John Conyers Demands Answers From DEA Over the Medical Marijuana Raids

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Just read this fantastic letter (pdf), which Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers (D-MI) sent to DEA's acting administrator Michele Leonhart. Considering the infinite variety of questions one might have to ask in the hopes of understanding what the hell DEA thinks it's doing, Conyers does a pretty good job of covering the bases. His questions are so good, I suspect someone else may have helped write them.

Should DEA fail to provide a satisfactory response, Conyers will initiate Congressional hearings to get the answers that he and the American people have been demanding for too many years now.

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That letter is action packed...

I can't wait to see the response.

On with the Hearings

The DEA have been successful up to this point in avoiding hearings regarding their raids of marijuana dispenceries. But after reading Congressman Conyers' letter, it's clear the jig is up. But as much as I would like to see public hearings on this matter, I think the DEA will be able to temporarily avoid them by pulling out every stall tactic for at least as long as Bush is in office.

Scott how were you able to obtain a copy of Conyers' letter? I hope you are as successful in getting the response by the DEA?

The Letter

It was forwarded to me by a staffer at Americans for Safe Access.

DEA Tactics

What I want to know is who does the DEA answer to? I mean in 1988 Francis Young reported to congress and the president of the FUSA (Fascist United States of America.) That, "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the most theraputically active substances known. It would be unreasonable. arbitrary and capricious for the DEA to continue to stand between those sufferer's and the substance." Why was this buried, ignored and Francis told to re-do the report this time focusing only on the negative aspects of marijuana use, huh!! WHY!! Are you listening to me I SAID WHY!!! Because our gov't has a private agenda in keeping cannabis illegal. Lets all get together and kill the the next election. Peace...

Great post man, I wish I'd

Great post man, I wish I'd seen this earlier!!

"let's kill the the next election" hahahaha...

Un real

I too want to read the response , And voteing won`t change anything unless we all go do it! I mean all of us

votes mean nothing in the

votes mean nothing in the fixed election derby. as a great man once said (Thomas Jefferson, one of my idols a a free thinker) "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"

It's time for a revolution!! I know the powers that be have tried to brainwash people into thinking that revolution is ilegal or immoral, but if that is so, then why do we venerate the founders so much?

The truth is that the government will use any means, legal or illegal, unjust or totaly f*$%ing evil, to keep what control it has over us, and to gain more.

I truly believe that our democracy has failed and isn't long for this earth. Well, even if the American Empire collapses, life goes on, empires crumble, people live on. I just hope that when their glass tower finally shatters, it doesn't hurt to many bystanders(i.e. not politicians, big business types or law enforcement types) on the way down.

Maybe it's time to give Noam Chomsky's form of anarchy a try. Why is it that it's ASSUMED that democracy is the best for of government because we have it? Especially since this country is in NO WAY a democracy(which implies that the citizens can actually vote on policy) but a REPUBLIC, a tight confederation of states where policy is decided by an elected few representatives(cuz us poor folk is too dumb to vote right!) who regularly vote against their constituent wishes and/or interests!

But I digress. Anyway, viva la revolucion!!!!

What's the Response?

That letter from Conyers to DEA administrator Leonhart dated April 29 gives a deadline for the DEA's response of July 1. So where can I find the response?

Leonhart to Conyers: I got

Leonhart to Conyers: I got yer deadline, right here...

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