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Ron Paul on CNN - "I'm the only candidate saying I'll pardon all non-violent drug offenders!"

Submitted by David Borden on
Last night, before Fox's debate, Ron Paul was brought onto Wolf's show on CNN and accused of being a racist - based upon a few articles written in a newsletter over 15 years ago - articles that Ron Paul didn't write, has apologized for in the past, and his record clearly shows are against his principles. Ron Paul associates the Drug War with racism, and wants to put an end to both. There is a write-up about what he said here: The video where he says he will pardon ALL non-violent federal drug war victims is here: This comment is near the end... @ 5:19 or -1:00 If you haven't taken a GOOD look at this candidate, PLEASE do us all a favor and do so. He's not just against the drug war, he wants justice for the victims of this criminal policy that deprives the citizens of their constitutionally protected rights. Stop imposing a moral directive onto a free people through abuse of law... And has a unique foreign policy that will end the Iraq war, stop war with Iran before it begins... He also wants to fix our economy. He has the strongest, most knowledgeable position on the economy out of all the candidates on either side. You can find out more about him here: And more in-depth aspects of his views from his speeches to congress here:

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