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McCain Supporter Says Drug Users Will Gain Access to Nuclear Facilities if Obama is Elected

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A crazy woman, Dr. Ada M. Fisher, was authorized to speak to the press on behalf of the McCain campaign at the NAACP convention. She took that opportunity to make some of the most unfortunate and incoherent remarks about drug use in recent memory:

AF: "…Obama in his book about his father talked about his use of drugs. And I think it’s disingenuous of people to vote for somebody for President when you won’t allow a drug user in any secure or nuclear facility. Yet we as a nation, are willing to consider making somebody President of the United States I think that speaks very poorly…Bill Clinton said he smoked but he didn’t inhale…But he didn’t come out and flagrantly say he used drugs…and if that’s going to be our standard God helps us in nuclear facilities and secure facilities who have this kind of history..and this nation must be very careful when it lowers the bar on who and what it will accept.

AF: See, if you admit it, it should disqualify you. Otherwise, we’ll have to let all those people who …applied for jobs in these facilities…There is a reason that those rules are there. I was a detox director for 16 counties in North Carolina , so I have a great understanding about what drugs and what they do to people. And I know that in moments of weakness, people tend to revert those things that they’ve used in the past. I don’t think it’s disingenuous, I don’t think its fair. If I ran for President of the U.S. and I had that history, I would expect people to look at that very carefully. We cannot have a nation high on drugs and have the President… as an example. I’m sorry I disagree with that. [Wonkette]
On second thought, I give up. I just cannot compete with this. It never even occurred to me before that if we elect an admitted drug user to be president, we'll have to let druggies work in our nuclear facilities. Drug policy reform was a fun hobby, but I've been outclassed. See ya in hell, hippies.

Note: Pete Guither has more at DrugWarRant, observing among other things that no one seems to have a problem putting recovering alcoholics in the White House.

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Sounds like she read Robert L. DuPont's Nuclear phobia--phobic thinking about nuclear power. I always wondered why a drug warrior would write something like that. Now it makes perfect sense. ;)

So, it's okay to use drugs,

as long as you don't admit it?

Beyond the fact that you'd be hard-pressed to find someone of an age to run for president who hasn't used an illicit drug at least once, we'd rather have a liar in the White House than an admitted drug user?

(Remember, underage drinking is now considered "illicit drug use.")

Send in the Prozac!


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada Everything this guy and his cohorts say sends shivers up what's left of my spine.This is the worst yet.If anyone was thinking of just not voting because of Obamas right wing swing just think about President John McCain.That'll keep you up nights.

a President reverting to drug use under pressure

Since George Bush had a far deeper relationship with a drug (alcohol) than Obama ever did, he's the one to be afraid of his "reverting to drug use under pressure" . McCain used to get into alcohol-related incidents in his younger days too, as he is quick to admit.


What's a Druggie???

What a farce of a person. She's probably a 'druggie'.

These people need to get a real life.

Nuclear Reactors and Drugs

President Jimmy Carter was trained as a nuclear engineer in college.  Which means that he’s the only president in history officially qualified to sit at the control panel and operate a nuclear reactor.

Carter also advocated that penalties for cannabis should not exceed the harm of the cannabis itself—essentially zilch, based on what we know today of its harms and benefits.

I think if Carter isn’t worried about pot smokers residing and working within a nation of aging nuclear reactors, then neither am I.

Now, if any of the prohibitionist Bush’s were at the controls of a ‘nukular’ reactor, I’d be compelled to worry.



Every President should be required to go up on the roof of the White House and smoke a joint with Willie Nelson, like Carter did.

Empathy by A. Nony Moose

Never got to the WH roof, however a few of us used to lie in the safety nets on the bow of U.S.S. SARATOGA CV60 and enjoy the God given herb whilst sailing in beautiful SE Asia. "Sinking Sara", one the first aircraft carriers to convert to nuclear power, managed to serve and live to be decommissioned in a well earned ceremony (Gods herb well represented at the festivities) Pot smokers installed the reactor as well as opperated it. Not one druggie ever got nuked. I really wish the Carter myth had a little more substance and alittle less legs. Carter was an idiot genius while Nelson is an incredibly talented idiot, the main difference 'tween the two is Willie never got a bunch of soldiers killed or cost any american any degree of sufferage (unless you just don't like his music) Rooster.

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