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NEEDS a Good Doctor A.S.A.P....

I have had chronic Pain for about 5 years now. I am a male only 38--but feel like 78--pretty much every day! My doctor has prescribed me M./S. Contin (a long acting pill that takes 4 hours to start working). So I have to set my alarm 4 hours before I have to get up so I can shower and shave etc...not a good life at all, robbing me of a lot of things I used to do and loved doing!!! The M.S. Contin DOES get to the point where it HAS to be increased to be affective again. But my doctor constantly makes excuses (NOT really valid ones) to keep me at my present dose...even though I have been on the SAME dose for 2 years now and it does NOT work nearly as well now! It seems that doctors here in Toronto, Ontario WILL provide pain relief...get you addicted to it...but NOT increase the dose...which HAS TO BE INCREASED, in order to STILL be able to enjoy LIFE like you/I had been doing before the Pain. Does ANYONE know of ANY doctor in Toronto that would and will understand the NEED to increase (ONLY when needed and/or signs showing the need for an increase in the dose itself). I have a great managerial position and LOVE my job....but when the Pain is present it takes away my need to be able to work efficiently, and it shows. Also--one of the worst--NOT being able to say * Yes or No * to invites, for the next day, or ANY day, because you do NOT know what the Pain will be like. Please...if anyone knows of an understanding doctor in Toronto...I WILL be forever grateful!!! Mike My E-Mail Address is [email protected]
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try emailing all members of

Try emailing all members of parliament. It is because of drug warrior induced fear from south of the border and the aggressive, Yankee-like approach being taken by the Conservatives scaring doctors here, too that you have a problem. Let the pols know that this is creating a problem for you, and all you want to do is live.


What makes you think they are going to listen? I don't have a lot of faith in the politicians, to "do right" south of the border. Is there something different about your representatives up there? Don't all politicians just use lip service to get away with not doing anything? As you can tell I am not an optimist!

Pain Meds

I totally understand your problem but by U.S standards you are lucky to get ANY kind of real pain meds. Maybe see if he will add a different med to the mix, Fentanyl patches, lower dose meds to supplement the MS contin. It is so easy to pick on Pain patients because most of them are using all their energy getting through the day.

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