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A Few Items of Interest

Pete Guither points out a pair of good Supreme Court rulings dealing with money laundering. From now on, prosecutors must prove the defendant intended to launder the money in order to convict them of money laundering. Apparently, it took 9 of our most esteemed jurists to figure that out.

Radley Balko has another update on the disgraceful Ryan Frederick prosecution. They've upped the charge to capital murder, which can carry a death sentence, even though he thought the cop was a burglar. And they've added a marijuana manufacturing charge, even though they didn't find marijuana plants. He hasn't been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, however, which is the only he crime he actually did commit. The whole thing is a monumental travesty that just continues to gain momentum.

Paul Armentano warns us to Just Say 'No' to Big Pharma's Anti-Pot Pill. They've been making people feel horrible, which I guess is what you should expect when blocking a receptor that's known for making people feel good.

Nicholas Kaczur of the New England Patriots is all over the news for working as a DEA informant to avoid charges for oxycontin possession. He was identified publicly when the guy he set up went to trial. It's ironic considering that he almost certainly cooperated in order to avoid bad publicity. Ooops. Now he's the most famous snitch in America. If you get busted for drugs, the only way to make your situation worse is to become an informant.

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legalizing marajuana

because of a horrible disease i have my dr. has kept me on oxy-contin, morphine, and fentanyl for more than 6 years. because of a recent urine test showed that i had smoked marajuana i can no longer get my life sustaining pain medication! i guess it depends who is making you high wether it's legal or not.

leglize pot

the goverment won't legalize it because of the drug compainies and there big money. if the goverment had a quater of a brain cell to think with they would legglize pot and make money insted of spending it, then you're taking away jobs and the donuts shops would proply go out off bussness. hopefully after bozo gets out of there and obmama wins he'll do the right thing and make it legal.


"If you get busted for drugs, the only way to make your situation worse is to become an informant."

Really? Cause I hear jail sucks.
Plus what about Bubbles?


Fine, yeah some people do avoid serious charges. Others get killed. I've heard of two informant murders in the past month. I'm sure there are others. Police do their best to avoid publicizing such incidents for obvious reasons.

As for Bubbles, he's...uh, fictional.

It's not really about

It's not really about "Bubbles" or going to jail or not going to jail. It's about changing laws so that people don't have to choose between losing integrity and going to prison. The government should not be able to force so many people to make that decision, but at the same time we shouldn't sit around talking a bunch of crap about people that are put into that situation. That anonymous person really shouldn't be sticking up for such a weak and cowardly decision, though.

Nick Kaczur, D E A Informant (snitch,rat,pigeon,etc)

I've been fighting the evils of prohibition, fighting the wars on marijuana, drugs and substances, which are only wars on ourselves, for almost forty(40) years. Informants need to be identified. Nick Kaczur could have avoided the "jacket" which he will wear for the rest of his life. I'd rather be an addict than a "Kaczur". I admire the professional athletes who take a stand against prohibition but, I don't know of very many. The 'sports establishment' is solidly behind the corrupt status quo of drug warriors and the so-called "politically correct"; minor minorities all. I hope Kaczur gets drummed right out of sports; serve him right.

Randall St Jacques, Marijuana Party

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