Alert: A SWAT Team Shot a Mother and Child Last Week -- Take Action Now to Stop the Madness!


In November 2006, 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was killed by police during a raid conducted at the wrong house. Ms. Johnston fired at the police officers as they were breaking in through her living room window. Three officers were injured, but Ms. Johnston was struck 39 times and died at the scene. In July 2007, Mike Lefort, 61, and his mother, Thelma, 83, were surprised and thrown to the ground when Thibodeau, Louisiana police burst into the wrong house with a "no knock" warrant. Thelma suffered from a spike in her blood pressure and had a difficult time overcoming the shock. In March 2007, masked police officers in Jacksonville, Florida, mistakenly burst into the home of Willie Davis, grandfather of murdered DreShawna Davis, and his mentally disabed son. The pair were forced to the ground, where they watched helplessly as police tore apart the memorabilia from DreShawn's funeral. The drug sale that never happened was said to involve all of two crack rocks worth $60.
One would think after Atlanta police killed 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston, that they would get the idea, but they haven't. Last Friday, 1/4/08, a SWAT team, serving an ordinary drug search warrant, invaded the Ohio home of Tarika Wilson -- an innocent woman -- shot and killed her, and shot her one-year-old son. "They went in that home shooting," her mother said at a vigil that night. The boy lost at least one of his fingers. Two dogs were shot too. SWAT teams were created to deal with extreme situations, not routine ones. Yet police now conduct tens of thousands of SWAT raids every year, mostly in low-level drug enforcement. The result is that people like Wilson and Johnston continue to die in terror, with many thousands more having to go on living with trauma. But it's all for a drug war that has failed and can't be made to work. It's time to rein in the SWAT teams. Please sign our online petition: ">Enough is Enough: Petition to Limit Paramilitary Police Raids in America." A copy will be sent in your name to your US Representative and Senators, your state legislators, your governor, and the president. When you're done, please tell your friends and please spread the word wherever you can. This is a first step. Take it with us today, and there can be more. Enough is enough -- no more needless deaths from reckless SWAT raids! Visit for more information about this issue, including our October Zogby poll showing that 66% of Americans, when informed about the issue, don't think police should use aggressive entry tactics when doing routine drug enforcement.

CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE DEADLY SWAT RAIDS (still known to many of our readers as DRCNet, the Drug Reform Coordination Network), is an international organization working for an end to drug prohibition worldwide and for reform of drug policy and the criminal justice system in the US. Visit for the latest issue of our acclaimed weekly newsletter, Drug War Chronicle.
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These SWAT teams are beyond pathetic. I'm sure more than 95% would never make it through the tests for such teams in Europe. In Europe these teams are used only to arrest the most violent criminals, never to serve a warrant on a puny drug bust.

From reports about SWAT mistakes it is easy to see that their tactics are out of proportion to the seriousness of the alleged crime, that they are embarrassingly bad at executing an arrest and that they fail to take responsibility for their actions.

I'm sure there has been a time when SWAT teams used to mean something. However, when it is turned into something that anybody who can don body armor and carry artillery into a house can do, that is not how it is supposed to be done.

The reports I've been reading about SWAT misconduct overwhelmingly proves that these teams are made up out of rank amateurs who don't have the first clue about what it means to use special weapons and tactics.

Here in Europe not everyone

Here in Europe not everyone is trigger happy, oh thats right we got rid of as many triggers as possible.

On enforcement it is hard to ever get such situations right especially when being shot at, clearer information is clearly needed before starting these raids which imho are necessary


Not every SWAT team is the same. It all depends on your training. There are thousands of SWAT teams around the country. Some have more money than others to train. Poor training, and general orders governing these teams is a big problem.

There are teams and departments that still carry revolvers and they have never evolved.

You get rid of police and watch this country turn into a Somelia, or any of those third world countries. The people with the most money and the most guns rule. Watch our women and children suffer due to the lawlessness if there were no police.

Everyone likes to point the finger and never have experienced the other side.


This is the only petition I would sign:


Sign me up!!!

In response to:


Comment posted by Anonymous on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 4:39am

"This is the only petition I would sign:



I think it would be even better if you got rid of just two words: SWAT and INVOLVED. Then it would read: PETITION TO APPREHEND AND KILL EVERY POLICE OFFICER AND SHOOT THEIR CHILD IF THEY HAVE ONE. Maybe change the word CHILD to FAMILY. I think that might be it: PETITION TO APPREHEND AND KILL EVERY POLICE OFFICER AND SHOOT THEIR FAMILY IF THEY HAVE ONE. I think that sound perfect. Do you know how to get a petition started? I would love to see how many people really sign it, I think it would be quite a few!

