Are Racist Cops Better Organized Than We Thought?

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This is just chilling:
INSIDE the locker of a narcotics cop, Philadelphia police officials recently made a shocking discovery: A cartoon of a man, half as an officer in uniform and half as a Klansman with the words: "Blue By Day - White By Night. White Power," according to police officials.

Schweizer, 33, joined the force in June 1997 and makes $54,794 a year, city payroll records show. He became part of the elite Narcotics Strike Force about six years ago. As an undercover, plainclothes cop who worked day and night shifts, Schweizer was part of a surveillance team that watched drug buys and locked up hundreds of suspected drug dealers. He frequently testified in court as a witness for prosecutors. [Philadelphia Daily News]
Racial disparities abound in the war on drugs, but most analysis of the drug war's disparate impact focuses on institutional bias. Rarely are we confronted with such a disturbing window into the racist mindset of an individual officer. Such beliefs render one thoroughly unqualified to carry out law-enforcement duties in any capacity and raise serious questions about this officer's past actions.

More troubling, however, is the possibility that Schweizer is just the tip of the iceberg. Is he a cartoonist? Did he draw the thing himself, or is there a larger organization that produces and markets police-themed racist merchandise to a clientele of closeted white supremacist police officers? I don't know the answer, but this poster sounds like a logo for something very creepy.

Of course, this is just one anecdotal incident, but when such revelations occur within an institution with such a hideously rich tradition of racial bias, it certainly doesn't feel like a coincidence. It is an unflattering portrait of our criminal justice system that adherents to such ideology are able to assimilate within it. Indeed, had he merely possessed the wisdom to keep racist cartoons out if his locker, this officer would still be hard at work filling our prisons with young black and Hispanic drug offenders.
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Give someone a FELONY conviction, he can't vote. Hidden Agenda.


rite on

ironman, That has been my talking point for years.
Thats why we see no progress in our fight against the "drug war".

Good old boy network

Its called the Good Old Boy Network and has been reported on on and off my whole life.

A few years ago there was a big piece in the national press about a big weekend party in the rural reaches of Virginia that included local cops from several states plus officials from most federal police agencies. It was a bar-b-q by day and a Klan Cross lighting at night.

The war on drugs, from its inception, has always been about re-imposing Jim Crow on America after the 1965 Voting Rights Act supposedly ended the practice. Jim Crow had two components. 1. Direct denial of access to polling and elections. 2. excessive use of trumped up morals laws to mass disenfranchise minorities. The VRA mostly ended the first tactic. The drug war, created by Richard Nixon in collusion with the Dixie-crats in congress in 1972, was how they re-imposed Jim Crow.

"[President Nixon] emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to." H.R. Haldeman's diaries.

The war on drugs was then and still is today that "system".

Wander around the blogs and public forums at newspapers and the like. ALL of the drug war supporters are overt and over the top racists. Real dyed in the wool racist thugs.

The term racist is simply a racial slur directed at whites

"Are Racist Cops Better Organized Than We Thought?"

Remember, when the politically correct use the term racist, they simply mean white Gentiles who discriminate.

It is a racial slur selectively given to only white Gentiles.

Racist = honky.

So, the translation of the headline would read: Are Honky Cops Better Organized Than We Thought?

Dude, you're fucking stupid.

Dude, you're fucking stupid. What you said has nothing to do with the issue here.

The term racist is simply a racial slur directed at whites - NOT

The author of that remark is an ignoramous.

racist cops

I spent 26 months as a drug war prisoner with the feds in Philly. While a prisoner, I accidently overheard some guards talking about some clothing they had ordered...hats and tee shirts I think. Anyway, they were wondering whether their "PUNISHER" Tee shirts and hats had arrived and whether or not they were going to wear them to the cop bar on that friday night..

