Current scenario of HIV/AIDS Interventions in Chennai

Current scenario of HIV/AIDS Interventions in Chennai As we all know HIV’s prevalence in India is high and rapid compared to other countries and continents. TamilNadu is the topper in HIV prevalence in India. No one knows why Tamil Nadu is on the top of the list. Is it the people who are ignorant of the messages? Or if there is some thing else which contributes to Tamil Nadu being the topper in having the most number of PLWHA. The answer is right here, Off lately and recently TamilNadu launched Red Ribbon Express to convey massage to the public, create awareness and unite every body in curbing the epidemic. But does it makes sense that just creating awareness would work. Every moment some one out there is infected and time is more crucial than anything, There are drug users waiting for the SACS to release funds for interventions. Today as this E-mail is being generated, just a few hours ago three injecting drug users were seen sharing injecting equipment. Now the actual problem here is many NGOs and CBOs were given projects for doing interventions for IDUs. Will HIV/AIDS stop and wait for the SACS /NACO to release funds? We heard that the project started from May 1st 2008. We are shocked to hear that SACS have not released funds to the NGOs and CBOs. There might be a lot of plausible but untrue reasons for the SACS to not release funds. But however the other main reason for TamilNadu to be on the Hit list of HIV/AIDS is Delay of funds for interventions by these SUB DONORS. Why cant these channels be straight and monitor strictly. Who will ask them and who is responsible for the people who get infected in the mean time? Because New NGOs & CBOs don’t have big money as buffers to wait untill SACS releases funds. Often there is Staff turn over in the Intervention Projects or they simply wait in hope that the Funds will be released. Is this the only way to fight HIV/AIDS?
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