I am against the use of

I am against the use of brutal force against innocent civilians, but you have your facts grossly wrong in this case. My understanding is that the two outstanding citizens in this house were doing drugs with a 1 year old baby present, and when police entered the house, they were attacked by two vicious pitbulls. So, if your drug addled mind can wrap your brain around this, letting your pitbulls attack police officers is a crime as well.

So two outstanding citizens

So two outstanding citizens have a terrible drug addiction. Instead of treatment, which would probably cost thousands of dollars, we use a swat team costing tens of thousands of dollars to break into the wrong house and shoot them dead.

As for your deep concern over the one year old, you're worried about the adults using drugs around the child but have little concern for the child having his finger blown off by a gun toting, power hungry, guy illegally breaking into their house? Also, as your concern for the child seems to be legitimate, you find drug treatment to be an option just behind killing the child's parents in front of his/her eyes and then having them blow off the kids finger?

As for the pitbulls, so your sitting in your living room and all of a sudden masked men come crashing through your window, guns a'blazin, and your supposed to call off your dogs? I would imagine this would be the exact situation in where you would want to have dogs such as these. According to the law (you seem to stand firmly behind laws) you are allowed to defend your house by any means you deem fit and it is perfectly legal, even from, wait for it, the police illegally entering your house. Even the police need a warrant to enter someone's personal property (they haven't abolished all civil rights yet). The police did not have a warrant to enter this persons house, they broke the law, and these people had every right to defend themselves from this illegal entry.

I love how you stand firmly behind drug law, as does our government, yet you have no problem with the government breaking other laws to enforce the drug laws.

you seem angry

You seem to have your facts wrong. Now I am not sure if they had a warrant or not that is not my point, as I'm sure you don't probably know if they had one either. However, it is ILLEGAL to RESIST even an
UNLAWFUL ARREST. Now you may not like this rule, but if you are arrested illegally, you have to submit to the arrest, and fight it in court. That does not bar the police from punishment after the fact, but during the incident if you resist even an unlawful arrest you can still be found guilty of the crime even if the original charges are thrown out. You can then take action against whatever officers acted illegally.

Also, if the police are acting on a warrant in good faith and go into the wrong house on a search warrant, and find a anything that results in a crime, they can legally charge the person with that crime, because they were acting under the color of law.

I'm not trying to get you to like the police, but you can't be so blind to think every cop is out to get you. Most of them are just paying the bills like you and me.

No, sorry, wrong

You think you are required to submit to illegal arrest? Wrong, Slim.  In Texas, at any rate, it is absolutely legal to use force, even deadly force, against ANYONE, including police, who are attempting to kill you.  I think someone busting down my door at night, throwing in a grenade, and further proving their reckless disregard for the lives of me and my family falls under that umbrella.    Getting a jury full of dipshits like yourself to go along might not happen, but that doesn't make it illegal to defend yourself.


it might be a crime 4 letting your pitbulls attack police, but thats a punished serve in the court of law, he can kill the pitbulls attacking him but what right does he have 2 kill you.

That still does not excuse their shooting at the infant.

They could have used tasers on the dogs and the adults. There is no need for the one year old to suffer. None. If the parents were doing drugs, take the kid away from that situation and MAKE SURE he ends up in a loving family. This is not some third-world country. We have the means to protect our police officers from dogs and aggressive people. Going in shooting indiscriminately and then saying Oops is UNACCEPTABLE. Period.

borden's picture

first I've seen that one

I haven't seen any news accounts make these claims. Maybe I've missed something -- if I have, share the actual information with the class. But even if that were all true, it would still make no sense to send in a SWAT team. As far as the dogs, again this is the first I've heard about "two vicious pitbulls," but what do you expect dogs to do when a home is suddently invaded? Their instinct is to protect the household -- one of the reasons we all love dogs! Yet another reason these reckless SWAT raids need to stop.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

I would rather have a 1 year

I would rather have a 1 year old be in a house where people are doing "drugs" (such a vague term) than have a 1 year old shot by a SWAT team. dude the drug war is wack, most kids grow up around the worst drug ever but nobody cares: alcohol.
In all these raid they always shoot the dogs, fucked up!

