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The Canadian government of Stephen Harper are always first out of the blocks whenever there's any talk of getting tough on crime.No one is quite sure what getting tough means but that's never stopped the lunatic fringe from launching bad policy.In spite of the fact that there's no reliable tests to confirm intoxication on such drugs as marijuana or hashish and no tests to prove that someone on other drugs is actually impaired.The Harper bunch have passed legislation that allows police to detain and demand such things as blood,saliva and urine from anyone an officer suspects of being under the influence.Undeterred by the obvious challenges that this law will face,the bill was passed with the usual Liberal acquiescence.There was no debate on this bill that I'm aware of and I read the papers and watch the news daily.The first I heard was that the bill was being put into law.There were the usual complaints by the civil liberty people but the public seemed to be split down the middle.There's little doubt that middle class north America is used to giving up their rights in order to make life safer.MADD and several other right wing groups are convinced that the police will only use this law in the correct circumstances and that anyone that's high on anything has no business driving a car.If they only knew.I'm sure that there are millions of people driving under the influence of any number of drugs,every day.There is simply no way to know.There is also no reason to worry in most cases as most people are not going to drive if they feel impaired.If the government had waited until there was a list of intoxicants that were likely to impair motor function.Or a way of determining the level of intoxicant and how long ago it was ingested.This law might make some sense.No such data exists and without it this law is as useless as the people that voted it into being.
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It's illegal for marijuana users to drive in more than 10 states

I don't mean when they're under the influence of marijuana. I mean for as long as a piss test would be positive, which could be weeks after the weed was used. It's precisely like arresting alcohol using drivers for using alcohol days or weeks before they drove. This is a world class piece of garbage law (It applies to other illegal drugs as well), courts that approve of it need to sober up and take a deep breath.

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