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Drug Czar Pledges to Finally Do Something About All These Pot Smugglers

Gangstas better watch out. Hippies better stock up. The Drug Czar has had enough of the multi-billion dollar marijuana market, so he's decided to try even harder to stop it:
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Marijuana is now the biggest source of income for Mexico's drug cartels and the U.S. is committed to cracking down harder on traffickers, U.S. drug czar John Walters said Thursday.

"We're trying to increase the force with which we're attacking this problem," Walters said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "This is a focus because of the overlooked importance marijuana has in the violence."
Previously, you see, the Drug Czar was just trying really hard. But now he's gonna try really extra super 110% hard. It sounds like his strategy so far consists of issuing some sort of edict to prosecutors, probably by email, asking that they please put more people in prison for pot:
He added that the U.S. is "looking at additional ways in which we can have a stronger prosecutorial response," including requests for more funding and personnel.
So the Drug Czar, confronted with the failure of everything we've been doing for decades, will now request more funding to continue the same wasteful, destructive, redundant charade. Marijuana-related violence is one of the most unlikely and counterintuitive phenomena in human history, and yet it has become commonplace thanks to drug prohibition and its infinitely corrupting influence. The only remaining question is how many more declarations of redoubled drug war our nation's Drug Czars can pronounce before being pushed off their proverbial podium.
United States
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here we go again

this drug czar is one sick puppy

he's one sick alcohol supremacist hypocrite puppy

Go have another drink of your favorite drug, John Walters.

Just more lip service

"Mexican officials have complained that U.S. prosecutors often release small or mid-level traffickers caught with a few dozen pounds of marijuana."

I guess they start looking like misdemeanor offenses when smuggling marijuana by the ton is commonplace each week.

Why make them rich?

Prohibition doesn't work. People still get their stuff, others get rich off of it, and an entire culture of crime is sustained. Good thinking.


Yet they just don't see it...

How can they not see reality?
They claim Marijuana plays a big role in violence... But they just don't take that last step?
The ONLY reason Marijuana has any link to violence, is because IT'S ILLEGAL IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

This is so common sense... So clearly visible... How can they be so blind...

It is because of Prohibition, that Marijuana contributes to violence and gangs...

If we made Marijuana legal, then people wouldn't buy it from illegal sources... They would give their money, to legitimate businesses who would take over the sale of Marijuana, under legalization.
This would, very effectively, kick gangs and the black market OUT of the marijuana issue! Crime cannot compete with legitimate business, because the law is against them!
And sequentially, violence around Marijuana's black market, would disappear too!

I just simply don't understand, how people so blind, are allowed to make the policies which effect our daily lives so much... How can the public not be more outraged by these facts?

If they cared AT ALL, about what was good for society, our country, and for reducing crime and violence and other harms around Marijuana, they would Legalize it RIGHT AWAY!!!
But they don't care about those things, they have their own power and profit based agendas... And their ignorant moralist goals to control the masses. -_-

I wish we could make the public more aware of these things... I wish I could personally tell every American these facts... because if they heard it, maybe the majority would come to their senses...


Evidencias medicas demuestran definitivamente que celulas cerebrales son receptoras afines a los canabinoides, lo que a su vez demuestra genetica e innegablemente la relacion entre la sustancia y la especie humana, por lo tanto, la necesidad de su uso, entonces, politicos perversamente visionarios, aliados con productores de plantas de marihuana, consiguen la prohibicion, ganando dinero en el mercado negro, y tambien reciben financiamiento federal, teniendo ganancias financieras por ambos lados.
Ahora compremos unas vacas, y prohibamos la leche...y a ganar dinero !!!!!!!!

Medical evidences definitively demonstrate that cerebral cells are receiving compatible to the canabinoides, which as well demonstrates to genetics and undeniably the relation between the substance and the human species, therefore, the necessity of their use, then, perversely visionary politicians, allies with producers of marijuana plants, secure to the prohibition, winning money in the black market, and also they receive federal financing, having gains by both sides.
Now we buy cows, and we prohibit milk… and to make money!!!!!

Big Bucks

It's all about the money, The drug war brings in the big bucks for law enforcement. If the drug war stops there will be no more funds from the government. What then ? Cops would be laid off, SWAT teams would be reduced, crime woud take a nose dive. No, we can't have a bunch of pissed off cops running around complaining. The only way to keep the money flowing is to continue with the drug war, so what if it's pete and repete, just keep the money flowing !

