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Everyone Should Know the Story of Rachel Hoffman

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This 20/20 report on the death of Rachel Hoffman illustrates perfectly the greed and incompetence that too often characterizes modern drug war policing. Even if you already know the story, I can't recommend highly enough that you watch this and share it with everyone you know.

From the moment Tallahassee police laid their hands on her, to the day she died, to the disgraceful press conference in which they blamed her for her own death, there was not one moment throughout this shameful episode that can be excused. I can think of at least a half dozen laws that should be changed immediately in the aftermath of this and a few police officers that should be thrown out of the department and mauled in civil court.

But the one thing you won’t hear on 20/20 is that policing this bad doesn’t happen by accident. It wasn't bad training or a series of tragic coincidences that produced this outcome. It is the war on drugs, corrupt to its core, that incentivizes police to behave with a reckless disregard for the safety and well-being of the people they serve. Every action they took made sense to them. That's the problem.
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should lose a few of thier children to this profit driven drug war then lets see how fast law is changed .modern policeing is just

When will they learn?

This is just another example of our government's misconception of marijuana. Really guys, b/c she smokes pot and provides it to her friends, she's a dealer? What the hell? Even if she dealt to the masses, I'm sure in 50 years she would be labeled as a reformer. Let's look at most great people in history, almost all were despised at some point or the opposition of something, whether it be the church, government, etc. Despite all that was thought at the time, now we hold these individuals high. Wasn't there a man who said that the earth revolved around the sun? Yes, and at the time, the church denied it despite the evidence. We now say it was so silly of them to do so. The same will happen with our government and the prohibition a simple plant. People need to open their eyes and actually listen to the facts.


Tpd should be sued far more than 2.6 mill there is no amount of money that could replace my daughter The officers should be fired and never allowed with authority again how can a officer sleep at night knowing they put an innocent girl in danger then had her killed the wives should divorce them there to lazy to do there own job so they sent a young girl that got in a little trouble to do it result in death....... What If one of the Tpd officers daught was away for college and the same thing happend shit would hit the fan then ...... Bottom line Tpd need to put thereself or family in the shoes they are putting other people in .... Tpd suckS

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