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Six More Drug War Disgraces

Submitted by smorgan on
Drug warriors crash the party when Barney Frank announces his marijuana decriminalization bill.
Police are awarded medals for terrorizing and nearly killing an innocent family in a botched drug raid.
Mexico's US-funded war on drugs isn't protecting children, it's getting them killed in the streets.
Pete Guither has a good, though depressing, post covering various interesting drug war trials taking place this week.
Deputy drug czar compares smoking pot to having sex with 10-year-old girls
I linked it yesterday, but can't stress enough the importance of 20/20's report on the Rachel Hoffman murder.
Everywhere you look, the drug war is perverting our politics, ruining peaceful lives, wasting tax dollars, and even killing innocent children. But don't look away. That's what the authors of this grand catastrophe are hoping we'll do, what so many of our fellow citizens have already done, and what we will never do no matter how much it hurts to witness such hatred and abuse at the hands of our government. If these are the things they're willing to do right before our eyes, imagine what could happen if we turn away even for a moment.

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