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Judge Judy is Insane

Submitted by David Borden on
I watched the Judge Judy show today and she told one of her "early days" stories. I know she's proud of the fact that lawyers would move Heaven and Earth to appear in front of anyone else; that's OK. If you're a bitch and you're proud of it, so be it. Today's little cautionary tale was about a stabbing/robbery in which one of the participants stabbed a young woman to death. Judy caught the unfortunate cohorts that were in the 15-year-old range. She convicted all four of 1st degree murder. Now I don't condone robbery and they were all complicit in the murder but first degree requires intent, pre-formed.This was not a planned murder and you can bet the youngsters were probably as surprised at the escalation as was the victim. No 15-year-old has the concept of consequences firmly formed in their minds. Their lives were ruined forever by an insane, bitter, angry crone. All that is in the past and if the woman was the least bit contrite about the sentencing at the current time it could even be forgiven as a consequence of the times in which it happened. To be proud of it at this late date, to where you cite it as a cautionary tale tells me the woman is completely insane. There is still a murder a day happening in Vansterdam on the Pacific. There have still been zero arrests and the most recent victim was so smeared in the paper he would have been thrilled at his notoriety. The police were all over his funeral. They had the nerve to suggest that it was for the protection of the mourners. I guess the cameras were just for show.

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