No drug war for the wealthy

When was the last time we saw a celebrity busted for drugs?Lots of trips to rehab and lots of talk in public about their drug problems but it's very rare that a celebrity or politician or the ceo of a major corporation is busted for dope.This is not because successful people don't do drugs.We hear all the time about a book being released or a rehab stint or just a conversation by famous people about being so wasted.Back in the day,especially during the 80's cocaine glut there were stories of actors getting popped for coke.We still hear tragic stories of overdoses and near misses and the rock community is pushing out exposes at a quick pace but when was the last celebrity busted for dope?I guess we all know that the law is applied equally if you can afford a good lawyer and equally if you can't.The two equals are just not equal.I found out one thing that has never been shown to have exception.If a person uses hard drugs and deals to support their habit.They will go to jail at least once every 10 years.There are people in this town that have dealt drugs with impunity for most of their lives.You don't get involved with them unless you are looking for some time off.The very wealthy sometimes get busted and the arrest gets reported.Soon after the charges are dropped or thrown out of court on a technicality.If possible,charges are never leveled.We may be in the middle of a drug war but it's a war on the poor.They love to arrest big time criminals but they are just poor people that have clawed their way out of the muck and the police love to send them right back.I don't have to cite cases of wealthy people that have bought themselves all the justice money can buy.We've all heard enough of them.It's the nations poor that fill the jails and that's the way it has always been.First to the draft,first to prison,last for everything else.
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Look At OJ

You are completely CORRECT. There isn't much I can add to this. I have seen it myself. The Celeb's and Rich, ALWAYS GET A FREE PASS, and The Poor are ALWAYS GETTING The SHAFT.

It's CRAP: Confess, Rehab, Ask for forgiveness, Preach!

Yes, it is fucked-up, but, it's how christians have been doing it for ages... and why western judao-christianity, and its massive hypocracy, is making fools out of the rest of us.

For most christians, their lives have been predetermined by predestiny... as chosen by their super-hero. This deficiency in charachter and abandonment of critical thought presents a huge and major problem for rationalists trying to live a honest reality based life!

Unlike freethinkers, who often include eastern thought such as karma (the understanding of cause & effect) in their world view, christians will fuck you with impunity because in the end it's the strength of their belief that matters... not their harmful deeds!

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