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Hey, Dirtbags, Ya Wanna Know What Cops Think About Frank's Decrim Bill (and You)?

Pot smokers and drug reformers weren't the only people interested in Barney Frank's news conference yesterday about his decriminalization bill. The law enforcement web site Police 1 noted it as well and posted a short piece asking its readership what they thought. The piece, Are Small Pot Busts Taking Cops Away From Important Work? What Do You Think?, was a calm, unbiased look at the decrim bill and what it would (and wouldn't) do. I wish I could say the same about the responses. Now, before I get into the meat of the matter, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the responses are not necessarily reflective of police officers' views in general, but are only the responses of a self-selected set of anonymous posters who have registered with Police 1 and who Police 1 says are verifiably law enforcement personnel. That caveat notwithstanding, the posters offer a pretty depressing look into the mind-set of at least some cops. Here are some of them:
Raymundo: I think we all know that pot heads just want to be able to do what they want. Marijuana kills brain cells and they don't come back, hello we need those. Marijuana should stay illegal and I hope congress continues to see that it should be illegal.
SPD853: I think we waste time on plenty of crimes. It is our job. Those cops who think it is a waste of time just "wind test" it anyway (if they do anything at all).
I hadn't heard the phrase "wind test" before. I think that means when they just steal your property, open up the baggie and let the goodies blow away in the wind. That's pretty rude, but preferable to getting arrested, I guess.
Chr1s11: How many of those "small" pot busts have been turned over for info leading to a much larger bust for a much worse controlled substance. The pot heads tend to give up the crack dealer to save the misdemeanor record. Besides, it's still an illegal substance that causes serious dificulty for someone to be a productive individual. Pot heads are the loosers that turn into coke/crack/meth heads. Then comes the violent crime they have to commit to support the habbit.
Well, of course. We all know that pot smokers are crack heads who inevitably turn to violent crime to support their habits. The only other comment I have on this poster is that anyone who can't spell loser correctly probably shouldn't be calling other people losers. He would be better off going back to school and actually passing eighth grade this time.
Baltoblue: I'd rather lock people up for Marijuana all day long then taking 6 reports a day because people can't resolve small problems on their own. The fact is that people can't resolve small problems on their own. The fact is that Marijuana is great PC for searching vehicles (on smell), and also leads to larger cases. I for one, have never locked up a nuerosurgeon for pot, and most that I lock up for pot are involved in larger crimes.
A couple of things on this one: I know I shouldn't pick on people for misspellings, but when you're trying to call pot smokers dumb, you should probably spell "neurosurgeon" correctly. Secondly, Baltoblue's point that pot is great for providing PC (probable cause) for searching cars is a common theme on this board.
Mac25: It is already hard enough to get a conviction when they wont emit it is their property but now they will say it is for personal use and I am not selling. When you compare the drugs (marijuana/alcohol) they both have their down falls but seem to be the lesser evil of all the drugs out there. With that said, the battle on drugs including marijuana has gone on too long to turn around and try to make it legal. I would say most, at least 75, of the people that use marijuana are dirt bags and are involved in other crimes or some how connected to those that commit the crimes. The marijuana arrests are and can be used to assist us (police) in catching those criminals. If it is legalized it will be thrown in our faces day in and day out by these criminals.
This guy's reasoning skills are right up there with his spelling and composition skills. So, 75 (percent, I assume, unless he's personally counting up the dirt bags) of pot smokers are "dirt bags" and are involved in other crimes or know somebody involved in other crimes or live in the same country as people committing other crimes or something. But at least there was one poster who was sympathetic:
In 14 years of active road service as a cop, I have never responded to a call involving anyone who had smoked a joint and was ready to fight with their wife or anyone else for that matter. Yes, I think to much time is spent on arrests involving small amounts of pot. Alcohol, on the other hand, has cost our country Billions of dollars and a tremendous loss of life. While I don't think pot should be legal, I think we need to re-think this issue.
There are more comments on the web site. Check 'em out if you have the stomach for seeing what those people who are supposed to serve and protect you think about you. As for me, I always try to treat police officers with the same respect they show me.
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"Involved in larger crimes"

