Why the drug war will never stop.

Basically it's this in and of itself: Money. If law enforcement had nothing to do but hand out driving tickets and stopping violent crime, it would not be a solid career or as exciting as "vice" squad happy kewl guys in uniforms and suits with dark glasses. Stopping the war on drug 1st step is to legalise Marijuana. This alone would free up so many resources that could otherwise be focused on more dangerous "lethal" addictive substances... but it's ok that there's alcohol, because there's no adverse effect of drinking and driving or liver failure or alcohol poisoning. (yes it's sarcasm.) This country is still very much in it's infancy and the WAR on terror, or Drugs, is just another reason to ... you guessed it - waste time and money. Warmongering when there's no one to defend against is what brought the war on drugs, how Marijuana ever became classified as a drug is beyond me... nicotine seems to be either on par or slightly worse accourding to the label on the box. The War on terror seems a little twisted, but I'll wait and see. If it isn't outright thieft of property for seisure money or selling Marijuana in a different state after seizing it here (rumors - I have no personal references to back that up) it the money that gets given to them by government to continue this practice. I'd love to see drug enforcement as acually doing somthing good besides ruining the economy, destroying property, livelyhood, and communities for thier departmental gain. As long as Law enforcement can make a buck off of it then it's never going away. oh ... an idea! a cheap easy way to lessen violent crime! legalise Marijuana. I mean at 1st EVERYONE will make everything stink like pot for a few months then it'll be taxed heavily like cigarettes and ppl will "just wait" until they can afford the good stuff. Unlike nicotine/alcohol that is habit forming. 2 cents applied... and no I don't smoke/drink...anything - it's a waste of money.
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Live by $$$...

Die by $$$. The phoney war on drugs will end when the funds to procure it end.Thats sooner, by the way.

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