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Lunatic Easily Convinces Police He's a Federal Drug Agent

What happens when a crazy person tells local police he's a federal agent and offers to help them fight drugs?

Busts began. Houses were ransacked. People, in handcuffs on their front lawns, named names. To some, like Mayor Otis Schulte, who considers the county around Gerald, population 1,171, “a meth capital of the United States,” the drug scourge seemed to be fading at last.

Those whose homes were searched, though, grumbled about a peculiar change in what they understood, from television mainly, to be the law.

They said the agent, a man some had come to know as “Sergeant Bill,” boasted that he did not need search warrants to enter their homes because he worked for the federal government.

Sergeant Bill, it turned out, was no federal agent, but Bill A. Jakob, an unemployed former trucking company owner, a former security guard, a former wedding-performing minister, a former small-town cop from 23 miles down the road. [New York Times]

The whole thing provides yet another exhibit in the colossal incompetence that has become so routine and predictable in the war on drugs. If some nutjob showed up at the fire department with a badge and an axe, they'd tell him to hit the road. They wouldn't follow him in and out of burning buildings.

It is precisely because of the massive multi-tiered drug war bureaucracy that his psychotic scheme seemed somehow plausible to everyone. Drug enforcement is the one occupation so lacking in accountability, so consumed by macho tough-guy posturing, that some maniac can just walk through the door and fit right in. It's a match made in hell.

And it wasn't even the cops who figured out he was an imposter. It was a reporter, months into this mindboggling hoax. Even when he recklessly and routinely violated suspects' constitutional rights, the police who followed him around never thought anything of it. That's how easy it is. His flagrantly illegal and incompetent behavior actually made them think he was real.

That this even happened is a potent testament to the fact that drug enforcement in America is thoroughly rotten and diseased to its core. If you see vultures circling around something, you know it is not healthy.
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Not so easy

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada With the way that the regular drug squad officers behave it's small wonder this guy got away with this.These guys are so used to turning their backs when shit goes down that it would be hard to find fault with mere rights violations.My experience has been that the police and the public view addicts as less than human and not deserving of rights afforded to the rest of us.They are now realising that the actions don't end with druggies.Cops that regularly trounce on peoples rights don't always confine it to dopers.Even a trained dog can turn on you if the circumstances are right.

oh oh oh, yay

does this mean i can be a cop? freakin sweet.

our gov't has been messed up for a loooong time. silencing people, etc.

we have no rights.

its been that way for years.

people ahve been violated by our government forever, and it will continue to go on.

thats what governments do.

its in the job description, i swear.

Out of Control

This story does not surprise me at all. In Oregon the cops used a confidential informant that was diagnosed Bi-Polar in a drug sting operation that netted 24 people. The informant was the only eye witness in all of the cases. The body wire she wore was excluded form the trials.

According to one person who was found not guilty, the body wire was excluded because the informant often smoked pot with the suspects and could be heard coughing . During one trial the defense attorney ask for Judicial Notice to point out that the informant broke the law, when she purchased drugs in the homes with children present, including her own.

I have posted court documents in reference material and done my best to point out that the civil tights of 24 people were violated.

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