"Involved in larger crimes" - Ya, I got something to say about that. Anytime pot smokers, or whomever are pulled over, the first thing cops think is that there is something more going on, that they don't know about. But as soon as they say they smell pot, its like the whole world just opened up them, because there's no test to justify a valid level of thc, etc, parts-per-million registered on a sniffer device to say when its probable cause and when its not. The larger crimes they talk about, are the bullshit paraphernalia charges if you happen to have a pack of rolling papers, a blunt wrap, or a pipe in the open (or otherwise once was hidden, now your car's been turned upside down and its in the "open"). Furthermore, these other larger crimes would be the "marked lanes violation" or supposedly "running a stop sign" shit they try to catch teens with to justify their stops. Kinda hard when cops in my town go out and they say they stopped someone for running a stop sign, arrest them all for pot because they smell it, and then when they all get put on probation, no one brings up the fact they were 1000yards away from a fucking stop sign at the time of the stop.

Fuck the bullshit. Someone needs to explain to these guys not only the definition of a narcotic (hey! cops, marijuana isn't a narcotic) and furthermore, tell them that by far, most pot smokers have more active brain cells then these night-stick wielding punks who got their asses kicked in high school and now want to play "top cop" pulling over people and busting them for misdemeanors because God-forbid, there isn't a felony in-progress that they could be assisting other officers in apprehending the suspect, unless of course the suspect has the entire Dunkin Donuts held hostage over an overpriced Iced Coffee, but that's a story for another day.

Cops already get cheap gasoline, free coffee from Dunkin Donuts, and all these other privileges, they should at the very least have an adequate training program involved in the whole process which gets rid of this "brain cell killing" bullshit they talk about. By their reasoning, everyone who smokes pot is somehow going to be a methamphetamine addict down the road.. despite evidence to the contrary. Fuck 'em, we'll take their jobs away from them in the 2026 when I run for President and shut down the DEA for good.

Vote for Hamilton, 2026! Lol, or maybe just vote me for Congressman when I'm out of college. That's a bit sooner.

Police 1

The only thing I can really say about their responses is it figures. I'm not sure if they believe what they are saying but it's good for business. You are right about it being depressing but thanks for turning me on to this website.


When the biggest reason they cite is that it gives them leverage to find bigger criminals the pot user knows.

And with all the mis-spellings and flat out inaccurate information they posted, it's no wonder cops are such tools.


"Check 'em out if you have the stomach for seeing what those people who are supposed to serve and protect you think about you."

I agree to an extent that marijuana should be legalized (and taxed). However, I don't smoke and I think that it is foolish to smoke, but people should have the right to decide if they want to throw their lives away sitting on their couch (blitzed) and watching "Freddie Got Fingered" (only way that movie could possibly be funny). The thing I don't like about this article is the above quote. You make it sound like the police are the only ones who don't smoke and everyone else does.


I don't know anyone who likes "Freddie Got Fingered" whether they're in an enlightened state or not.

You'd be surprised at what

You'd be surprised at what kind of people stoners actually are, you're just basing your opinion on the stereotype. I personally know very successful business people in their 40s and 50s who smoke regularly (sometimes with their college-aged children), an elementary school teacher, to your construction workers and even a doctor. Yesterday I read a comment on CNNs website from a man who's smoked daily since Vietnam, and has now worked for 36 years at the same place as a Cardiac Technologist. We're everywhere you look, you'll just never know it passing by on the street.

Now I'm only 20, but I've smoked for 6 years and have never seen any extremely negative effects. Sure I'll bet I could breathe a little better when I run if I didn't, but beyond that I'm fine. My grades have never slipped and now I'm doing fine at a great University, I'm hoping I can be as successful as some of the other stoners I know someday. Marijuana's been a great stress reliever for me over the years, and I prefer it's effects to alcohol any day. But I'll be honest with you, every once in a while I do love getting a huge laugh from a really stupid movie (I prefer Zoolander or Anchorman). I guess it can maybe make you a little bit lazier, but I'm pretty sure you're either a motivated person or not, and that's what really affects you, not the drug itself.

I smoke constantly.I also

I smoke constantly.

