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Police Discover World's Most Expensive Marijuana

During a routine traffic stop in Ohio, police discovered over 100 pounds of the most valuable marijuana ever documented:

Police curbed the gray, four-door Mercury Grand Marquis Ruci was driving after he allegedly committed a lane violation, the highway patrol statement indicated. A specially trained, narcotics-detecting dog was brought to the scene, and its reaction to the car signaled the presence of drugs, the statement said.

A search of the vehicle yielded 104 pounds of hydroponically-grown marijuana stuffed inside eight black plastic trash bags. Police said the marijuana had an estimated street sale value of more than $4.7 million. [Naperville Sun]

This is really an incredible discovery and I'm surprised it hasn’t generated more attention. At $4.7 million for 104 pounds, we're talking about an ounce that's worth $2824.51! That just blows away everything listed at High Times's market quotes section, where ounces of high-grade marijuana in Ohio last month were listed at $400. It also overwhelms the STRIDE data collected by drug enforcement officers showing that U.S. marijuana prices averaged around $200 per ounce as of 2003.

So far, I haven’t heard of anyone smoking this new type of marijuana, but that's probably because the police took it all.

Ok, enough. In case you haven't figured it out yet, this marijuana isn't worth $4.7 million. The police maybe got a little carried away and reporters don't doublecheck their numbers on things like this. It's happened before.

The problem is the numbers are so far off here that it really takes the crime to a different level, an inaccurate one. They magnified the value by a factor of 10, roughly, if the smoker-submitted street prices at High Times are realistic (my guess is they're the most accurate numbers available). The Naperville Sun, The Toledo Blade, and local ABC News grabbed the story, with The Sun even rounding up in the headline, "Driver arrested with $5 million in pot". Ironically, the $300,000 they added for the headline is much closer to what it was actually worth. Police also stated that it was "hydroponically-grown," but they admitted not knowing where it came from, meaning they can't be sure how it was actually grown. Perhaps they just like to say "hydroponic," in which case they're certainly not alone.

Amidst the numerous tragedies and injustices caused by our nation's war on drugs, the tendency to exaggerate drug seizures is a minor one. But it's annoying, it happens a lot, and it might even have the unintended effect of encouraging people to think growing marijuana will make them a millionaire.

Action Alert: (Updated) Let's respond to this by contacting the papers that reported it and letting them know they've been pushing a false headline. Here are a few of them:

Cleveland Plain-Dealer: send a letter/comment here

ABC News send a letter/comment here

Toledo Blade send a letter/comment here.

Naperville Sun send a letter/comment here.

You can send more or less the same comment to each, but be sure to include the appropriate link for their coverage, so they know what you're referring to. And, of course, be brief, on topic, and polite.

Update 2: Fascinatingly, The Chicago Tribune has the story, but leaves out the claims that the marijuana was valued at $4.7 million. That was the headline elsewhere. Could it be that Chicago Tribune was suspicious of the numbers?

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police lie .they lie so much i dont see how thier testimony can even be acepted in court . where else is a liars word any good but court

Call it what it is --

the cops are LYING. And in my experience, the lies don't begin or end with the value of the drugs seized.

The "law enforcement" officers who raided my house lied under oath to get search warrants and again to the grand juries to get indictments. When I refused to answer their questions, they made up their own on their incident reports. Evidence disappeared; other evidence was found on a nightstand beside my bed that didn't even exist. The cigarette lighter in my purse took on new life as a "small torch;" my address book was transformed into a "pay/owe slip." As if by magic, mirrors and empty tins became covered in "white residue" and 2.5 grams of meth became 8.

If judges were "honorable," it would only take one lie by police or prosecutor to make the rest of their testimony inadmissable. But then, if we're going to wish, let's wish for cops who care about the law, attorneys who care about justice and newspaper editors who care about the truth. What a world that would be.

Unfortunately That's our World Today

It started decades ago when the government first started to become corrupted, accepting bribes to make laws.  Of course I give the government personification to represent the people that work there, in other words, POLITICIANS.  Since this post is already about marijuana I'll use the example of why it's even illegal to start with.  The government (some unnamed politician) accepted a bribe long ago from the lumber company to make marijuana illegal because it threatened to produce EVERYTHING that lumber could faster, safer, cheaper, and with less destruction to our all important planet.  However money > the right choice, so marijuana was illegalized and the propaganda from the government begins.  Bogus scientific studies that are later revealed to be false (and some even involved inhuman torture of monkeys) to "prove" marijuana was evil.  Comedic movies like "Reefer Madness" were also funded by anti-marijuana agencies spreading lies like wildfire throughout the ignorant masses.


