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How to entrap a crack addict

Submitted by David Borden on
For at least the last 15 years police in B.C. have been telling us at every possible opportunity that they are not interested in street level subsistence drug dealing and possession of small amounts of narcotic.In the last two weeks they have all of a sudden launched at least two street level drug undercover buy operations.Of course no-one on the street has even heard of this kind of operation as it just isn't done.It was like shooting fish in a barrel.If there was any kind of entrapment law in Canada these cases would or should be tossed out.They were both done by the RCMP,who we all know have no sense of decency or fair play.I guess it's time for people that are dealing small amounts of drug to support their habits to start being very careful who they sell to.This is not a bad thing.It should have been made clear that there was going to be a policy shift before they started rounding up people for something that they ignored for years. The courts in this Province have now resorted to trial by press.A man that took a small role in an assault that left a man in a wheel chair was given 20 months for his role in the assault.The press hounded him into the courthouse elevator and he could be heard laughing through the door.He claimed out of nervousness at the cameras.The press decided it was because he was laughing at the court and ran with the story.The lunatic fringe jumped on board and it culminated in the guy having to serve the time in jail instead of house arrest.This was clearly a case of trial by press and it sets a very dangerous precedent.The press in Vancouver is all owned by the same company and they are hard core drug prohibitionists.If they are going to be swaying the court it will be a bad day for justice in B.C.

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