Sunny Mexico City

Sunny Mexico City, 75-degrees and balmy; and in Washington D.C., cloudy and 41-degrees—feels like 35. Life is good at the top of the drug warrior food chain.

So what is John P. Walters up to south of the border besides basking in some sun? No doubt negotiating new ways to purge society of the demon pot smoker. Naturally, he has to make it appear to Mexico and the rest of the world that he actually cares about the mayhem and murder going on in Mexico in the name of the drug war, all of it emerging as a necessary consequence of a veiled war agenda of racial and cultural oppression.

Aside from what this odd behavior says about Mr. Walters genes and brain structure, why would I say that John P. Walters doesn’t care about these consequences beyond that of supporting the phony image of a successful and socially painless prohibition? Based on how Mr. Walters has conducted himself so far, we can expect him to support—by refusing to criticize or act against—the next mass murder in the hidden name of cultural and racial superiority.

In Thailand, the new prime minister, a gentleman named Samak, with genes and brain structure probably much like Walter’s, is implementing the next genocidal surge against his own people. The Thai government openly acknowledges that up to 4,000 new dead bodies can be expected with the government’s next drug war venture, this after 1,400 innocent people were reported killed in the last vicious drug enforcement attack that ultimately resulted in the ouster of the former prime minister, Thaksin.

Maybe it’s hard to wrap one’s mind around the fact that less successful, mini-versions of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, etc., can live right next door to us, or occupy minor or high level bureaucratic positions in what appears to be a semi-functioning republic. One problem is that certain types of jobs attract certain types of people.

Fortunately, within the last few years, science has been zeroing in on the genes and brain structures of those people who emerge as annoying murderous thugs throughout the world, whether they act on their impulses or not. It is now possible to isolate and identify these defective personality types. The next step will be quarantine.

Yes, it’s true. Nothing will stop it. Ask not for whom the prisons are built, drug warriors—they are built for thee.


Wrong flavor, again

First, let me thank this web site and its writers for doing this week after week.

I would like to suggest, however, that the outrage at the ONDPC insanity must be pointed toward the continuance of the drug war as employment. The war itself, particularly on pot, is now more than anything, an industry, and unless we beat that understanding into the American psyche we cannot hope for real change.

Limiting Options

I appear to have been vague in pinpointing my specific targets when focusing on the cogs that make the drug war machine run. It’s understood that innocent people can be caught up in criminal acts without their knowledge or moral awareness. The Nuremberg trials dealt with this gray area.

The cogs I refer to are certain bizarre personality types who, like scum, rise to the top and manage to turn the possibility of a peaceful solution into nightmare alley. In that sense, what happened at Enron isn’t much different from what's happened within drug enforcement since the opium wars of the late 19th century.

This is not to say that the drug war biz is not, like most international corporations, a floating and undirected island of self interest. This is but one aspect of the drug war problem, and the problem should be pursued relentlessly. In that vein, as back-up, Emile Durkheim, the father of sociology, did excellent studies on the politics and dynamics of bureaucracies that still apply a century later. As with most bodies of knowledge, any single bit of obscure knowledge revealed in Durkheim’s work could be what eventually pulls the plug on the drug war.

But focusing the light on bureaucratic survival is only one of the options in a counter-war against a very complicated combination of social forces and personalities. As in any war or counter-war, ignoring the legitimate options toward victory, no matter how small, would make men such as George Washington and Che Guevara cringe and laugh.


Well spoken, and I hear you

...But we're moving inexorably toward a police state. The police are making war on us because it's profitable to do so. The insanity of drug prohibition is now a secondary issue and not one that gets good play with middle America.

The "fight" of helping our soccer moms understand that the dynamics of prohibition are vastly more harmful than the substances is now at least 25 years old. She doesn't care if tens of thousands of hippies are jailed. And virtually every argument in that vein feeds her fears of a left-wing.

I hope you are right. Certainly, I take heart with the ground swell of anti-prohibition movements today even though I see our SWAT teams grinning madly.


Good points. The soccer moms definitely need reassurance that the threat of the evil drug menace isn’t all that it’s portrayed to be; hippies, Che and all that. So do all the shit kickers in the heartland. This achievement would eliminate the influence of authoritarians in the drug war—people with knee-jerk responses to imagined threats. But that leads us back to eliminating the bureaucracies that deliberately feed the drug war frenzy with misinformation.

And it’s true, whatever the adolescent menace du jour happens to be, pool halls, video games, or Paris Hilton; American society is set up to make money off it. In a capitalist society, how does anyone stop that?

