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SWAT Team Shoots Baby, Kills Mom in Drug Raid Gone Wrong

It has become a nauseating chore just to report on all the innocent people that get killed in the drug war. But until our public servants stop killing us to protect us from drugs, the reporting must continue:
Tarika Wilson, 26, was shot and her 1-year-old son was wounded when Lima police conducted a drug raid on their home Friday night, prompting members of the black community to organize a candlelight vigil and demand answers from police.

"They shot my daughter and her baby," Ms. Jennings said through tears while being consoled by other family members. "The police have to pay for what they did. They went in that home shooting and killed her." [Toledo Blade]
Tarika Wilson's boyfriend was arrested for marijuana and crack, but police haven’t reported how much they found. Something tells me this is because the amount is very small. Too small to justify shooting a baby. Similarly, they haven’t said a word about why Ms. Wilson was shot. If they had a good answer, we'd know by now what it is.

Here's the thing: when you hear about police shooting a baby and killing an innocent mother of six, you just know the drug war had something to do with it. Overwhelmingly, it is the drug war that sends adrenalin-charged cops into private homes with their fingers on the trigger of a machine gun. In a post-drug war world, babies and grandmas won't get shot in their houses by police. I can't wait.

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"Too small to justify shooting a baby"?

I wonder, how big would the amount have to be to justify shooting at all? Especially considering that the cops have NO WAY OF KNOWING what's in the house UNTIL the shooting is over. They are, however, well aware of WHO'S in the house. This isn't law enforcement, it's premeditated murder.

It is not worth taking a single life over, not one.

There is no justification whatever in taking an innocent life under the color of law in any attempt to interdict or stem the drug trade or drug use. Not even one.

What we need is a "war" on prohibition and to start getting cops who shoot innocent people off the force. Whose country is it anyway? Time for a new revolution.

If you got "war"... got war criminals! These swatzi's have been on a killing streak across the nation for some time now. Obviously the sheeple think this slaughter is necessary for order to be kept. Whats worse, it's now possible that Blackwater Global Inc.will soon get a domestic contract to enforce this "war". It took a Ruby Ridge incident to put controls on the ATF. I see things getting much worse before this "war" winds down. Maybe the next administration will pull the plug... but then again the "war" revenue stream employs many.

"executed" is right

Police Chief Garlock: "This is a terrible situation that resulted from a very dangerous situation that occurs when a high-risk search warrant is executed."

For one thing, ALL search warrants are "high-risk" -- for the people without the guns. But have you ever noticed how rarely police spokesmen manage to string words together to make sense? Is this deliberate, or don't police departments employ people with triple-digit IQ's?

Time to stop toleraring the intolerant?

Volent home invaders, of any stripe, should be dealt with using deadly force... it's your right & civic duty to protect yourself, family, and neighbors from such unlawful and murderous actions.

The asshole(s) you stop today won't violate anyones rights tomorrow... right?

Unfortunately, the problem is not the eradication of dispicable criminal assholes... it's the market economy. And a general truth of a market economy is it hates a void or vacuum... including assholes. So, if there's a shortage of assholes there will soon be a flood of new assholes attempting to fill the void & capture the asshole market!

Sick basterds

We all need to stand up against the war on drugs and swat teams.

The war On drugs

The war on drugs is really a war on the American people.We the people need to stand up and stop this War.
Email the President,Members of congress,Members of the Senate,and don't stop until something is done about this.
If they won't stop it Revolution is an option.

"Don't look to USA"

American drug-enforcement do one thing right.
They scare our european goverments away from the drug-war.

Unfortunately if we took hold of our right to defend ourselves

they would just keep sending cops and bullets until you were certainly dead. You won't get a just day in court.Waco taught us that.

The Branch Davidians were exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights. They were armed for the conflict.

When the cops ran out of bullets the Davidians had mercy and let them tuck their tails between their legs and walk away. The cops just went and got more bullets and more cops and came back and killed them all.

I hate even saying it but, if we don't shoot back, some of us will live to testify in their controlled courts.

I would like to see some Americans form a SWAT Task Force. Surveil Swat. Identify who these masked cowards are and film their actions especially these high risk nursing home and nursery invasions they do. Put a live feed on the internet for the whole world to see.

the goverment death squads

the so called war on drugs is just anouther tool for the goverment to justify the outherwise illegal acts of murder for profit and theft. they brand you a suspeted drug dealer with little or no proof then storm your house with guns a-blaizing terrifing all in the house all in the name of law and order. when will the public wake up and see this miscarrige of justice bt those that are sworn to be protecting us.


its not the SWAT s fault!! its the druggies and the SWAT teams didn't mean to shoot the baby we need to stop the druggies then stopping the SWAT teams because the SWAT is just doing what they are told to do and to fight terrorism in the city to keep peace.

borden's picture

It's definitely the SWAT

It's definitely the SWAT team's fault -- or if not of the team then of the people who trained and deployed them. Using a SWAT team for an ordinary drug raid is massive overkill, and there's no way they should have done it in this case.

At the end of the day, a mother holding her child was standing in her home, completely minding her own business, when a SWAT team member gunned her down, killing her and maiming and almost kinng her infant child. What does accountability mean if it is not about this? Yes it's the SWAT team's fault. BE REAL...

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

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