Ecstasy Laced With Meth is Bad, But it's Not My Fault

The Drug Czar is warning everyone about an epidemic of meth-laced ecstasy tablets coming into the country from Canada:
Alarmingly, more than 55 percent of the Ecstasy samples seized in the United States last year contained methamphetamine. Cutting their product with less-expensive methamphetamine boosts profits for Canadian Ecstasy producers, likely increases the addictive potential of their product, and effectively gives a dangerous “face lift” to a designer drug that had fallen out of fashion with young American drug users. [Pushing Back]
I'll tell you whose fault this isn't: mine. See, I don't think ecstasy should even be illegal. I don't want it to be manufactured by drug gangs in Canada, or anyone else who might lace it with methamphetamine or other noxious crap. I think it should be manufactured by licensed professionals and sold to adults through regulated outlets. Many people have been saying this for a long time to no avail and now look what's happened.

So if meth-laced ecstasy isn’t my fault, whose fault is it? Ironically, but rather obviously, it is the fault of the exact people who now complain about all the bad ecstasy rolling across our northern border.
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ecstasy is meth-or rather methylene dioxy methamphetamine [mdma]-the canadian press doesn't understand this and usa press jumped right on it


That's like saying trans-fat "is" omega-3 fatty acid. One is poisonous and one is beneficial even though their chemical compounds are nearly identical. "Methylene dioxy" are words describing the structure and composition of an organic molecule, not decoration. Are they different? Ecstacy is not physically addictive, the other one is. Look at side by side of photos of long-term meth users and long-term ecstacy users. The meth users will look like a leper colony.

And addictive referring to

And addictive referring to what, Physical addiction and withdrawal? The ignorance in the community that wishes to argue the case, sometimes amuses me. Stimulants are not physically addictive, as far as I understand. But, the psychogical problem with severe cravings is definitely a big problem. The term of "addiction", used alone, is becoming very confusing, in today's society. Should we just lock up all "addicts" ? Problem is, we would have to lock up most of the country! But, so far, sex addiction, big mac addiction and similar problems are not illegal.


thats so true there are so many "addicts" in this world! i'll bet tons of peaoples grand parents are "addicts" to perscriptions pills. there are all sorts of things people can be addicted to whether it's sex, drugs, food, etc, if we really wanted to lock all these so called addicts up, we would run out of room before we reached half the people we needed to lock up...

It's the fault of the same hypocritical thugs who shot the baby

not to be confused with the drug gang thugs who also shoot babies but would be out of business if it wasn't for their sponsors, the hypocritical thug drug war jihadists, a/k/a alcohol supremacist bigots.

Ecstasy is a lot more than just meth, it's a true psychedelic drug, deliberately designed to be more social and less introspective than LSD, etc. A powerful drug, not without dangers, but not so dangerous as to be banned for adults.

not designed for anything

Ecstasy is a compound of amphetamine, but very similar molecules can have quite different effects. An example is aspirin and cocaine, which are chemically very similar.

However, it's wrong to suggest that Ecstasy was "designed" to be anything; our knowledge of brain chemistry is not where we can predict what effects a given molecule will have on the brain. All you can do is play around with different amphetamine compounds, adding a chain of atoms here or there, try them out, and see what they do.


keep your ecstasy out of my meth

Typically, the warriors have confused CAUSE and EFFECT -- I wonder if dishonesty is a prerequisite for holding public office, or an unavoidable consequence? Or is this inability to reason an effect of the prolonged non-use of illegal drugs?

Office of National "Out-Of-Control" Drug Policy

Perfect example of how drug market prohibition is no substitute for drug market regulation.

meth laced ecstasy

can you send some to nz

a little tidbit

Ok, I have never tried ectasy. A friend many years ago told me that I would like it. So, I figured I'll stay away.

Now, according to HBO, meth is made in every garage and trailer park. It seems to me that an image like that would turn people away. But that was people producing their own poison. You force people away from that and a worser poisen will take its place.

I know of a park where stoners hung out. People complained and the stoners were chased away. Now the complainers, who before could still come to the park, now were afraid to because it was now the hang out for speed users and alcoholics.

When you try to get rid of something, you have to think about what is going to fill the void. Either you are prepared with something, or the picture will darken.

I know what I wanted to say, but I did not want to hurt someone unintentionally, by a missplaced wyrd.

education please

Is MDMA not just another form of meth (MA), on down the line in the chemical reaction? Could there be some left in the product because of incomplete chemical reaction. I don't know. But with a little knowledge in organic chemistry, I wonder about the "facts". Should there not be amphetamines of other types in the compound? OR is it two, more pure substances, that are being combined, after the "cooking" (manufacture) of both has been completed?

its intentional

meth is placed into ecstasy intentionally to drop manufacturing costs, it's also not a chemical intermediate to mdma. meth is made through completely different reaction paths.

Just say no.

Just say no.

crack is wack

blacks love crack ,whites love meth, I wonder who thought of it a the governments war on drugs

Nothing new

Meth laced ecstacy is certainly not a new thing - this has been happening since inception.


those legel pills, such as the doves, have killed someone....

there are legal forms of

there are legal forms of extacy out on the market in some states in the united states

personally from my experience ive did meth, extacy and legal chemical extacy


i think the legal stuff is worse than both that is the only time ive gotten fataly sick was from legal stuff

meth is simular to extacy in high however lookin at a different perspective meth makes you look like a vampire and you dont like the sun comming off ...


extacy is not really like that and you dont have a pale moon tan, iv'e read articles from universities stating that it's not really as bad as people think.

umm lol

thizz is good but i don't think it should be legal cause i mean it's not good lol and it kills people more than cigarettes and alchohol ( which i think should be illegal ) but i mean meth is a lot worse maybe the same structure but theres still a lot different about it , meth and heroin are way more addicting than any other drug even then coke and crack ... but ecstasy is just something people need to control if their gonna do it , e and weed and shrooms are the only drugs i do anymore because all the other drugs are so bad and not even as fun as e to me haha

heroin makes you ugly and hate life but doesnt really damage your body as much but since you hate life you lose everything

tweak ( meth ) makes you insane , ruins your body because you pull muscles hurt youself and scratch skin off sometimes ( meth bugs ) all because while trippin you dont really feel it lol and when your not on it your really cranky its the same with Heroin

Coke isnt even that good and since it only lasts for 40 min about people do more and more

prescribed pills are just as bad because no one realizes how addicting they really are and they ruin the lining of your stomach and make you throw up a lot and lose tons of weight to where your unhealthy

umm id like to find out where

umm id like to find out where u read that x kills more people than cigs or alcho...but the main reason people die is because they are stupid and they dance all night w/o any water and dehydrate or they take bunk pills which wouldnt be a problem if it was legal..or they take too much like over 20 pills in one take 20 tylenol and your bound to OD...also cigs and alcho have been proven over and over that they are addictive and like opiods alcho is physically addictive...x cant beat that

MDMA does not affect the

MDMA does not affect the reward pathway in the brain the same way meth or coke would...the way meth and cocaine interact with the brain will cause an immediate craving for me...though anything can be addictive if the person has an addictive personality...

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