Point being the corruption that once started in the government decades ago has now spread through MOST of the government itself as well as most things related to it.  Media is controlled by the government, examples like THIS article are perfect, not only does it show the corruption in the police force (guessing the "violations" this guy was pulled over for were probably falsified, as no one with THAT much weed in their car would fuck up driving it somewhere) but it also shows how easily what the police say is accepted and pumped out for the masses by the media.  If media companies had any interest in what was best for the people to know, 90% of what they put out would be different than what it currently is.  A hair raising metaphor:  As we graze ignorantly and happily in the fields, the government contemplates our later slaughter from the comfort of their living room.  They control what we learn through TV, Radio (some radio), newspapers, even on the internet.  Fortunately though with the internet the truth behind so many of their lies becomes available information for anyone seeking it, you just have to know where to look.  With knowledge, comes power.


Cops are getting ridiculous, I dont care how dank that stuff is, i would NEVER pay $2000 dollars for an ounce, haha, and if i did, it better be laced with gold and platinum. cops are liars and have nothing better to do in life than lie and get their name in the newspaper

I'm not surprised

however it is nice to know that the cops are like this everywhere and not just the shithole town in which I am unfortunate enough to live in. Anybody else have former DARE officers get arrested for growing and selling??? Just wondered.

4.7 mil?

Does this mean that cops try the green and decide how potentated it is?How the hell did they come up with 4.7 mil. for 104 pounds.Whichever cop tested it must have a very low tolerance,get rid of him.


its just some dumbass cops like when they estimated the damage to my truck after an accident as 1,000 $$ but nope it was totaled. cops aren't very good at math lets just leave it at that


First I find this story very funny because I'd never pay over 420 for an ounce of the best medical stuff here in LA as a patient. Second people love to claim oh Hydo tyhis and Hydo that, pff whatever, all I know if I get the best stuff from the med stores and the street usually has a bunch of crappy stress.

to protect and serve ... or harass and neglect?

i and many people i know are harrassed by the local authorities
they have even gone around telling my neighbors the found "cocaine" in my car and home and had multiple warrants for my arrest. i dont see how they think everyone around here could belive it.

i will always remain a nonviolent potsmoker

4.7M = 104 lbs .... 1g = $100.88

At that price...

... it had better be soaked in DMT.

Lying cheating cops!!!

Corrupt lying cops in Ohio!! Who is that supposed to shock really? Where I live in Sandusky OH, when I was in high school the local police department actually stole a shipment of girlscout cookies they were supposed to be protecting. A police officer that raped an underage girl he was supposed to be mentoring recieved 3yrs of which he did maybe 1, before judicial release.

Now that the USA

is a certifiable police state, with plenty more coming on in the future (100,000), what are we going to do with all the corrupt cops? Special prisons just for cops? Big $$$ in policing the police, right?

End Marijuana Prohibition NOW!

When is the Federal Government going to get it? Prohibition just creates opportunity for criminals! And just because someone wears a badge does not mean they are exempt from human failure or greed.


ok, this is stupid, i agree, but i disagree with the comments that say all cops are corrupt and bad, i my self don't smoke but have many friends that do. I believe pot should be legalized b/c you never here of someone smoking to much and getting violent, but it's ok to drink and lots of people are violent while drinking...ok... stupid. But not all cops are corrupt. If you believe this you are just a close minded idiot. Seriously, how many of you would call the cops or go to the cops if someone did something horible to you. Most people hate the cops until they need them, just remember that they are here to help you and protect you, even if sometimes they get a little side tracked with stupid things

I agree with this.

Most cops aren't corrupt. It's just that the few who are have managed to badly harm the public's perception of law-enforcement. When police show contempt for the public (a little or a lot) it's really scary.

It is precisely because we depend on police for so many important things that we freak out completely when we worry that we can't trust them. It doesn't take much, and some people go way overboard in their attitude towards police. Most cops aren't jerks, but they'll show you what's up if you act like a dick.

Our drug laws tell good cops to do a lot of harmful things. They create an enemy mentality between police and a huge, diverse group of people. It's a lot of animosity to have in a free society.

If you can imagine a place in which police are trusted by virtually everyone, could it have laws like these?

Then when will the good ones finally out the bad ones?

IMO - A "good," cop is no better than the crooked cop if he allows the crooked cop to continue on with their illegal ways. We always hear about the bad apple, well I am sorry but from my experience the whole damn barrel of apples is bad. Of course we call the police when something happens, who are we supposed to call? They have laws against shooting the SOB that just did you wrong yourself otherwise I wouldn't worry with the police myself at all.