I also have a career as a software developer making over $45 an hour. I own a 3 bedroom house (by myself) and have 2 cars that are paid off. I am a productive member of my community. People who stereotype are fucking idiots. YOU are a fucking idiot.

I smoke constantly.I also

I smoke constantly.

I also have a career as a software developer making over $45 an hour. I own a 3 bedroom house (by myself) and have 2 cars that are paid off. I am a productive member of my community. People who stereotype are idiots. YOU are an idiot.

I smoke constantly.I also

I smoke constantly.

I also have a career as a software developer making over $45 an hour. I own a 3 bedroom house (by myself) and have 2 cars that are paid off. I am a productive member of my community. People who stereotype are idiots. YOU are an idiot.

Do they have any sense of the constitution at all?

The fact that they want it to be illegal simply because it gives them proabable cause to search vehicles shows that they miss the entire point of what fair laws are supposed to be. Would they advocate for not wearing seat belts to become probable cause, or for running stop signs to become probable cause? What the hell, if they think having probable cause is the important thing in determining if a law is good or not, maybe they'll advocate that police can search anyone whenever they want for no reason. I mean, if it helps them catch criminals it's a good idea, right? And the idea that "I should be able to arrest them because they'll lead me to bigger criminals" shows that they don't even realize the person they're arresting has rights. Should they be allowed to arrest anyone they want and force them to serve as informants? I mean, if it helps them catch criminals, right?

As enforcers of the law, aren't cops suppossed to be well educated in what fair laws are suppossed to be?

Hey everyone, running a stop

Hey everyone, running a stop sign IS probable cause, which is why they can pull you over if you do it. It could likely be considered a legitimate "probable cause" to search your vehicle if you seem like you ran the stop sign due to being mentally impaired or intoxicated. Just overlook the fact that millions of people worldwide are mentally impaired on a daily basis when they forget, lose, drop, or misunderstand something. The average human brain makes mistakes all the time, and that doesn't take into consideration all the idiotic things people willingly do while sober. Marijuana smokers aren't the only stupid dirtbag losers, WE ALL ARE.

New Post

Hey there is a new post on police one:

"If the Feds want to "leagalize" pot, then they should regulate it like they do alcohol. License pot producers, regulate the manufacture and distribution, and place a heavy tax on it. Sell it ready to smoke like cigaretts or loose like pipe tobacco. It would probably still be cheaper than buying it on the streets. This would eliminate the illegal and highly competitive street dealers thus making our cities safer. All profits and taxes would go to law enforcement to clean up the mess this would create and to combat the other illegal drugs. Barney Franks needs to step away from the pipe and stick to smoking the other pole!"

Although he doesn't come off as the next Noam Chomsky, this line seems intelligent:

“All profits and taxes would go to law enforcement to clean up the mess this would create and to combat the other illegal drugs.”

Some of them a starting to see the light!


I Extracted the wrong line. Woops.

"This would eliminate the illegal and highly competitive street dealers thus making our cities safer."

I mean to emphasize that one. The former is a little buffoon-ish since legal pot would make the streets calmer all around, not create a mess.

Overall Attitude Shift

An Overall Attitude Shift Needs to Occur to really see the tensions and paranoias fade that are pervasive in todays world in relation to natural drug use. Drug use that is not primarily doctor prescribed has been a subcultural/counterculture practice and is basically frowned upon by the Religious/Legal based establishment. Drugs in their raw or natural state can be a better alternative to precription drugs, but they can be abused to the point of addiction and health problems or death. We need to emphasize that Alcohol and Tobacco are more dangerous than the current illegal drugs and they are just as deadly if used in a cronic addicted way.

