Don't Snort the Pink Cocaine

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The hysteria surrounding candy-flavored drugs continues to provide a full-scale model for the rank stupidity of our press and policy-makers:
Federal drug agents have seized cocaine in a variety of designer flavors and arrested three men in Modesto after a 10-month undercover investigation, authorities reported Monday.

The cocaine, in strawberry, lemon, coconut and cinnamon flavors, may be aimed at women and a younger, club-going clientele, said Gordon Taylor, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration office in Sacramento. [Modesto Bee]
So cocaine that tastes like strawberries or cinnamon must be for the ladies? This is the sophisticated analysis you get when you call the DEA for insight on the latest drug scare. Strawberries = chicks. Genius.

Fortunately, the Modesto Bee at least concedes an important point I've been hammering since this whole candy-flavored drug scare emerged:
It costs about twice as much and is less potent, he said, but dealers bank on its novelty and taste to sell the product.

Senators Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Charles Grassley (R-IA) went so far as to introduce legislation to increase penalties for candy-flavored meth, claiming that these products target children. Yet, flavored drugs are more expensive and therefore less appealing to young people, who don't have any money. The flavoring also reduces potency considerably, making candy flavored meth and cocaine much safer than their unadulterated forms.

So for those of you with a sweet tooth in your nose, be forewarned: Candy-flavored drugs are weak and overpriced. If you're trying to get high on cocaine, you might wanna stick with the good old-fashioned bitter-tasting white-colored stuff. And if you're looking for a sugar fix, I recommend Hershey's Cookies & Cream™ bars, which cost $1.39 and taste better than cocaine feels. And, finally, if you're trying to protect children, I recommend taxing and regulating drugs so we can better control who sells them, who buys them, and what their ingredients are.

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coke money

a little coke money dint hurt any 1 scarface

Flavored Drugs

Give me a break, people who are going to take drugs, just don't care about the flavor. It might be a great selling point, but let's face it, if it's not stronger, who cares. I honestly believe, the whole candy thing is coming from the man, what better way to suppot their story that drugs are aimed at our children ! Oh ! and Bad, Bad .

its called LAVADA and it is

its called LAVADA and it is actually much more potent . Lavada is spanish .It means WASH. Lavada is literally washed of all chemical residue from the process of making the cocaine. This leaves a mure pure product that doesnt leave its user feeling gittery or wanting more IE: No cocaine hangover. They add the flavor to simply give it a nice taste . 

Get real

"And, finally, if you're trying to protect children, I recommend taxing and regulating drugs so we can better control who sells them, who buys them, and what their ingredients are."

Now heres the topic we all need to be talking about and bring to the public. People need to get real and try thinking out of the box alittle. Current drug enforcment doen't work alll to well, try a new approch man.


Perspective from a woman/recent child

I don't know. If somebody made arsenic cherry-flavored, I'd totally be all over it. I would smoke pot if I could only get my hands on some pink strawberry rolling papers. Also, you know what kills me? Fruit-flavored laxatives. I simply can't resist those motherfuckers. Enough said.

This has been a bullshit flavored comment by,
Rebecca O. again.

The first flavored papers I

The first flavored papers I ever smoked were strawberry, and I do believe they were pink with little strawberry pictures, so that mean we smoking?

cocaine is stupid

cocaine is the stupidest thing ever


I'm not a fan of cocaine either, but that's beside the point. People use cocaine. It's a multi-billion dollar industry, the proceeds from which currently go directly into the hands of organized crime. This must stop.

most coke goes to a good cause

most coke money goes to people who are fighting for a good cause. just because you don't understand FARK and other "terrorist" organizations don't make hem bad. Yes they are buying weapons but it is their cause. what would you do in their position.

Marketing Mistake

I have no sympathy for dealers who adulterate drugs. And this marketing concept hardly seems attractive to health conscious drug users. Food coloring and artificial flavorings in my cocaine? Yuk.

I haven't seen a line of coke since 1980 (I was never a fan, either), but if I saw a line of blue powder on a mirror, I'm not thinking blueberries or cocaine, I'm thinking Comet Cleanser. Yuk, again.


cocaine doesn't have a brain;

therefore can't any more be "stupid" than meth can be "evil." Stupid is what the drug warriors think we are to feed us this crap.

Lacking any unbiased studies on the actual effect of illegal drugs on the brain, I think we need to consider the longterm effects of non-use. For example, non-users are often delusional; they seem to have trouble separating reality from fantasy. Also, I'm concerned about the personal lives of non-users; perhaps the non-use of drugs has destroyed their families, which would explain why they feel the need to stick their noses into other people's business.

Just plain dumb

sicntired I'm not one to tell another what to like but this is just plain dumb.Obviously a reaction to the inability of manufacturers to find decent bleaching agents.There's nothing like the taste of a good ether washed cocaine.Not that I recommend the use of any illegal narcotic substance.Heaven forbid!


any news on a fried chicken flavor?


if crack smelled like a nasty fart instead of obnoxious exhaust not do it

strawberry cocaine is good

strawberry cocaine is good ...and really easy to make and yes the flavoring is safe.

how to make it?

what to use and where to get the flavoring?...i wanna try it..

i luv strawberry

anyone know where to get the flavoring or brand?

oh dear

so i noticed some blue colouring in my friends nostrills haha ..not funny but that just sounded funny. and she's been hanging out with some incredibly rich kids lately and told me she'd done cocaine with them. soooo is that probably what she did this time? i am concerned coz she's already a shopaholic and if she gets addicted to cocaine that won't help her finacial situation. PLUS i don't want to be friends with a druggy. :\

this sucks. i never thought my friends would do these kinda drugs :[

maybe u should join your

maybe u should join your friends one time.

pink cocaine is lame,ha, anywayz yeah iv tryd coke that was pink before and it was pretty nasty, my m8 brought sum up from london a few weeks ago luckily he only got an eigth for me

It's A Money Thing

All of this pink cocaine crap is dumb. Seriously, anyone who wants to go buy a bag of cocaine is gona buy it because they enjoy it the way that it is. Being cherry flavored or whatever is not a selling point....some kid who has never tried the drug before isn't going to be persuaded because its his favorite jolly rancher flavor!
Let's face it, people. The "flavoring" we are talking about is just some extra crap that drug dealers can dump into their stash to up the weight. Mcdonald's does the same thing when they stuff their frozen patties with breadcrumbs and garbage like's a way for drug dealers to make MORE MONEY!!!!

And plus

I want a bag of cocain NOT A FUCKING STRAWBERRY MILK SHAKE!!!!!!!

I've tried "cherry" flavored

I've tried "cherry" flavored cocaine once they say it's less potent but in my eyes it was way better then the regular coke tasted like cherry Koolaid haga

Pink Drug

 If they ever came up with a lethal drug that tasted like Fried Chicken or Watermelon, the crime problems of our inner cities would be solved!

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