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Another Botched Drug Raid: Officers Shot, Mistaken for Burglars, No Drugs Found

Over and over again, it just keeps happening:

Three metro SWAT officers were shot last night when they tried to serve a search warrant on a home in Henderson. A resident of the home told Channel 8 that the homes residents had no warning that the police were coming, they hid in a back room and fired at officers through the door thinking it was a break in. Two officers were treated and released according to Sheriff Doug Gillespie and a third will need surgery on his arm. Channel 8 is reporting that no drugs or drug paraphernalia have been found by police. []

The suspect, Emmanuel Dozier, is now facing 3 counts of attempted murder. Interestingly, he’s also facing cocaine charges although nothing was found in the raid. Of course, whether or not he was involved in drug activity, this appears to be a pretty clear case of a suspect who just thought he was defending his home and family from unknown intruders. As we’ve seen so many times, the use of sudden entry tactics made the situation more dangerous, not safer.

Dozier will undoubtedly face vigorous prosecution, accused of willfully attempting to murder police. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in light of the fact that he had nothing illegal in the house and no reason to initiate a shoot-out with the cops. Stay tuned.
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Same ol', same ol'

I am getting tired of these reports!! How in the heck are we going to stop it! And where did the (bogus?) charges come from?! I will be watching this very closely. Now, at least there is a case to work with that the cops did not die! Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that this guy can catch a break! It might be the right platform, from which to launch a national program, to disgrace the practice! That is, if the charges are bogus. If they were created out of thin air, it would be an additional benefit for those of us who would fight the bullying from these type of officers!

And, by the way, aren't the cops taught to stay out from in front of the door and out of the line of fire? Why are they all getting hit when the victims, of the house invasions, shoot through the door?

he`s alive


I can`t believe that the suspect is still alive. Cops could`ve lit him up like fireworks and testilied. It happens all the time. They must`ve had prison torture in mind. Greed is incapable of learning from past mistakes or anything else. There really is 2 Americas. Imagine that.

Drugs or Guns

It appears that the people lose again!!!!!!!!! If they find no drugs they are going after guns. Think about it? People had better wakeup and smell the coffee. They are coming after whatever they can get. And it's time to put a stop to it NOW.

Equal Justice??

Why is it that the crooked gov of Illinois gets a phone call asking him to allow himself to be arrested and gets arraigned just hours after and pays $4500 for bail ?

A 20 year old kid in my city just had flash bang grenades thrown into his house and roughed up at gunpoint for having 16... 3 inch marijuana seedlings,spent 4 days in jail before he was arraigned and had to come up with $15,000 to get out.

Power is Justice

"Why is it that the crooked gov of Illinois gets a phone call asking him to allow himself to be arrested and gets arraigned just hours after and pays $4500 for bail ?"


One must have the power to defend oneself, whether the attack is carried out with a gun, a law, etc.

Power can come from leveraging other power sources, strength in numbers, information, money, and whatever else I'm missing.

I'm guessing that the 20 year old kid had inadequate connections, was outnumbered, had no effective information, not enough money, nor whatever else I'm missing.

The reform movement needs the right amount of power and the ability to properly use it to get the job done right.

I saw the movie "Milk" recently, a true story about the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official. In it, he went to debate his case deep in "enemy territory" and calmly made his points to an outpouring of boos (but the law he was pushing for passed).

Does the reform movement constantly, publicly challenge leading prohibitionists to a debate in "enemy territory"?

What does the reform movement do to gain power, so it can fight corruption instead of just reporting it and complaining about it to the choir?

What does the reform movement do outside of its comfort zone?

What does the reform movement do to project an inviting image to the average citizen?

Are there powerful groups who would benefit from ending drug prohibition that we could leverage?

A lot of conservatives have money and proclaimed loyalty to the Constitution (if drug prohibition is constitutional, please prove it). Are we strongly working to earn their support?

I don't want to unjustly irritate the reform movement.

I'm challenging the reform movement to get them to challenge themselves to come up with creative ways to use their limited resources to gain the necessary power to be effective. Directly engaging the government and preaching to the choir without enough supportive power seems like an uphill battle that's costing us a lot, and the limited ground we're gaining is not enough to justify that expense.

Does anyone know how much money the likes of George Soros is putting in and where that money is being allocated?

I'm seeing a lot of business as usual and a tiring loop while drug prohibition, a ridiculous and pitiful embarrassment of a policy grounded entirely in idiocy, continues to dominate.


These hero cops need to stop waching tv cop movies & East wood when cops act like bad azz you get bad azz treatment Oya you do

Black and White Justice

This will never change. The poor always get the short end of the stick and no respect. Unfortunately we have in our society a justice system that needs to be overhauled for the people. But, until we get the antiquated judicial system and the "Good Ole Boys out of the system and fixed this will not go away. The Police think they are above the law and have the right to do anything they want to do to the poor and less fortunate. We respect the law but the law doesn't respect us. I would have done the same thing but unlike the victims in this case I am a 20 year Military Veteran; there would have been casualties if they would have come into my home.

F T P !!!

