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People are Getting Themselves Arrested Just So They Can Sell Drugs in Jail

Submitted by smorgan on
From England comes yet another example of how drug prohibition has failed in more ways than we can even think of.

DRUG dealers are getting themselves sent to prison because they can make huge profits in a few weeks behind bars.

They are raking in tens of thousands of pounds from operations while inside jails.

With a captive market, they can charge fellow inmates more for drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine than they can sell them for on the outside. [Daily Express]

Needless to say, if you can't keep prisons drug free, what are we doing trying to eradicate the drug economy on the outside?

Seriously, just imagine you call the cops cause someone's breaking into your house, but they're busy down the road dealing with a guy who's showing everyone his penis just so he can go to jail and sell drugs. Add another item to the list of phenomena that are so stupid they can only be caused by drug prohibition.

Now that the very institutions which are supposed to intimidate drug dealers have become yet another instrument of drug prohibition profiteering, can we please regulate the stuff and force these jerks to get a damn job?

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