Mark Souder Accidentally Assists Marijuana Decrim Efforts in New Hampshire

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The NH House of Representatives just passed a marijuana decriminalization bill and it looks like drug warrior Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) inadvertently played a potent role in pushing the reforms through.

Coverage from the Associated Press indicates that the obscenely harsh aid elimination penalty of the Higher Education Act, which Souder authored, played a part in persuading NH legislators to put pot policy in perspective:
Supporters argued current law costs youths who experiment with the drug all chances at receiving financial aid to attend college. They said it wasn't fair to penalize them for life for a youthful mistake.

Windham Republican Jason Bedrick said he doesn't advocate using marijuana, but that wasn't the issue.

"The question is whether a teenager making a stupid decision should face a year in prison and loss of all funding for college," said Bedrick.

Bedrick called the state's penalties "overly harsh."

"What societal interest is served by giving them a record for life?" he said. Instead of harsh penalties, society should emphasize education, he said.
Souder's brainless attempt to fight drug use by keeping students out of school has already galvanized the reform movement, inspiring the formation of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and uniting the largest coalition of public interest groups ever to oppose a federal drug law.

Souder's heartless and counterproductive law has become emblematic of the drug war's tendency to throw the baby out with bathwater, destroying young lives in the name of protecting youth. It has opened doors to the reform movement by confirming our worst stereotypes of blind drug war demagoguery and motivating public health, education, and treatment organizations to join our ranks in calling for a return to sanity.

Today his law was used effectively in a state legislature as an argument for reforming marijuana laws. Whether or not the bill passes the senate and becomes law remains to be seen, but a lesson has been learned nonetheless: the drug warriors' own cruelty has become our most viable weapon in the fight for reform. We will always gain more ground arguing that the law is harmful than by claiming the drug is safe.

Finally, before celebrating Mark Souder's gift to the reform movement, let's not forget that 200,000 students paid a terrible price so that we can now more vividly depict the fury and callousness of our drug war leaders.
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Souder will probably turn out the be just every other self-hateing hypocrite that has built their poltical career by shouting 'THOU SHALT NOT...' at everyone while indulging in what he claims to be against. He will probably turn out to be just like the others that preached against sex, drugs and homosexuality. Where are they now?


I love the fact that his law was used as an argument for reform. It is excellant, food for thought, who knows maybe some good will come from it !

They do our work for us

How very accommodating of them. When we want to show what the underlying ideology of drug prohibitionism is, both the 'rationale' and the emotional baggage that goes along with it, they never fail to provide examples in both word and deed.

Want to show that the ideology is inherently anti-democratic? Try to engage them in debate about the laws; they inevitably drop all pretense of possessing a rational, defensible stance, ball their fists threateningly, and say, "Because I said so, what you gonna do about it?" That a great many corporate profits, salaries, retirement plans, political careers, etc. are dependent upon maintaining drug prohibition is never supposed to be brought up in the discussion...if there ever is one.

Or when you point out that they are teaching kids (the incredibly dangerous precedent) that rights are to be nullified at a whim (with enough hysterical screeching and lies about drugs used as 'justification' to to force them to surrender those rights we claim to value so highly), the drug prohibitionists predictably use children as human shields, saying, "We're trying to save the chil-drunnnnn! How can you be against that?"

That what they are teaching those children may one day be taught to them by those children never crosses their authoritarian minds; they believe they will always be on top, holding the reins of power, and don't need to worry about a future generation taught by them that rights are fictions to be overturned by those with power. But that's not how it usually goes; the worm turns, the biters get bit, and those on the bottom may find themselves sitting across the table from someone who previously was on top, but is elderly and frail now, and needs the goodwill of those they humiliated as children. Who will no doubt have long memories of their institutionalized humiliation of being forced to piss in a cup for no good reason other than a baseless suspicion,

Oh yes, Souder's Law will have lots more in the way of 'unintended consequences'; such laws usually do. A generation of reformers are being grown right before our eyes, and when they realize what has been done to them, they will not require much encouragement to take up the reformer's cause. After all, we're not the ones insulting both their intelligence and their worth as human beings...

Bad People Finish Last

The problem for people who embrace a reality grounded in corruption is that public exposure to that corruption greatly undermines that individual, potentially eliminating his or her ability to further corrupt (The Boy Who Cried Wolf).

By embracing truth, we have the advantage of working hard to achieve high-quality public relations to express that truth (improving our public image), while the lies, essentially covered up by the mainstream media for roughly a century, are exposed online.

The prohibitionists, simply by being their wrong selves, help our movement at every turn.

How totally stupid

In the early 1970s I sat and listened, with my mother, to "nixon" declare his "war on drugs". (purposely didn't cap) Mom had lived through "the great experiment" prohibition, she listened intently. At the end of his speech, mom said, "that dumb son-of-a-bitch", "prohibition didn't work the first time, and it won't work now". Mom had never gone to school past the sixth grade, but she knew either through experience or common sence, she knew how well it would work. Mom has been gone now for over twelve years, and everywhere I look I see the destruction of this failed policy. Currupt officials, families destroyed, millions spent to lock-up nonviolent users. Nothing else can be viewed as totally stupid, except for this stupid war in Iraq. Oh yeah, I'm a 67 yr old white guy, I developed "uncontrolled glaucoma" in 2003, been breaking the law ever since I lost the sight in my left eye completely. Now my only hope of retaining any sight at all is to commit a daily felony. God almighty, how totally stupid. White_bull, in Arkansas USA

Indiana is pharmacorp

Souder is a rep from Indiana, right. That state has a LARGE pharmacorps, right. Pharmacorps do not like cannabis, right. Souder gets big $$$ from the pharmacorps, right? Souder is a corrupt,moralizing hypocrite,RIGHT!!!