All the people arrested on drug offenses could magically come together to fight their drug cases in court, slowing the legal system even further than current drug trials (to the delight of corporate offenders with pending legal cases, and the disdain of civil rights plaintiffs), and still, money would have to go to a legal defense team. Drug war victims could neglect to pay their fines, or refuse to do their community service, while figuring out ways to sue the crap out of the system. The system would still find a way to either retaliate or just absorb the punches.

Big corporations such as Safeway patronize anti-drug NGOs with donations of, say, $250,000—corporate translation: here’s a quarter, kid, now go away and don’t bother me. For a pittance of money in the eyes of the Safeway corporation, it gets to look like a good friend of the neighborhood.

Stopping the flow of money would be great. I really hope someone can do it.

In the meantime, grass roots opposition to the drug warrior menace grows every day, helped along with each exposure of every idiotic, immoral and hypocritical thing the drug warriors do and say. And to uncover these gems of bureaucratic psychoses I think requires hacking the system from a concerned citizen’s standpoint of inquiry, fact finding, analysis and appropriate action.


Malkavian's picture

Public Choice Theory

I just wanted to add another theoretical approach (since you mentioned sociology) called Public Choice. This discipline is essentially the study of human behavior in politics using the methodology of economics to make explanations and predictions. It could also be called "political science using economic models of humans as rational beings who try to optimize their own benefits".

Or in other words: you analyze the economic incentives present in a political or government/public system and use those pay-offs to explain and predict behavior. In my view, as a Ms.C. of Economics, is that the models have quite good predictive powers.

Like so many other disciplines it bears much resemblance to common sense, but using the theoretical framework might push our agenda more effectively into the economist and political science arena.

A close partner of public choice theory is the socalled "Game Theory" (which is also used in evolutionary theory to explain and predict evolution and behavior). Look up the "Prisoners' Dilemma" if you want a very simple taste of what game theory is about *(there are probably more appropriate games to analyze in the Drug War).

Homegrown is best

I believe cannabis should be stopped at the Mexican border. Stopped and levied a duty.We as a country should be helping the American farmer. Cannabis is a commodity just like everything else. Luckily seeds grow faster than the cerebral areas of drugwarmongers. The seeds of legalization are also growing at a faster rate today. There is an office in the White House that will be closed down soon. The money is running out and the socalled "moral position" has been exposed for the racist fraud that it is.John P Walters will move on to his corporate reward,another job/ lobby that sells fear/security...or maybe the DRUGWAR does have DRUGWAR CRIMINALS afterall.

We ARE Winning the War!!!

I take comfort in the realization that the Fools who have shaped and are currently shaping the legal policies for ALL the good citizens of the USA, are getting old and will quickly be unable to continue their campaign of attempting to keep alive the moral superstitions of the 19th and 20th centuries.
(However, for me to hear some of our politicians constant refusal to proceed into the 21st century gracefully, is SOOO frustrating!!!)
I look forward to a day when our leaders are in-touch with the citizens they serve and are willing to listen to the voice of the people and not be shackled to the myths, lies, and old-wives-tales of the past.
Jack Grabit,
Confirmed Pothead
for Over 40 Years.


sicntired I live in Vancouver B.C. where pot is almost legal and the courts are now siding with the people over the tyranny of the police.We still have people in prison(Second only to the US in % per pop)and Marc Emery is awaiting extradition to the US for doing what he paid taxes to the Canadian government to do for years.The DEA has just sponsored another raid on a marijuana advocate and his drug war museum.There are no winners in this war.There are small victories that will hopefully one day lead to the abolition of current drug laws.The pain and untold suffering that is being fostered in the name of drug war politics will never be prosecuted and there will be no winners.

Make it legal!

The only comfort I have is that the over-bearing bureaucracy we call "The War on Drugs" will most likely consume our entire economy within the next few years. Between the loss of life, the rampant corruption, loss of faith in the rule of law, I feel like a day will come when we will admit that it's simply too costly to maintain. Just hope I'm there to grow and sell it when that day comes!!!


Homegrow is the best #2

I quit buying Mexican dirt weed a long time ago, does nothing for the pain.
For ever ton they get, 10 tons get thru.

A real med user

Homegrown is the best, pt. III

Every user of marijuana should grow their own, or (if they cannot, for lack of a green thumb or a place to grow it), make arrangements with a friend to share the costs and/or labor of cultivation in order to share the fruits of harvest. A couple or four plants is usually enough to keep most users in weed for a year, and is below the number of plants that makes it a felony or a federal offense, if caught. And if every user is growing his own, there would be too many growers for the cops to bust them all.

