Another Big Drug Bust.

Yesterday,I was telling my significant other that there was a big bust happening soon.I was reading an article about all the drugs that had been found hidden in well concealed compartments in vehicles at the border.I hope the people involved watch the media as it never fails that these things are always preceded by press releases on series of arrests.I couldn't predict the day but it was a certainty that it was coming.It started this afternoon and it's the same old players(hells Angels)and the same old BS.They must have flipped one of the runners and they nailed the whole group.Of course that means the dozen or so people arrested today.Not the Angels and not any big gangsters.They got a couple of car dealers and an affiliate.There was also a street level bust in maple ridge.I use small letters because this is such a petty bust.I have been reading over and over how the police have no interest in street level drug dealers.I guess there's no such thing as entrapment in Canada.I googled heroin today and got a site by a group called the NIA or NIH.What a crock of shit that was.They made it sound like every disease associated with the life style of an addict was caused by the drug itself.I am not suggesting anyone find out but the only health problems I have after 40 years of drug abuse were caused by dirty needles in prison.I won't go into all the lies on that site but there should be some kind if concerted effort to make sure that people get only the truth about all drugs.By printing lies about a drug we leave ourselves open to being the cause of disbelief of everything else said.You would think the government and big treatment organizations would have learned that much by now.There was an article in the paper yesterday about two addicts that were released from a prison and failed to report to a treatment center.This is only the beginning of the runners from the forced treatment programs that are all the rage with municipal politicians today.Drug courts and forced treatment.Don't you love the way today's society takes to recycling.This stuff was all tried twenty years ago.That's the great thing about drug treatment.Every generation ignores the failures of the one before.I hate to be cynical but I'm starting to think they're more interested in the money than in doing any good.Why else go back and retry the same old failed programs every twenty years?
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