New Deputy Drug Czar: "We Have One Year Left"

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Last week, Scott M. Burns was promoted to the #2 position at the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He celebrated the occasion with a candid acknowledgment of the office's blatant political partisanship:

It has been quite a journey from Cedar City to the White House. All I can say is it's a great country that someone like me can have that opportunity," Burns said. "We have one year left and, as the president says, we're going to sprint to the finish." [Salt Lake Tribune]

Sure, the Drug Czar's office is part of the president's cabinet. And it's already been exposed for illegally campaigning on behalf of republicans. But couldn't Burns at least pretend he's here to serve the people and not just the Bush Administration?

Either way, he hits the nail on the head when he acknowledges that the partisan political propagandists at the helm of the ONDCP will not be reinstated by the next administration. They have "one year left," indeed. They've bucked congressional oversight at every turn, forcing ONDCP creator Joe Biden to complain that the drug czar's office is operating "like an ivory tower."

Not even a petty formality like Burns's nomination itself could proceed without the wrath of congress being entered into the record. Here's what Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy had to say:

We will also hear from one nominee for a high-level position in the Executive Office of the President – Scott M. Burns to be Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. We consider his nomination on the heels of decisions by the Supreme Court and the U.S. Sentencing Commission that represent moderate but powerful steps to reform the unfair disparity that exists in Federal crack cocaine sentencing laws.

Yet, the Administration continues to be silent on any reform in this area. For more than 20 years, we have tolerated a Federal cocaine sentencing policy that treats crack offenders more harshly than cocaine offenders. This policy has unacceptably had a disparate impact on people of color and the poor – without any empirical justification. The Administration’s failure to support even the slightest modification of crack penalties is both a surprise and a deep disappointment.

Ironically, had there been more than "one year left," one wonders if Congress would have made more of an effort to disrupt ONDCP's power structure than to simply promote a long-time insider who shares responsibility for the perpetual controversy and incompetence that we've all come to expect from President Bush's drug war experts.

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You better run.

"We have one year left and, as the president says, we're going to sprint to the finish."

They're running like hell because they have an angry mob on their heels. :-)

Run Scott Run

It's what lemmings do...sprint to the finnish. Only one year left to do as much damage as possible. If it were only true. The next Boss will ,no doubt, be almost as corruptable as the last.

How Scott M. Burns Landed His Job

John Walters:  We need someone to fill the Deputy Director’s job.

Human Resources Director:  Don’t look at me.  I don’t want the damn position.  Who do you think I’m going to  find?  No one wants  a blight like the ONDCP on their resume.

Walters:  Well, we get someone who is naïve.  Someone who thinks this is some kind of big opportunity.  Maybe some young guy from outside D.C. who’s easily impressed.  We can tell him he’ll be walking the halls of the White House and meeting King George, or something.

HR Director:  Sounds good.  Uh, there’s Scott Burns. He lives out West, somewhere in the desert.  You know him?

Walters:  Oh yeah, that’s right, Scott Burns.  Sure, he’d be perfect.  You know, he actually believes in all this drug war crap.

HR Director:  Seriously?  Wow....

Walters:  Burns will never figure out what he’s gotten himself into until it’s too late and the whole prohibition scam implodes.  I’m going to dump my work load on the poor bastard and spend the rest of 2008 on some island paradise temporary duty assignment.

HR Director:  I like it.  Great plan.  It totally gets you out of the crossfire.  Okay, I’ll make the contacts and start the paperwork.

The Democrats Will Be Different

Oh, yeah. For Sure.

I'll bet I could bring a load of steaming bollocks here and if I said it was Democrat bollocks every one would tell me it smells just like Chanel No. 5.

And look who has endorsed the new Dem front runner:

Prison Guards

Ladies and Gentlemen - face it. We are so screwed. R or D.


There is one last hope! One guy, who actually did better than predicted in Iowa. And I expect him to get better results in New Hampshire. We must not listen to the R and D's who say that "he doesn't have a chance" or they will have a self-fulfilling prophecy! We all know why the prison guards want things to stay the same. They want to stay employed. Many of us, as a result of the drug war on pain patients and their doctors, are not!

Democrats supposedly gained control last election, yet nothing has been even proposed to fix the stupid waste of money called the "drug war".

Prison guards

They and the drug warriors of the DEA and other law enforcement agencies don't have to be out of a job, they can go to work patrolling the borders, inspecting all the cargo containers at all the ports, and examining all foreigners and their luggage as they enter the country by any means.


Whoever wins the election this year would be wise to close this "dinosaur" bureaucracy.

"They and the drug warriors

"They and the drug warriors of the DEA and other law enforcement agencies don't have to be out of a job, they can go to work patrolling the borders, inspecting all the cargo containers at all the ports, and examining all foreigners and their luggage as they enter the country by any means."

They might get a job doing colonoscopys or something...

concerned mother

I am a very concerned mother and need some help.Burns was recently in Klamath falls Oregon and said schools can recieve grants for drug testing i need an email address or something PLEASE HELP!!

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