This is just not about Marijuana/Hash/Hemp. It should include raw coca leaf, coca plants, cocaine (not crack/freebase), Opium Poppies, Raw Opium and all the other psychedelic hallucinagenic plants, cacti, fungus infected Rye, vines, roots, and the end products produced from them. *note* except drugs like Methamphetamine and some of the negligible drugs that are out there. Even though those drugs like Exctasy, MDMA and Ketamine and some others are amazingly popular.
If we truly want a liberalization and tolerance for Ethnobotanicals and herbal drugs we need to promote/disseminate/Public Service Announcements and an informed and rational growth/procurement/production/possession/dosages. People need to know the dangers of daily excessive usage/overdose. These plants produced these toxins/poisons/biological molecules and compounds to fight against being eaten by insects and other natural threats to their survival. It is only natural that if taken as a daily food product that is packaged and marketed in similar ways as a daily consumable food product, there are serious health consequences. It is these consequences that impelled this country and others to ban and criminalize it. So intellegent and moderate--even sparce-- usages should be clearly labeled on any of these "products" or at least put out in the media to dispell the myths about these substances and promote safer use. Using multiple drugs or mixing of drugs should be seriously discouraged due to the build up of toxins or poisons to an overdose or allergic level.

Most Cops Suck Hard!!!

I have known some cops in my travels and I need to say that those cops I did become acquainted with,
were for the most part, highly egotistical and very self-centered. The cops I've known seemed to assume
that all eyes were always on them when then were off duty and going out.

I worked security in an 'upscale' cowboy bar when I was younger that was frequented by cops. I was surrounded
by off duty cops for hours at a time. They didn't seem to be particularly courteous, polite, or respectful of the other
people around them.

And of course, I realize that through this experience I was only exposed to those personalities that frequent
the 'Bar Scene', but it gave me some insight into the world of cops.

I remember in grade school and high school that jocks could seem to get away with just about anything.
So most of the jocks had this overtly cocky attitude that the cops reminded me about.

I don't care what cops think of me...

but I challenge them to explain how alcohol supremacism over cannabis doesn't promote violence, and how it's compatible with that little old solemn pledge of liberty and justice for all. The fricking federales at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention don't even track cannabis related deaths and injuries (such as maimings). Don't we ALL wish the same could be said for America's drug. Even alcohol supremacist bigots share that wish, don't you?

They didn't get their nicknames for oinking...

Most folks are aware that the drug war whores continue to maintain the old refrain that marijuana has no accepted medical value... yet the same U.S. Governmet holds the patent for... are you ready for this... "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants".

That's right kiddies, your government currently holds U.S. Patent # 6,630,507 claiming: "Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties... cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants... limiting neurological damage following... stroke and trauma... or in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases... such as Alzheimer's... Parkinson's... and HIV dementia"
Please, someone tell me how a gov't that kills or incarcerates those that dare to disagree while claiming one thing while positioning itself to profit from the exact opposite can be legal or moral... even in this scoundrel ridden christian nation.

Home invading criminals, regardless of costume or pretense... like the dumb evil assholes at the dea, intent on violating our rights, liberties, and freedoms, and, god forbid, shoots and/or kills a member of my family... my dog included... will get a cheer, not a tear, from me if they get killed during their next home invasion!

It's not the THC that scares the crap out of uncle scam and the stools that love him... it's the BSBs... the 'Bullshit Blockers'!

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

These cops need to re-live the prohibition

The results of the prohibition of alcohol are the same results from the prohibition of drugs. Underground economies, street dealers, unethical and immoral acts, corrupt police, organized crime, dramatic increase in taxes to police and punish normal citizens excersizing their freedom of choice. I see no difference between alcohol and marijuana, except marijuana is safer.

Evidently most cops...

can't see thru the "prohibition is worse" threshold. Perhaps their job depends on it. The members of LEAP seem to have made the ...leap. . But the same ,tired, old ,drugwargame is still in play. The bureaucracy( UN, ONDCP etc.) that funds all this "prohibition 2 stuff " , will run out of fund$.... soon (2009), hopfully. Otherwise things should ,sadly, get worse.Hard to imagine.

legal hypocrisy

anyone, law enforcement official or not, who advocates cannabis prohibition but believes in keeping alcohol and tobacco legal and regulated is a hypocrite. if they believed their own hype in regards to addiciton, health, and societal woes, they would also be encouraging the reintroduction of alcohol prohibition and an introduction of tobacco prohibition. alcohol induces all the dangers, and tobacco produces all the health issues, that are wrongly attributed to cannabis. the fact that drug "warriors" don't support making alcohol and tobacco illegal shows that they (meaning the establishment: cops, politicians, etc.) care "naught" for any consistency or logic, nor do they care about freedom. they do care, however, about the ongoing culture war and the funds and power given to those who fight it. it is a very profitable culture war, and "they" love it. they will fight against us tooth and nail.

