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Why You Shouldn't Try to Eat Your Marijuana if You're Pulled Over

It's a popular tactic in an emergency, but it can easily backfire:

His mouth packed with marijuana, a teenager asked a deputy if he could spit the cannabis out before he was arrested on multiple drug charges, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office.

Andrew Alexander Alvarez, 17, of Merioneth Drive, Fort Walton Beach, is charged with possession of Percocet, tampering with evidence, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A deputy stopped a vehicle in front of the Coast Guard station and noticed the driver and Alvarez seemed to be hiding something, he wrote in the arrest report.

Alvarez would only mumble after he got out for questioning. Then he "requested that I allow him to spit the cannabis out onto the shoulder," the deputy wrote. []

I've never tried eating a bag of pot, but I suspect it's considerably more chewy than panicked potheads anticipate. Good stuff is like gum, and the schwag is full of gross seeds and stems. You can't win. A gram or less might go down easily enough, but you're left with skunk breath and green teeth.

The advantage of no longer having actual pot may be tipped on its head when a pissed off cop charges you with tampering and DUI. At the very least, don't try to eat your pot when you absolutely have no chance of eating it all. Come on, have some respect for yourself and other people who enjoy marijuana and don’t want to be associated with this silliness.

That said, I cannot blame anyone who lives in fear of our cruel laws and endeavors desperately to protect themselves from the pernicious, haunting consequences of even the pettiest drug arrest. I understand. If our drug laws cause people to freak out and try to eat all their drugs when they get pulled over, then there's something wrong with our drug laws.

But as long as you're living amidst this madness, you're better off knowing your rights than making a meal of your marijuana.
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He should have kept his

He should have kept his mouth shut in the first place and not answered the cop's questions. Regardless, if he tried to eat too much he was probably screwed anyways.

I totally disagree. Always

I totally disagree. Always keep a bottle of water in the car. Keep your stuff in paper so there's no sticky smelly bag, or loose on the console. The earlier it is eaten before a stop the better so there's more time to chug water and swish your mouth out. With some practice it can be done. A person can easily eat 1/8 probably 1/4. Why go downtown if you can avoid it. And NEVER agree to a pee test. They can only force you to do a breathalyzer.

This is reckless advice

Making sudden movements after being pulled over can make officers extremely nervous and could provoke a very undesirable outcome. If you think you have a system down, that's fine for you, but recommending this to others without knowing the circumstances under which they might try your advice is highly irresponsible.

Crusie it off

When you get pulled over you don t have to slam on the brakes. You see the lights, eat it AS YOU STILL DRIVE to a safe place to park all nice and shit. And your golden. This is something compared to o yea officer heres my weed. WTF dont be an idiot you paid for it you sure as hell can eat it.

Rule #1 Never talk with your mouth full.

And stop taking your stash wherever you go. It makes about as much sense as driving around with a bunch of open containers of alcohol.

if it's a small amount, i'd say eat it

i mean, if you have water, make as small and as tight a ball of it as you can and swallow it whole. why in hell would you risk arrest if you have that option? however, i'm talking a small amount, probably less than, say, one third of a gram. anything more than that you'd be better off not even trying. i can't imagine how i would quickly eat an eigth like the guy above said, much less a quarter.

if you have just a little, i'd say eat it. i mean, even if the cop sees you swallowing, as long as you can make sure it's all gone down, they'll be nothing he can do to you afterwards. just make sure you completely swallow it before talking, even if the cop is right there on your window. i mean, if you're sure you can swallow it completely, there just won't be anything they can do to you. it could work. at least in theory.

Butt Cheeks

If you roll a blunt before you leave, in a tight situation, you can squeeze it in between your butt cheeks for a good amount of time. Or wear tightie whities and stash it by your junk. No cop will grab your package and if so you can freak out because of sexual harrasment or something.

storing extra pot.

Remind me not to smoke a joint with you!

You could also just put it

You could also just put it in your pocket and make sure you don't give them any reason why they could legally search you. This is assuming you weren't smoking, of course, because if they smell it, that's considered "probable cause".

hahahahahaha thats me!

hahahahahaha thats me!

On the case of searching...

I was THROUGHLY groped by an officer who was searching for marijuana, this being BEFORE HE CHECKED MY POCKETS. He also failed to search my shoe, which had a sizable case of marijuana in it, as did my pocket...

Regardless, nothing as harrowing as being booked with your toes curled around just enough pot to break the ounce marker amirite?

you go to jail then for

you go to jail then for having your pot hah i just recently got out of possession charges by eating around 3 grams of lemon kush before the cop approached the car...but i was lucky i had the bud in my medicine bottle already out we were about to smoke as i saw the cop i put it all in my mouth and luckily i had a beer in hand to wash it down with so you go ahead and take your possession charge if you want ill stick to eating the green to avoid charges no more than an eight would be possible though


You washed it down with a beer and you're acting so slick about it? DUI charges are worse than misdemeanor possession charges and even if the cop didn't smell it on your breath/you passed the field test/breathalyzer, you still would have had an open canister in the car and caught charges regardless. You sir, are an idiot.

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