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Vietnam Orders Police to Win the Drug War by August

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It's gonna be a busy summer over there:

The Prime Minister has declared a new campaign against drugs from the beginning of June rill the end of August.

The campaign needs to bring about a great positive change in drug prevention and control, affirmed Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

Forces will be tasked with eliminating all places selling drugs, arresting all drug dealers and gaining complete control over the drug business. []

No matter how many times I hear it, this kind of talk never ceases to amuse me. According to the article, they've created new drug laws to replace the old ones that "did not address funding for fighting drugs". Did they forget to fund their drug war? Is that what this means? Anyway, now they have funding so if you're selling drugs in Vietnam, you have until August.
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Whats so incredible is that

Whats so incredible is that everyone in the world has heard things like this a million times, and still, most people don't seem to fucking realize how ridiculous it is.

what's really incredible

is that only a small percentage of people (govt bureaucrats) have figured out how to make this hopeless strategy pay off (for them) while the vast majority go along with it and foot the bill.

The drug war is a war on freedom

The total eradication of drugs and drug users could only be possible in a totalitarian state like Viet Nam. When the dictatorship fails to eliminate drugs by August, can it then be established that no amount of drug prohibition will ever be successful.

A war on drugs is a war on the American people and our freedom.

how about a totalitarian prison?

Don't think so... The total eradication isn't possible even in a tightly-controlled place like a US Prison.

If you can't stop drugs from getting into a relatively small, secure place with big fences and guys with guns trying keep them out... Then you've made the point that drug prohibition is doomed to failure.

Totalitarian prison?

Excellent point. I have been visiting in prisons for 18 years in Mississippi and I saw a man smoke a joint outside in a bull pen in 1991 with his son at visitation if you can believe that. Everything that is out here is in there, believe me.

Well, geez!

You can't blame them for wanting to emulate a program that's worked so well everywhere else in the world...


Vietnam isn't totalitarian

I live in Vietnam, and it is actually quite free in day to day life. There are differences in what people are allowed to do as compared to America, like how you may run your business, what you can do in public, and so on and so forth.

There are a lot of police around here, but they aren't running around looking to get people for every little infraction of the law. The good and bad thing about the police here is that they are essentially judge, jury, and jailer, all rolled into one. Courts here are almost nonexistent, and if you get arrested for a serious crime, you probably won't even see the inside of a court--you'll just go to prison.

That sounds terrible, but the most important fact is that they have a far, far fewer people in jail than we do in America, both percentage wise and in raw numbers. I suspect that the Vietnamese government would like to jail more people, but they either don't have the money or the will to do so.

The bottom line is that although Vietnam is a scary authoritarian state on paper, in practice it is actually quite free and laid back. You are much less likely to go to jail in Vietnam than in America.

It's not Vietnam's fault

It's mostly the United States giving the orders in Asian countries. They pretend to be 'communist', but there's nothing communist about forcing your people into cheap labor making consumer goods for western markets.

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