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Almost Any Drug Offense Can Keep You from Becoming a Citizen or Getting a Green Card

Submitted by David Borden on
Yasha Spector of has joined us in the Speakeasy with a discussion of the intersection of immigration law and drug law. As Spector, who works in immigration law, explains in some detail:
[P]retty much every drug offense is sufficient to permanently bar getting a green card or obtaining U.S. citizenship.
There are exceptions that the government can make in limited circumstances, but they are limited, and many more cases carry the likelihood of automatic deportation -- no judicial exceptions. Plea bargaining might help one avoid a prison sentence, but it doesn't help with the immigration problems. There was a little good news in this area courtesy the Supreme Court in 2006. But there is still little to be done in most cases, and people are being deported who for all intents and purposes have never lived in any other country than here.

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