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Drug Testing Advocate Gets Busted For Drugs

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A dimebag of heroin - $10
A urine test - $30
A drug testing advocate busted for heroin distribution – priceless hilarious

NORWALK, Ohio — A northern Ohio woman who encouraged Norwalk school board members to start drug testing students has been indicted on charges of heroin trafficking.

Police in Norwalk say Stephanie Broz admitted to them that her advocacy of drug testing was to take attention away from her. Norwalk Detective Todd Temple says she told police it was a scam.

Broz also faces a charge of possession of heroin.

Police arrested her in early June during a traffic stop. Officers say they found her with a large amount of heroin. [Columbus Dispatch]

Of course, it's tempting to now suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg, that proponents of drug testing around the country are all a bunch of closeted crooks and perverts diverting attention from their own misdeeds by calling on us to collect bodily fluids from children. I bet at least one person won't even read this whole post before ironically suggesting in the comment section that we start drug testing the drug testers.

Yet, it makes no more sense to arbitrarily scrutinize them than anyone else. Few crimes they commit could do more harm than the one taking place before our eyes: stealing money from our children's education to be spent on worthless programs that don't effectively prove or disprove drug use and encourage use of more-dangerous less-detectible drugs.

Drug testing is generally only effective against marijuana anyway, so dealers of cocaine, heroin, and meth have every reason to support it.
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"encouraging teachers to look at little kids' penises and vaginas to prevent cheating."

I'm not aware of any drug test program implemented that allows school employees to be in the restroom with the student.

Good Call

You're may be right, at least with regards to K-12. I've heard of it happening, but I couldn't find a link that documents school children being subjected to direct observation during a urine test. They do that to student athletes at the University of Maryland, but I can't prove it's happening to "little kids," so I have no business saying that. I removed the line. I'll put it back if I can confirm it.


Sexual emasculation

is the real purpose of drug testing.

How better to indoctrinate a person into your way of thinking than to threaten then with exposure of their genitalia if they do not comply with your dictates.

Start them young, in grade school. Threaten them often and randomly. By the time they get to their first job they are totally submissive to the authoritarians in the job who then use the threat of drug tests to keep the subordinates submissive or keep co-workers repressed.

Newspaper newsrooms were some of the first workplaces that the government pushed into testing. In the 1980's it was used by right-wing white authoritarians in newsrooms to "randomly" test young journalists who wrote stories that did not comply with the mindset of the zero tolerance thugs. This is why it is so hard today to get journalists to write objectively about the drug war. More than a generation of sexual emasculation based job intimidation has beaten down most of those who would report the facts about the war on drugs.

touching little kiddies cont

i have personally been subjected to being watched while i gave a urine sample in school. It is incredibly embarrassing and if you cannot produce a timely sample because someone else is watching you, they keep you from class until you can... if you simply can't its regarded as a failure. my high school was the grade school that took the drug testing issue to the Indiana supreme court (Northwestern high school, Linke v. Northwestern). they initially won, but the supreme court overturned that victory by a 5-4 decision. The now say it is a voluntary procedure. but anyone in any extracurricular activity, sport, or anyone who drives to school is subject. This is unjust and a perverse look into the very most private aspects of your body and being. it is time it's stopped.

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