The idea of a secret organization called "the punishers" (or any other super human --better than the rest of us, organization) among prison guards and law enforcement who believe they have a special and secret agenda was, and still is, terrifying.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." A. Einstein

OK folks---gather round---I'll start here--listen up

Drcnet's speakeasy and comments section has been nicely crowded and I like it. This will be my first installment of an action item we might all employ and enjoy to bring this friggin' drug war down.
As we all know well, the drug war has twisted and corrupted every aspect of "law enforcement". The drug war is blatantly rascist, it turns citizens into bitter career criminals, it's corrupted the judicial system and hordes of cops and goons, it is an affront to decency and liberty and logic. I could go on and on. I won't. Now to action. Listen to me:
We need to do our civic duty of calling in, dropping a dime, snitching, and reporting--- our grave suspicions concerning all drug warriors and prohibitionist cretins concerning any illegal activities they are so often prone to be corrupted by. So many cops, lawyers, judges, teachers, rehabbers, parole officers, congressmen, politicians, DARE co-ordinators, mayors, government workers, media morons, talking heads, politicians, do-gooders, etc. are so sadly corrupted by the evil temptations of non-alcoholic illegal drugs and drug money! We must save them from themselves! Prosecution and jail time are strongly recommended to turn their hypocritic, lifeless lives around. Here's how you can help:
Call your local anonymous drug snitch line listed under county, state, or federal govt. in phone book. Use a pay phone--you want to be anonymous--you never know how vicious these so-called anti-drug scoundrels can be! And let the authorities know what you heard about them. Probably possession, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and/or abuse of some dangerous drug; you can be sure--it's so typical of these good ole boys! Try to stick to just the facts. Names, addresses, phone #'s, liscence plate #'s, how they might have burned you on a drug deal, pounds of meth they wanted to sell at the high school, ounces of crack they tried to sell at the pre-school, bales of marijuana they carried to the garage, # of gang members you might have seen handing off drugs to them---these are the details the authorities will need to know. So make sure you know your details and do your research. But try to keep it tight and terse. You may have to explain you want to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. Thank you and good bye.
If enough good samaritans step up and blow the whistle on these poor, mis-guided, nazi, drug warring, thugs--- we may be able to save them and their precious, at risk, spawn.
Thanks for reading this folks---please feel free to spread this caring idea. I'll be back---gotta make some calls---heard some dude named Souder was packing cocaine bindles up some asshole named Walter's ass! Shocking!

Let's face it,

any man who would willingly lead or participate in armed attacks on unarmed women and children, any human being who makes his or her living by destroying the lives of others and whose only measure of success is the number of lives destroyed, anybody who takes pride in dressing like and acting like Hitler's Gestapo -- well, these people are not going to be the type you'd want teaching Sunday school.

I happen to know several young men who grew up wanting to be cops but changed their minds because they don't hate and they won't destroy and they don't believe that the law can be upheld by those who hold themselves above it.


No doubt they are better organized as some may think. Their supervisors encourage it, and their supervisors turn the other way. White cops don't tell on each other when it comes to race because they know they can get away with it.
Cops hate people of color. If the FBI cared enough they would of plant an agent in the ranks just to hear how these racist cops talk about people of color. The boast about killing them in shootouts, the falsify reports, and planting evidence, then they all go out and have a beer. Even in the districts they make racial remarks at minority cops, and if those cops complained they would be sent to the front.
Whites cops are partially responsible for the deaths of their own cops. When they enter a minority neighborhood their mind set is already pre program to beat, plant, and falsify.
What we should do is demand that the justice department place a person in the Philadelphia police ranks for about a year and if they don't join their groups, and if he is honest we will be shocked by what they will find.
Some of these cops belong to white racist groups, and have tattoos to prove it. Of course these tattoos are on there chest, back so people won't see them. Something really has to be done about this because if not a race war will soon follow and Philly cops will be responsible for that..

The CIA had introduced crack

The CIA had introduced crack cocaine to the poor residents of major cities targeting black Americans while gaining political power in other places. This was designed to destroy the inner workings of the black movement made by the Black Panthers. Oklahoma police are racist, and their police chiefs instruct the officers to write as many tickets as they can. Evidence is removed from the evidence lockers and planted on innocent people during conveniently pre-planned "routine" traffic stops. The police are the drug dealers.

The CIA had introduced crack

The CIA had introduced crack cocaine to the poor residents of major cities targeting black Americans while gaining political power in other places. This was designed to destroy the inner workings of the black movement made by the Black Panthers. Oklahoma police are racist, and their police chiefs instruct the officers to write as many tickets as they can. Evidence is removed from the evidence lockers and planted on innocent people during conveniently pre-planned "routine" traffic stops. The police are the drug dealers.

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