Next November

Who will be running against this evil nitwit, Souder, in November? Is it possible that the sheeple of Indiana will vote poorly once again? I, for one, have heard enough of the twit, and would be willing to take up Indiana residency, just to vote for his opponent.

Michael Montagano running against Souder

Michael Montagano, a Democrat, is running unopposed against the Republican candidate who will undoubtedly again be Mark Souder in Indiana's Third District, which is composed of most of northeastern Indiana. Montagano is a lawyer specializing in educational law. His website offers an opportunity to contribute financially toward the campaign to unseat Mark Souder. See the site at: Given Souder's solid support for the Bush administration's disastrous war and fiscal irresponsibility in racking up the deficit, both unpopular even here in IN-3, this may be our best chance of defeating his reelection.


You're not just punishing the kids, but whole families.

Quote from Scott Morgan: "We will always gain more ground arguing that the law is harmful than by claiming the drug is safe."

Damn, that pretty much sums up the view the drug policy reform movement must adopt to win. Unless you are medical marijuana patient with a serious illness (or an activist focused solely on such), I would avoid defending pot use (and drug users rights) altogether and focus on the harm the laws cause to families and communities. With tuition rates rising every year and the bachelors degree now the new high school diploma, financial aid is a must for many families to send their kids to college and become competitive in our stiff economy, start a family and take care of their parents during their retirement. By denying that opportunity, you're not just punishing the kid for life but whole families.

Prohibitionists remain antagonistic to a free society!

Ask any law enforcement official which domestic situation they'd prefer to avoid:

1) An individual or group high on liquid drugs... alcohol?
2) An individual or group high on marijuana?

Does anyone really doubt which drug has the statistically higher ratio of violence & death... even though marijuana smokers face much harsher penalties... including longer prison terms and forfeiture of assets... a drunk person would have to kill somebody to perhaps warrant such justice!

Suggest the following to any prohibitionist, or their legions of stooges & enforcers, and they'll try to kill or incarcerate you... and never mention their intellectual terrorism or they'll sympathetically proclaim you another poor 'paranoid delusional'... another victim of Satan's smoke... in desperate need of the type of compassion & rehabilitation that only an overcrowded massive prison system can provide!

Suggest that the 1st drug war, the Prohibition against 'liquid intoxicants' (the drug of choice of our European immigrants and ancestors... also the original 'gateway drug' ) which officially started in 1919 with the 18th amendment came about exactly the same way as the 2nd drug war, the Prohibition against marijuana... amazingly fast political actions by a radical Progressive Prohibition Movement (PPM)... how fast a responsible & vigilant citizen may wonder... less then 6 hours and no prior committee meetings!

If you're not immediately arrested or shot for your Gnostic rants, or hedonistically libertine crimes against their children and society at large, perhaps because your 'accusers' find you amusing.... like a cat with a wounded mouse or bird... they'll allow you to continue with your conspiracy theories.

EXCEPT... your lawyers sage advice starts to become audible through the cognitive dissonance dissipating inside your newly numbed skull... previously drowning out rational thought and hampering critical thinking (professionals commonly refer to this as 'caveman mode')... he's screaming at you to 'ZIP IT' --- because your 'accusers' will use everything you say and they make up against you, etc, etc...!

Most cops are unwilling stooges of the current Progressive Prohibition Movement! Cops are given great discretionary powers and it's unwise to provoke someone who may be and/or act sympathetic. However, zealot sects like the DEA are trained to react violently against 'druggies', however peaceful, however responsible, even vital, to their existence.

Facts confuse and threaten prohibitionists, and, they should fear the wealth of information and knowledge the few libertarian minded among us possess... not to mention the criminal implications the equally illegal 2nd drug war carries! If only we could get the justice dept to do it's job and strike down illegal laws... as it did when it struck down the 1st drug war in 1933.

I believe it's also long past time to start holding those responsible... accountable... for their serious crimes ... regardless of title or stature... had the supreme court held the PPM responsible for their crimes in 1933 when they repealed drug prohibition... we wouldn't be fighting these dangerous delusional criminals now!

But the fundamentalist PPM remains alive, newly energized, and enabled today thanks to her immortal allies: fear, ignorance, certitude, copious amounts of hypocrisy, and the heavy hand of the police state... so beloved by moralists and the purveyors of gods & governments!

Prohibitionists remain antagonistic and dangerous to a modern egalitarian society... their delusions, desperations, paranoia's, pretenses, and proclamations make them more deceitful, disgusting, and criminal then ever.

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA


I try not to be this unintelligent, but boy does he look like a tool!

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