a few years ago I lived with my ex girlfriend in a tiny house I called the animal control cause there was a stray pitbull, he was emaciated and hungry and harmless (no energy wahtsoever) and the cops were to big of pussies to even try to catch him (when we had been petting him) then they told us to stay inside our 2 bd house cause they were going to shoot the dog (with an assault rifle whil he was on our porch -fucking dangerous!) I told them not to shot near our house but they wouldn't listen so I walked out and picked up the dog and they told me to drop him but I said I was going to adopt him and if they wanted to kill him they'd have to get a warant so I walked inside my house and slammed the door. I fed him and let him go the next day.

my point is certain cops (half of them) only signed up cause they wanted to shoot something and be involved in one of these intense situations they see on TV, they act like they are soldiers against unarmed people. it's ridiculous, it need to stop! I wouldn't care if those people were doing "drugs" that's better than being shot by insano cops!

In reply to anonymous 8:28am

Yeah.. friggin druggies. Shoot the druggie, of course the dogs(!!) and as a deterrent to the kid shoot off a couple of fingers...

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the only candidate who is addressing the real issue about drugs...Stop the Police State.

Memphis SWAT

I proudly served on the S.W.A.T. Team in Memphis (Shelby County) in the mid-80s. We were a special group and most of today's kids could never have even made it -- much less lasted through their first workout. Policing has changed so much since then. My partner and I could handle a group of 10-20 without even calling for back-up, now I see 10-20 punks in uniform, with their little pepper sprays and tasers out jumping on a single guy. It's disgusting.


Here you can vote our new president. Stop believing the statistic you see on television. Let`s make our own vote. Below you have informations about all the candidates . Choose the president that will change your live from 2008.


3 Stooges running for president!!

don't shoot the dogs

sell the to michael vick. he needs vicious pit bulls.

It called "scenario fulfillment"

Scenario Fullfillment is when SWAT teams are only able to act out the scenarios for which they train.

Sure the practice storming a house full of gangbangers that want to shoot it out, but they never practice storming a house full of old ladies and kids. They never practice what to do when they have kicked down the door of the wrong house.

We have a bunch of good squads that are good at military style raids, but good at anything else, which unfortunately is 95% of their job.

correction to the above

*** We have a bunch of GOON squads that are good at military style raids, but NOT good at anything else, which unfortunately is 95% of their job.

many millions of people have used a drug w/ young child present

the drug is of course called alcohol and many, many thousands of those alcohol users have done unspeakable things to children. Cannabis does not present anywhere the same risk of physical and sexual violence to children, women and the rest of us. I don't know how the other illegal drugs stack up against alcohol, but I do know that treating people who use them like dogs doesn't promote nice behavior from the dogged.

swat attack

in our town we had a 18 year old college student that was a suspect in a playstation robbery.the swat team went up to his door and knocked.the swat team hit the door with the battering ram and one of the swat team thought he heard a gunshot so he shot the unarmed teen through the front door hitting him between the eyes killing him.the young mans dog ran up to see what was going on and was shot 3 times.this swat team member 10 years earlier shot two suspects in the back.he was tried for attempted murder for the teens death and was found not guilty.something has got to change.

old ladies and kids is what they do best

A few years ago, a roommate of a friend of mine was arrested on suspicion of murder. The cops, arrest warrant in hand, KNOCKED on the door, WAITED politely for it to be opened and stated their business just like human beings.
They also had a search warrant (the kind that's not prohibited by the Constitution) that stated exactly WHAT they were to look for (the suspect's gun) and WHERE they were to look (in the suspect's bedroom).
Having arrested the suspect, searched for and not found the gun, they left the house, without having accosted any of the other people there, without having ransacked the home.
It's only in situations where they are confident of having the upper hand (when the people in the house are unarmed or asleep) that they go in with guns drawn.

what the fuck is wrong with you people

im not going to pull a "leave Britney alone" deal but jesus christ hip hop ain't helping so shoot all the gang bangers christ 23 kids in my little county smoke weed ages 12-17 it aint helping when they have guns either so im sure they'll go in guns drawn shut the fuck up about the constitution. i guess ill stand their if i get shot at, i mean hes innocent right? fuck you

After reading this I assume

After reading this I assume you are one of those 23 in your county?

Don't blame SWAT, blame civilians.

