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Police Kill Dog During Drug Raid, Find No Drugs

No one is entitled to their opinion on the drug war unless they understand how often this happens:

WAREHAM — A pit bull was fatally shot after police were confronted by the dog while executing a search warrant at 298 Onset Ave. on Wednesday, Chief Thomas Joyce said Thursday night.

The dog was "growling and acting in an aggressive manner," the report said, so an officer used a Taser in an attempt to make it back off.

"The dog retreated approximately 6 inches and then charged at the entry team growling and showing his teeth," the report said.

"Unfortunately, at this point the officers feared for their safety and the dog had to be put down," according to the report. Chief Joyce said the dog was shot once by an unidentified officer.

According to police, a search of the premises netted several items often used in packaging drugs, but no illegal drugs were discovered, and no arrests were made. []

This isn't the first time police who failed to locate any drugs have called attention to the discovery of so-called drug packaging materials. They should be more surprised not to find such items. Guess what, people package things. It doesn’t make someone a drug dealer and any reporter who references such nonsense is complicit in a petty, backhanded attempt to smear a guy whose dog just got killed for no good reason.

But that's just my opinion. Some nice people in the comment section beg to differ:

Here is the truth. The owner has been busted for drugs and gun charges in the past. He got lucky this time, he must have sold all his drugs before the raid.
…usually when it gets to the point the DEA and a Task force is raiding your house it because they have had hours upon hours of documented proof the residents are dealing drugs . if these alleged drug dealers lived next door to u with crack heads coming and going all hours of the night I bet you would be glad they raided that house! The dog was an unfortunate casualty of war.

they should have shot the owner instead.

Well, at the risk of satisfying such vicious bloodlust, allow me to point out that plenty of people are killed by police during drug raids that didn't turn up any drugs.
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Previous raid

In a previous raid on the owner of the dog they had contacted animal services. The idea they wouldn't repeat that precaution and a dog hiding under a table ended up losing his life is a scary reality of what could happen to any life in a no-knock raid.

war on drugs

war on drugs LOL you aint ever going to win a war on drugs, if you bust 1 dealer 2 more will take his/her place most of the busts are from information from other drug dealers wanting the competition off the streets or out the way. I have to laugh at these so called wars on drugs/terror etc.. the real culprits are the ones trying to fight it! They are the terrorists they are the drug dealers search "black ops" we all know about the war on terror is just a smoke screen to go after oil, black ops are funded by drug money the governments are the big boys in drug suppling.

educate your selves! = black ops

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