It's Really Easy to Put Innocent People in Jail for Drugs

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In an effort to protect our society from drugs, we've created laws that endanger everyone:

A federal judge decided Tuesday to free 15 men from prison because their convictions were based on testimony of a government informant who lied on the witness stand and framed innocent people.

Collectively, the men have served at least 30 years behind bars…

The case is a blow to the federal justice system, which relies heavily on informant-based testimony, lawyers said. The men, some with no prior run-ins with the law, were given long prison sentences based almost exclusively on the word of informant Jerrell Bray and Lee Lucas, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent who supervised Bray. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Stories like this emerge regularly, and yet one can only imagine how many such travesties of justice will never come to light. The process is so simple: informant makes up stories to get himself out of trouble, someone else get in trouble, informant doesn't. You couldn't design a more efficient system for collecting innocent people and tossing them behind bars.

The 15 innocent people that will now be set free are incredibly lucky (if you wanna call it that) that the people who set them up happened to be exposed as serial liars. That is really the only thing you can hope for when your conviction resulted from a conspiracy between shady snitches and dirty drug cops.

This is what you get when you pull back the curtain and behold the drug war for what it truly is and not what it is supposed to be. The Drug Czar with all his tricky talking points and misleading rhetoric can’t and won't ever attempt to defend injustice such as this. But it is that very same anti-drug propaganda that has served to blind our eyes and deafen our ears to the sickening unfairness that characterizes the practical application of these brutal laws.

When one comes to appreciate the totality of the lies, errors, and overkill that are inevitably included in the drug war package deal, it ceases to even matter what one thinks about drugs. This war would be a disaster even if it worked the ways it's supposed to. But it doesn't. And it never will.

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Jailing innocent people.

I grew up in Mansfield Ohio where this occurred. Sadly this has been going on for decades in this town. Many in law enforcement in the area are nothing more than sociopathic bullies who will do anything to keep arrest rates up. I hope all imprisoned will seek compensation from the state and county and the dea agent serves a lengthy prison sentence.

Jailing Innocent People - Police Misconduct

I couldn't agree with you more. Far too many police think they can do whatever they feel like, because they have a gun and a tin badge. A lot of these types were beaten up in high school for being rats and general misfits who's first line of defense is to "tell". So the years go by and they got the gun and tin badge and they are now getting even for the misery they brought on themselves in high school. Others get the idea in their heads that are sole judge of right and wrong, they can be cop, judge, jury and too often executioner.

I'm very glad that very slowly, the public at large is begining (and sad to say, just begining) to the this situation clearly.

Did you see that case where the cops murdered Sean Bell (an unarmed man on the day before his wedding). Well they wanted the Dialo cops treatment, move the case out of NYC. Now why would they want that? Then when they didn't get that, they immediately filed for a bench trial (a trail where the judge hears the evidence and determines guilt or innocense without a jury). Could it be that their claims of a "biased" jury pool is just a cover for the real reason, they KNOW all the grimy sh*t they and there co-horts do everyday on the streets and want no part in having the same people they abuse day in and day out to sit in judgement of them? Just asking.

here in Arizona . . .

the informants don't HAVE to lie because they don't exist -- yes, even cops have imaginary friends, and in the extremely rare event that a judge orders the cop to produce the informant, the cop just ignores the subpeona. The charges are dropped and the cop's life goes on as usual, above the law.

No responsibility

Thats because if police get caught lying or having informants lie .The government grants them immunity so if they get caught nothing happens to them .When they dont get caught they get recognition and pats on the back for all the finacing or property they stole for government coffers .So their main objective it to convict people with money or property to steal.Inocent or guilt has nothing to do with it .Judges are the worst enemy of the people of all.Allowing this to happen ,but they are paid by the government also .My self and 3 other people were arrested for 12 fish that wasnt even half a 5 gallon bucket full .With fines and confiscated boats courty costs and every thing .It costs over $50,000 for about 5 lbs of fish .I guess this isnt excessive or cruel or unusual punishment for a judge making $100,000 a year but it is if you make $15,000 a year .The DNR estimated replacement costs were $450 total

Well, well,---looks like folks are finally gittin' fightin' mad!

And it's way overdue! This stinking, evil, insane drug war must surely end soon and I swear we should extract not only monetary reparations for the victims but also a wholesome, way overboard, mob vengeance on as many prohibitionists, do-gooders, warriors, and associated morons as possible; so as to instill an eternal historic lesson in fear to all such misguided, lifeless, dimwits who might think of instituting this crap again.

Cops in general

I'm not going to say all cops are corrupt or bad ,many start and stay w/good intentions ''to serve and protect'' unfortunately most don't,they're little to no better than the real criminal arrested or being the criminal! its real easy to nail kids or young people in a car and make it seem like they committed crimes worse than murder where-as they may have taken a hit off a joint,never robbed a store,started a fight,killed anybody,committed rape! drovelike you just had 6 beers!,yep! thats the easy one ,they get the kudos from the rest of their ignorant ''evrybodys guilty of something '' buddies!...gets worse from there lots of money around lots of drugs in areas most of us stay out of,I don't envy most their job,but too many revell in it because they know they've the upper edge,and know where to go for the money w/o the risk!!


Prohibition never works. It's been proven before.

Innocent & Non-violent people being locked-up!

With staggering numbers nearing a million people, being lock-up for non-violent crimes. And billions of dollars of cost to us, the tax-payers. When & How will it all end. Soon we will need to build a Federal prison in every town in America, in order to house all the innocent and non-violent criminals that are arrested everyday because of this so called War on Drugs. They should stop lying and call it the War on American People. I don't have the answer, but sure wish I did.
Look at how many individuals and family's this War is destroying! What are these non-violent criminals to do, when they are finally released? When they've lost their jobs, homes, family, money and now hold a criminal record that will stay with them for the rest of their lives?
This so called War on Drugs is destroying America. And it's time America stands up and says" We Want our Country Back!"

if you're not ashamed of justice in the USA ...

you haven't been paying attention.

120 months

I know first hand because I am a political prisoner of the Drug War. I was arrested with family members who asked me how to get to a hotel. I had no idea why they were going to the hotel other than to meet a friend. To be honest I didn't know a lot about the personal lives of any of my co defendants except my first cousin(Timothy Dion Easterling)  whom I found out was a government informant. They were self proclaimed pimps visiting from Houston Texas. I was within 60 days of completing my BBA and also a honorable Army veteran who was employed by the District Government at the time. Well that was 1993 and i have finished the 120 month sentence and 5 years of probation. I noticed how all of the so called helpful and concerned groups and individuals always have fought hard to get those some relief who have either worked as informants or in some measure was guilty of minor charges. The bullshytz continues!

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