What do you expect

from MEN who lead and participate in armed attacks against unarmed women and children? In my experience, cops are, at best, liars and bullies, at worse, murderers and thieves. And they're all power junkies. "To protect and serve" is an incomplete sentence -- they serve only their "brotherhood" and protect only their own asses.

Stating the obvious

Even if pot were legalized it shouldn't be legal to smoke while driving. Therefore smelling weed in a car could still give police probably cause to search cars just like smelling alcohol on someones breath gives them probable cause for a search. That argument is wrong. What a bunch of retards. Also, a lot of people in the weed community are against hard drugs and its hard to get information from people who the police hate and also hate the police. If the war on drugs alienated less communities from the police they would get more information for solving crimes from those communities. It's the same reason the military has trouble securing victory in Afghanistan and had trouble in Vietnam. It's also related to the political changes and deal making that lead to a decrease in violence in Iraq. You have to influence the major players and win the hearts and minds of people to succeed. If you wanna win the drug war against the drugs that matter end the war on weed and stop calling it a war. A government should not wage war against its own people...duh!

Simple Solution

If weed were legalized just require that it is stored in the trunk of the car so it is impossible to use while driving just the same as you cannot have an open container of alcohol in your car while driving. Therefore, if a cop smells weed in the car it is still probable cause, but if they smell it in the trunk its not. Cops catch just as many criminals and responsible marijuana users are free to live their life without fear and society no longer bears the burden of imprisoning non-violent productive citizens that should be working jobs not sucking down government money in a cell that could be better used.


it has long been a believe of mine that the american public was dumb
about the benifits of pot use. WOW some of you have been listening. I am a christian who smokes pot and no i dont break other laws it is in the bible were god gave man seed baring plants to man. I am not going to quote it you need to look it up. and not to be preachy but god says the the use of man made drugs is witch craft. I know I know but if you don't believe me look up the meaning of witch craft and poistions from the greek or jewish language and see what the meaning of scorcery is it might suprise you. Sorry it is a truth that needs to be said. I cant spell very well so forgive the mis spelling please may god give you the real truth as he sees it. god bless and keep you.
and just because I am a christian doesnt make me perfect remember that
while you set in your home and judge me as a hypocrite.

Stop protecting me from myself.

Smoking some bud will harm no one but (potentially) myself. If I'm not hurting anyone else, where is the crime? I must be stupid because I don't see it.

Malkavian's picture

Stranger things

Looking at it historically there have been people who couldn't understand why it was illegal (and often a capital offense) to:

- be homosexual
- be black and sit anywhere in the bus
- commit adultery
- criticize your government
- have the wrong faith/religion
- be a woman and vote
- be a woman in the unsupervised presence of males not of your family
- be a Jew

When I meet those law and order types I can't help but think whether they'd actually obey the law that required them to fine, incarcerate, sterilize or even execute homosexuals. Would they arrest women fighting for suffrage? Would they haul Jews off to the camps?

And I'm always so very afraid that that is exactly what they'd do, yet they are the ones calling a guy rolling a joint a "dirtbag"...

Don't know don't care if

Don't know don't care if they want to beat me up and harass me and try to intimidate me I will just laugh I am not a slave I am a free man a man who has studied the classics a man who has thought deeply about things although I may not look like much I have wrestled with the big issues and made up my mind I will live free and I will die free even if they stick me in a hole and torture me and make me cry for my mommy I will still get back up again to live free or or die they can stick me in a jail cell where i get raped day in and day out but I won't let go that I am a free man and I will do what is necessary to make sure people are free and that no one is a slave to oppression or tryanny or police abuse or criminal abuse I want them to come down on me and beat me with a stick I want them to scare me and bring me out into the desert and put a gun to the back of my head I want them to intimidate me and bully me because I believe in freedom at any cost and I'm willing to die for that and I tempt death all the time I want them to break my bones slowly and may god give me the courage to laugh at the pain and cry for freedom to my dying breath.

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