. His leg was still infected.

6. On the warrant, the words "crack cocaine" are scratched out and replaced with "methamphetamine," suggesting the document may have been illegally altered after the judge approved it.

7. A neighbor who saw the whole raid now refuses to talk after a visit from the police. They assured him that "he did not see what he thought he saw."

If you can handle it, Radley Balko has much more.

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"He grabbed a broken gun to scare what he thought were intruders and was subsequently shot 5 times."

Whaddaya mean, what he THOUGHT were intruders? They WERE intruders.

No kidding

I changed it to say "burglars" instead.

Best Quote from Arkansas Times

"A place that cherishes both its guns and the sanctity of a man's home, Arkansas is one of many states that has enshrined some version of the Defense of Premises Doctrine in its laws. It is, simply put, the right to defend your home without fear of prosecution, up to and including killing an intruder who has made forcible entry.

It's an idea that is dangerously at odds with the concept of no-knock search warrants, says Radley Balko, senior editor of Reason magazine. A former fellow at the Cato Institute, a Washington, D.C., libertarian think tank, Balko did some of the early research into the use of no-knock warrants and militarized police units. Over and over again, Balko said, he sees cases where a SWAT team breaches a house, the homeowner exercises his right to defend his home, and either an officer or the homeowner is killed or injured. The only difference is that when it's a cop who gets shot, the private citizen nearly always winds up in jail."

Point of accuracy

It is worth pointing out that the judge did initial the change from "crack cocaine" to "methamphetamine" on the warrant (you can get a pdf o f the warrant from Balko's site). I think the judge needs to be asked how he can approve this sort of boilerplate crap on a warrant.

How the judge can approve this sort of boilerplate crap ...

"I am da Judge. I do what I wanna do."

(Just an observation of our broken justice system, not a justification."

Your petition is moot!

Your petitions are pointless in a country that is as corrupt as the U.S. Even if you think your votes count- they don't. Electronic voting machines have completed the execution of democracy. The only true answer is REVOLUTION. Time to stop selling $100 sacks of over rated pot. Time to start over again from the ground up... spread the seed and free your weed! The THC content is no longer relevant when the overall goal is to spread the plant like wild fire. Toss them in every park, planter, and garden instead of the trash. The genetic diversity of marijuana is going to shit because of the greed and insistance on smoking the Kind. Let's honor our hippie ancestor's roots and be greatful there's still plant to smoke. Then rise against the tyrrany of this nation and cast your seeds anywhere there is a natural source of water and earth. I may already be considered an enemy combatant because my medicine of choice is pot, but I have already committed to using it as my weapon. Every 4:20 I have spread what seeds I have saved for the year and they have begun to take hold. But I am only 1 and it takes many to have a full blown revolution. Let the ed free and soon they'll have no choice but to legalize low THC content hemp and pot. Then Alex Whiteplume can make some change on the reservation in South Dakota, then the U.S. will have a source of fuel other than our fucking food! Get your head out of the cloud and see the bigger picture you fucking potheads!

casting seeds

I cast and planted all my seeds for years and like oned sprouted. What is up with that? I do think cannabis snobbery, smoking only kind, is not smart. Here in Texas there is good quality regular smoke that is a way better deal than the overpriced kind. I know not vereybody has that option but if consumers demanded Mexican seeded smoke grown from good seeds( what I think we smoke besides old kind that has been stored for years). Some of it remindeds me of lumbo gold, at nearly the same price. $ 80 oz, adjusted for inflation is comparable to $40 back in the day But I have a hard time getting seeds that just get flung to sprout

If you are in your own home and someone kicks the door in....

The tragedies that occur from no-knock excesses or mistakes are merely considered collateral damage by the war 'believers'. It's similar to unnecessary high speed car chases where adrenaline pumped (can be similar to meth high pumped) police end up killing someone with their vehicles. Sad but true so what are we gonna do.......

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