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solution to the immigration 'problem'

Submitted by David Borden on
since the numbers of people under the control of the criminal justice system is now near seven million i believe there is enough to start a new movement to counteract the issue of illegal aliens in our country hire a felon, they are citizens it is so difficult, often near impossible to acquire decent work once the box is checked that is on all applications regarding felony conviction i have had my paperwork summarily tossed on the floor under the table once that section of the application was read by the interviewer plenty of people would do the landscaping and agricultural jobs which seem to be the backbone of the problem of immigrant workers but for that blind eye that our society seems to turn once the felon issue is addressed not all felons are created equal and not all crimes are heinous shouldn't the individual be taken into consideration and at least allowed to address the circumstances which lead to that fateful moment when the gavel dropped and the label was forever emblazoned on their forehead? prospective employers are people too and should make decisions based on the facts, not just one but all the facts discriminatory hiring practices which allow a blanket refusal of felons for consideration should be rescinded, period. as people we are all, thankfully, different and with that in mind, each person should be evaluated on their personal merits with the facts in plain sight

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