If cops want respect they should try earning it by getting rid of the COUNTLESS BAD COPS first of all. Until then no one trusts them and with good reason. We haven't just made up all these police abuses they actually happen.

Again I have to ask if this job is so hard and dangerous then why would anyone take it for so little pay unless there are other benefits to be derived from the position like politicians that pay 50 million to win an office that pay 80k. They do it for the power and ability to be above the law. To think all cops are bad is wrong but they sure aren'thelping their own case these days with the way they do things.


All cops actually ARE corrupt. If an officer knows another officer is breaking the law and does nothing about it, he or she IS corrupt. In every police department in the world, its like living in a small town. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing.
Read the book or at least watch the movie "Serpico" to see what happens to cops who rat on other cops. Nothing has changed in the thirty-five years since.

bad cops Vs good cops

Well people take the jobs they do for a reason. It is not all about power and the ability to be above the law. Most of them do it to try and make a difference. As with most jobs, the general bullshit of the job is what makes it hard for them to be the best they can be. The system fails them as it does us. A good cop can face a life of problems with blowing in a fellow cop. Plus the same goes for there family. Cops can plant and do things that are illegal and we all know it. All we can do about it is to try and fight it in court. Those that do try to fight back end up loosing there jobs or end up in the turmoil somehow and are prosecuted as part of the problem due to inside procedures. Every career has its good and bad points. Being in the public eye makes them under extreme scrutiny of the public. Some people actually deserve to be beat up side the head with a billy club. But when we see it, it is big news. We are not aware that the person just murdered someone, raped, or has been a repeat criminal. Under certain circumstances to me, cops should be able to take some things into there own hands. The bottom line is, if you do nothing wrong you have no concern. But if you are a criminal then you deserve what you get at both ends. This country it to lean on the criminals. We all have this opinion of an eye for an eye, but dont want it to happen to our own family member. But cops today face the same consequences as street criminals today for being bad cops. So no matter what job it is in life. Bad people are just bad people.

Why Was a Drug Dog Brought In The First Place?

Does anyone else find it curious that a "specially trained drug dog" was brought in for a car that was simply pulled over for a "lane violation"... probably indicating the car simply failed to signal?

How they know

Clearly, they already knew it was in the car. There is a large group of people that participate in organized, illegal surveillance of people, especially drug users, using small robots to observe and perform dirty tricks. The information gained cannot be used in court, but allows tipoffs to police so, as in this case, they call a drug dog to a routine traffic stop, and know something will be found.


There's a reason J. Edgar Hoover refused to involve the FBI in narcotics cases -- it is inherently corrupting. (And note his opposition is really the reason we have had a DEA.) Blame our Congressmen and other political leaders -- and their voters, of both parties -- not the police, for the fact that some have been corrupted.

The socalled

drugwar is the main reason for the erosion of respect for law enforcement." Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners ,saints".

cops & drugs

I use to box on the Houston , Tx boxing team, after competition at out of town aau & golden glove meets, the cops that operated and sponsered the gym would break out large bags of pot and smoke till they couldn't see straight, then they would go out and start fights with whoever, just for kicks....they always told me they aquired the dope from the idiots they busted on the streets.....this still happens on a daily basis....they are not required to take drug test.....


Law enforcement officers who work in the narcotics division are paid a hazard pay for doing the drugs they bust people for. When they act like drug dealers off the street or possible buyers. They sometimes have to ingest these drugs themselves to act like true buyers and sellers. So they are paid for doing the drugs as part of there job. It is called Hazardous duty pay. If you are told this is not true by someone, they are lying to you. I have several friends on the local drug task force and this is what they tell me as truth based on there paycheck stubs.

then they have the perfect

then they have the perfect alibi for ever getting caught with MJ in their system. so they can basically smoke pot and get away with it because they get reasons to say they use it or whatever. Perfect cover up.

idiot undercovers

in my friends neighborhood, there was a cocain bust linked by mafia, undercover have been in that area since then. i say it was almost 4 years ago. an undercover in a black, nicely tinted capri asked me if i had some good grass. i said" yes, you have to answer a secret question", he said ok. "can your dick touch your asshole," he said, "uuuhhhhhhh. nooo?" then i said "then no!" and walked away. as i was walking, he said loudly" ey, my dick can touch my asshole!" i said"then go fuck yourself!" and went to my friends.

Really Now

All this cops are bullshit'n the people.

They don't even know what's really going on; there running there

mouths like a 10 years and lying about how much they really got .

Doesn't anyone want to know

Doesn't anyone want to know what kind of Bud it is? Someone give us the name of what it is or at least a picture link!!

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