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Never say no to Quebec

Submitted by David Borden on
This has been the motto of every governing party since I was born.If Quebec wants a safe injection site it wouldn't surprise me to see the Harper neocons do a 180.The only thing they believe in more than the word of god is power.It's hilarious to hear Clement squirming on the possibility of an injection site in the royal Quebec.Just another fine example of the way this government has no concern for what's right or what's real.They just want to be able to tell us all what's good for us even if we don't realise it's good.If anyone hasn't read the article on the Quebec injection site.Do so.The letters are a microcosm of what we have in this country.Most people have no idea what the situation is or what it's about but that doesn't stop them from holding a strong opinion on one side or another.The comment from the guy that felt the next step would be government dope so that addicts wouldn't OD was being facetious.From the mouths of babes.What would be so horrible about a heroin maintenance program?The only "problem"that has ever been shown is that people don't quit.It meets every other positive that could be asked but it just doesn't get people to quit.The fact that treatment programs run at around 3-10% for heroin addicts says all there is to say.Long term very few addicts can shake the habit.In 40 years of addiction to opiates I have seen a whole lot of death and misery.I can count the number of people that have been successful at staying clean on one hand.That's not to say that no-one quits.The few that I know are doing very well and are reasonably happy.They know that they can never come to the city and that they cannot remain in touch with anyone.What I know of them comes second hand.Some were very close friends.I would never go near them and if they did run into me it would probably be a cup of coffee and go.Heroin addiction is not like other addictions.Like alcohol,it's forever.A maintenance program is the only hope for any kind of quality of life for most addicts.Unfortunately,very few exist.

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