Homegrown is not only's the only way to fly

.. just discreetly grow a few plants for yourself, no money exchanged...a plan which has been around since the early 70s is probably the only suggestion that would actually _work.. as it satisfies all the players. Responsible players are left alone, irresponsible players are considered criminals and slammed & shut down as prescribed by law

get caught with a few plants on private property?. --fine of a couple of hundred bucks maximum for clearly personal cultivation on private property by adults.. unless your weed patch is annoying reasonable social values ( kids stealing ) .. Police policy would be a firm request to harvest immediately and smarten up in future..or face possible larger fine... Responsible players playing clean

That Utopic scenerio blew apart when domestic stoners went commercial..and could not restrain themselves to DIY ... but were seduced by greed to grow clearly for profit and then protect their investment with weapons. the whole dream of decrim dissolved into a escalating cops & robbers scene we are experiencing right now.

And in MHO- simple private use by adults DIY pot growing bcame social cancer and tumoured into the domestic arm of the War on Drugs when tyrant idiots like _Marc Emery attempt to use pot as a weapon against the democratic rule of law.

Nobody cares if people grow pot and smoke a little..Nobody really has in the 70 + years prohibition has been in effect - However they DO care a lot when people become immoderate druggie drunks and/or grow for profit and mutate into black market carcenogens.

. Canadian cannabis pioneer Dr Sumach suggested in 1970 to just ignore the black market and " Grow your own Stone " This is not a nostelgic flashback to the 70s, this is a socially responsible vision for the future that might actually work

With self proclaimed marijuana royalty figures like Marc Emery, the former Prince of Pot behind bars growing ones' own stone might actually fly in 2008

mindless f***s

The only answer is pure out and out legalization of marijuana, whats the big friggin deal. Some of us need it for medical reasons, some for pleasure. Why should it be sold in drug stores and profited on by them and taxed? It should be like tomatoes sold at a farmers market if you like. Grow your own, and those who believe other should grow a brain and wake the frig up.

War Creates Good Business!

It seems to me that war has become a way to drain money from the bank account of America and into the pockets of select industries that promote war because..."War is just Good Business"! (Pick ANY government contractor to see where OUR money is being siphoned. How about Blackwater...the whole idea of a 'Private-Army' seems a little unsettling to me!) In the mind of the industrial conservatives, social unrest and economic instability is a good thing and will (hopefully) eventually return to them 'Power-Over-the-People' and take away 'Power-of-the-People' once and for all.

I see another Depression coming because those who now control the "Old Money" in America are not happy with the current climate of America's Social Scene. There are just WAAAY Too Many RICH people in the US right now! (Rock Stars, Rap Stars, Movie Stars, Sports Stars, Dot Com-ers, and so on, and so on...) And that upsets "Old Money". Old Money is not comfortable with the course the country is following. Old Money is not able to exert enough control over America's destiny right now and if they don't act fast, they will lose their grasp on the throat of American politics forever! So, their solution is to crash the American financial system and start 'they' did for the 'first' depression.

What can you say about a government that labels itself a "Democratic Society which is governed by the Will of The People", and then turns around and tells voters in the states that have enacted Medical Marijuana laws that "their votes don't matter"? Our 'form' of democracy doesn't count!

Then to top it off, the feds invade the sovereignty of those states in order to attack sick and dying, law-abiding, innocent citizens! Where is this country headed? Then I think about John McCain...I'm not worried as much about the policies of John McCain as much as I worry about, what happens if something happens to John McCain? Then we get stuck with whoever is Vice-Prez. (I wonder if Dick Cheney could have gotten elected if He had been the one running for Prez...?)

Flooding the market with millions and millions of new dollars is part of 'their' scheme to devalue the American dollar.That way everyone is reduced to the same will either be a rich person in America or you will be a poor person. No in-betweeners! That will return control Over-the-People to those few that are left standing financially.

If we keep in mind that "War is Good Business", then we can understand why the War On Drugs and the War on Terror MUST always drag-on. Without some sort of perceived threat to our society, our livelihoods, and our futures power 'over-us' becomes very cumbersome.

Freedom is a distant Mirage,
Justice is an elusive Rainbow,
And Liberty is but a thin sheet of Ice!
Don't Fall-In!
Jack Grabit.

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