I personally believe that anyone who finds the need to discredit the hard working men and women of law enforcement should pack up and leave the country. The fact that people are bringing Europe into this conversation is completely irrelevant, they have nothing to do with American law enforcement. The fact of the matter is that a wide variety of drugs are illegal in the United States and for good reason. Not only are the majority of them self destructive, they can also inflict severe injury and cause deaths of innocent bystanders due to negligence and irresponsibility.

Drug use is on a steady increase in the United States and it is not stopping. The Police and Government agencies need to crack down and put a stop to this. We need to return the country back to the way it was, sober and clean minded. Is this what our country is going to be led by in twenty years? Crack heads and stoners? If so, I'll gladly leave.

You can't blame them for doing their jobs. SWAT teams are given information from other sources and they execute the operation as they would any other situation. If people are injured by Police, it's their own fault. The second you see someone wearing black tactical gear with the words "SWAT" or "POLICE" plastered on them, get on the ground and do exactly what they say. Cooperate. Simple as that.

If they made a mistake, they'll be on their way. If they were told to go to a certain location and detain anyone and everyone inside, they can and will. There's no sense in being hurt, you can't stop them. They're going to search the house briefly to ensure there's nobody hiding that will step out with an assault rifle. I would too. Besides, if you're an innocent, law abiding citizen, you should have nothing to hide in the astronomical chance that such a mishap occurs.

Obey the laws, don't be a weak person and succumb to the want of getting high, by any means. It's a want, not a need. You'll only do yourself a good thing, just be a good citizen and you'll never have these issues. Hopefully what I've said will make people realize that Police are people too, they have families and friends... just like everyone else.

You sir, are a communist

Why don't you go back to russia, you pathetic Chump. You think anyone should be able to go into your home, blow away your family and leave you bleeding to death on the floor, clinging to your pathetic little brainwashed life? You're a FOOL.

You obviously don't even remotely have the ability to think OUTSIDE your little SLAVE WORKING BOX. You don't need rights, you can work and die and be fine with it. You don't need rights, you don't even THINK or comprehend.

You're a mindless jackass and your comment is basically drumming up support for the KGB, Communism, and these criminals at the top that are TREASONISTS and RED COATS.

These people are not american, You sir are not american. You are probably an invader of this land as well, you prick. Why don't YOU be a good civilian and go get shot up by "accident" you chump.

Police are people too!????

Police are people too. They are people activley opposing other people and assisting eachother Blindly. Why The
Fuck should I give a danm about you, your shit or the cops.?

Anonymous ASSHOLE

Take your Nazis ass over to North Korea you lunatic piece of shit,thats where you belong. Go fuck yourself.


Could you please the the country. You are a fascist! The fact that you condone the actions of the corrupt officers says a lot about your lack of compasion and character. Yes, I will even buy you a ticket. You are a miserable loser.

Don,t blame swat....

Yawol Mein Her!!! Heil mindless robot

Accincental/wrongfull shooting/death.

And when police error for whatever reason are they to be held responsible....How about damage/injury/death to a person or their property,is that just something that we are supposed to accept and just stop bitchen about....You may think that you and your fellow officers are above rebuke and must be respected(FEARED....Which turns to hatred),got news for you bud,you earn respect,you do not demand it.
I say these things with all due respect for my relatives,friends and other decent police officers out there,as for you and fellow thinkers just remenber that you will not always be in a possition to freely terrorize and kill innocent people and when that time is reached you may wish you had chosen a different path in life.
As for all you good coppers,go get the real bad guys,some of your own and most politicians.

Cave Ursus


Go figure, score for the government, they killed two more innocent american civilians! If you haven't figured it out yet they are TRYING to kill us. With the use of brutal force, debt and threatening life situations, and chemicals designed to slowly wittle away at you until you die from organ failure.

This government has been going OUT OF BOUNDS of the constitution since 1933. It Is time to change, it is time to get these commi' KGB red coats out of our country and kick them back to england. These fools think they can use market crashes, which will cause rioting, to declare marshall law and try to kill whoever stands in their way. This is the illuminate and we must annhilate them, all related to them, and their followers!

We cannot let this BS continue! We must stop this before the 08 elections (bush plans to do all of this before the elections). You will not hear any of this from the media because all major media is boughten out by the illumninate so they only care about mindless BS like the next dictator elections- you won't hear it from any member of the government, there is a gag order - Also some corrupt scumbbag of a judge diverts and sabotages NESARAS announcement every year, we should hang him too. But in 2000 the Navy Seals and Delta Force raided the district of columbia and FORCED AT GUNPOINT these petty criminals at the top to pass NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation ACT. Personally I say the seals and delta force need to go in again, this time the only difference if the criminals don't announce it immediately at that moment they shoot them to bits. Thats what they deserve.

