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The Legalization Threat; DDEAL Newsletter #1

Drug Dealers Ensuring Against Legalization ( (Please REPOST! The threat of legalization is REAL!) DDEAL Newsletter #1 To subscribe, go to and enter your email address on the right. Legalization is a REAL threat to our government sponsored black market monopoly. It's only a matter of time before the American courts catch on to the trend towards liberty, and we, as drug dealers, MUST UNITE to ensure this doesn't happen. Justice Ian Pitfield ruled that the Canadian drug laws were invalid - as they violate the (rights of the people) Charter of Rights and Freedoms..... Specifically, section 7. "7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice." That sounds an AWFUL lot like America's 4th and 5th Amendment RIGHTS. The difference is, in America we have RIGHTS - absolute and unalienable RIGHTS... From which all privileged powers of government are derived... Not mere FREEDOMS bestowed upon us by a superior power of Government that retains sovereignty for itself and granting mere privileges to the people. Things don't look good for the black market monopoly we utilize to pay our bills. Don't let your customer base find out about these rulings - or our protected profits will be at risk. Legalization means a dramatic decrease in price, the elimination of off the books drug debt and the corollary "Free" labor that such debts create, and the downfall of the pharmaceutical industry's free reign on patenting artificial plant extracts, as the real thing will be available FREE. It's getting bad south of the border as well... As a Brazilian appellate court struck down their drug laws as being unconstitutional as well. In his opinion in the case, Judge José Henrique Rodrigues Torres said the law criminalizing drug possession for personal use was invalid because it violated the constitutional principles of harm (there is no harm to third parties), privacy (it is a personal choice), and equality (possessing alcohol is not a crime). "One cannot admit any state intervention, mainly repressive and of penal character, in the realm of personal choice, especially when it comes to legislating morality," he said. Unfortunately, America has all those same weaknesses when it comes to prohibition. Standing (requirement of harm/crime) must be proved before any court has jurisdiction. Privacy - 4th Amendment right. Equality - 14th Amendment right. With these gaping holes in the validity of the drug laws, we must begin working on establishing a neo-18th Amendment clearly defining all BAD drugs as prohibited in an effort to protect our black market trade. Without some quick work, the threat of legalization grows every day. If we don't act soon, this amendment will never be able to be passed, and our way of life - utilizing the criminal protection racket of the Federal (and states) Government(s) to profit from a government sponsored monopoly with very limited competition in a market with extremely high demand - will be brought to an abrupt halt. We'll also lose out on the tax payer subsidies to our food, housing, and retirement plans. It's time to get organized and fight back - or get a real job. I know which I prefer. Kalash
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