This does the following:


1. Restores Constitutional Law in America as of NESARA’s public announcement.
2. Removes US administration officials and all members of the US Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions. Bush, Cheney, Cabinet members, and all members of Congress are immediately removed from office by NESARA’s public announcement; specific law enforcement personnel shall physically remove Bush government officials from their offices. These removals allow a fresh start at the national level. Using the Constitutional Line of Succession, NESARA installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new federal elections can take place within six months after NESARA’s announcement.
3. Because NESARA abolishes unconstitutional states of emergency, NESARA’s public announcement declares “peace”. US military in Iraq and Afghanistan are immediately recalled to the USA.
4. As partial remedy for 90 years of government and banking fraud, NESARA requires zeroing out of credit card balances and bank debt relief be given to Americans.
5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by gold. The Federal Reserve is abolished; Federal Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into the US Treasury Bank System.
6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax.

We cannot let REAL AMERICANS die daily to these petty criminals who do not respect this country and should be deported or hung! They kill us off like poverty is a disease, these cronies at the top are imposters, they are not american they do not represent american values. Since 1933 we have been going out of bounds of the constitution, these criminals do not respect it and should be removed for good.

Also, I would sign the "Kill all police officiers and their families" petition, because that is what we should be doing - they do not think all they do is want to shoot someone, anyone; So we must shoot them first, demolish their police stations with them inside. Throw a note on the door "Sorry, you're now defunded." When they go in to have the morning meeting fucking implode the building in on them, then prevent any rescue from entering the rubble for 92 hours, to make sure they are all dead. WE SHOULD BE HAVING A CIVIL WAR AGAINST THESE INVADERS OF AMERICA! Instead WE SIT HERE, Our money HAS NO VALUE, Our children HAVE NO MORAL OR INTELLECT, They are being raised under brainwashing and foolish BS that isn't knowledge. Our country is becoming nothing more than a mere flutter of what it should be. These criminals sit and do what they wish, killing hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians, across the entire earth. They are Treasonists, They are War Criminals. Those that disagree or will not state such, agree with them and should be deported back to europe.

All I want to do is, When do we get to hang them - And no, not the traditional hanging. No Hangmans noose knot, so their necks don't break instantly, and make sure their feet hit the ground, so that they choke to death on their own blood.

This country is out of bounds, and either a brutal war against these treasonist is in issue, or we simply Announce NESARA and kick them to the curb, throw them in the brig, and hang the worst criminals in earths history.

STOP SWATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK reading all the comments I think that they should think about that child because it has no parents to rase it. They should really worry about all the five children. But they still had no right to kill then dont matter what they did. You cant kill someone for something you think they did But from the action occured

Defend swat team

Damn dude these guys just make mistake like every human people it arrive sometimes but remember how many times they save innocent people from a certain death we need them and all the people who say that we might kill them are only a bunch of motha' terrorists never forget 9 11 when swat team was the first with firemen to help the people struck inside

Thank you! Finally someone

Thank you! Finally someone gets it!

Geez Fuck the swat dont get killed by the swat!

my friend got raided, beaten, and finally killed for doing wat? i guess being there and being in her home. and guess wat? the police left!yes FUCKIN' LEFT and saying nothing. DAMN NOTHING!
my closest friend is under the tombstone that who payed for? not the police, ME! yea ME! the police wernt even there at the funeral they didnt say anything to her family (a few states away) and my friend in the news (works for , not on (hes a tech guy)) said to me that the government was here and I quote "this incident is not to be publicly released in paper, electronically, visual or any other kind of media" fuckin god they try to cover their mistake and to get new guys who dont know the number of the innocent people that the swat killed accidentally or otherwise.


I know a friend that had his house trashed by a swat team, got 7 bombs thrown in, trauma, one of his dog that he had and loved for years got SHOT! (Yes the swat guy was aiming for it the dog didnt die of shrapnel) he was shocked/tazered and his home was COMPLETLY and TOTALLY trashed plus burned to a crisp (or halve of it I think ,I dunno) and then? Well...

1.I had to give his a place to stay (friends dont give up on each other!)
2.he sued the police but it didn’t get through
3.a nice community got together and helped rebuild his house(their still at it) I encourage that effort

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