The police will never be held accountable. They screwed up again and will try and cover this up and take Mr. Dozier to jail for doing the right thing; defending his family and home. I agree with the above comment. Your home is your castle and if it's intruded you have the right to defend it. The police situation in America has gotten out of hand and needs to be fixed and the people that screw up need to be held accountable. I am also a Military Veteran who believes that he should have made and example out of them and lined the body bags up on his lawn or sidewalk. I think the fear factor of the police departments in America need to be elevated to let them know; we're sick and tired of this B.S.

One thing to do

Make the minimal effort to call or write the law enforcement agencies which are getting media coverage over these botched, and often lethal raids, even if you do not live in that jurisdiction. Extreme disapproval from a large portion of the populace, expressed thru a flood of calls and mail/email (cc the local media) just might bring about a reform of the way these SWAT units are used. DownsizeDC believes that a flood of opinion from the masses works on congress, so why wouldn't it also work on a much smaller group of people in a law enforcement agency?

Ahhh...the "media"

Anyone notice that on the KXNT website, none of the three stories mentions that there were NO drugs found in this family's home? Oh, but are they quick to point out that the "accused cop-killer" was charged with three counts of "narcotics-related crimes!" The articles are quick to sympathize with the SWAT goons, but not so much with the children who were terrorized.

This is so common with our biased, pro-police, pro-law and order media. If someone farts on a cop (I'm not kidding, this made CNN's front page) it's a big deal. If a cop gets hurt while doing a job he or she volunteered for, we never hear the end of it. Yet the ongoing tyranny of average Americans goes unnoticed, by and large. How sickening...

The Media Plays A Major Role...

It is so true how the media favor the police regardless of wrong doing. I had been the victim of a search warrant gone bad, being shot in the leg through the front door because the officers couldn't smash the door in, so decided to use Hatton rounds to blow holes in it. Mind you, this was for suspicion of marijuana.
They were all (10 of them) wearing black ski masks at 3:30am and armed with automatic weapons. I attempted to answer the door (in my boxers) but after shouting "who is it" and getting no response, I looked thru the peep hole and just as I saw a masked face, they started shooting thru the door. Once the door came open, I was hit in the left eye with a flash-bang grenade (right before it exploded) giving me a black eye.
The local news paper never mentioned the shooting or use of the grenade or the serious injury (5 staples) which resulted. They did mention however, possession of medication that I AM PRESCRIBED.

No knock warrants...

Wake-Up America !

This type of warrant has proven itself fatal on more than One occassion. Is It Justifiable ? You can bet with certainty that in this case. The police will be found innocent of any kind of wrong doing. And the person trying to protect his or her family will be found guilty. Historically, police, when found to be lacking evidence in such type of a heinous act. Will produce evidence. Its a time honored tradition. A tradition that must be stopped. The question is; "How"?

Perhaps when the police mistakenly Kick-In the door of one of their own?

Police Tatics

Why do the police have to come in with a SWAT team? Why couldn’t they just knock on the man’s front door and announce themselves as police officers? I thought they the police was here to protect and serve, not terrorizes. They were once a time long time ago when I would ask a policeman for help. Now I’m scared to even call them. What can we do to stop this practice? Most of my friends who I knew growing up and now who work for the police were the type of guys who could not find any type of job.
Most of them could not make it in construction or any type of physical work. Now you see them and all of them have their head shaved and think that there in some type of war. I hope and pray that this guy gets a fair trial.


Petty Drug Dealers vs. The Cartel ... When will people see what's really going on? Stop the drugs at the source; they can do it but it's generating too much money to the right people for it to stop... You can stop a box of Cuban cigars from getting into the U.S. but the Cocaine, Heroin, and Weed somehow seem to be undetectable... Many Politicians and Government Officials are corrupt and are getting a piece of the Drug Import Money so, until we stop it at the source this will keep on happening...

Distraction: You read about major drug dealers getting busted every place except the Americans that are doing it in the United States... America only goes after Street Corner or low level dealers for publicity to keep the public thinking they're doing something about the problem... There are Major Cartels in America but, they are Untouchable...

Distraction: The American Public continues to be hood-winked and distracted away from the real problems of society... I am presently in the Middle-East, I am a Retired Military Veteran; Bush is in the Oil Business, he came over here to Saudi Arabia and made a deal for arms, ammunition, and aircraft.... The fuel prices immediately went up to well over $5.00 a gallon in some areas... Then just a few months before he gets out of office the fuel prices go back to a decent price ... The Chaney owns Halliburton; it has a major contract with the Government providing inadequate services for the Military... The war in Afghanistan is starting to be a main focus point and when he leaves he'll have his Multi Millions continue while he's a Civilian ... Oh, by the way; Afghanistan produces drugs too (Heroin).... Hello is anyone listening?

Playing the Money Game in SWAT Training

How many more cops and innocent citizens need to get shot before police departments realize that militarized, SWAT-style entries into American homes are too dangerous to be justified when used to enforce something as trivial as drug warrants?

Cops are expected to believe these raids result in fewer police injuries and casualties.  Maybe they’re expected to believe this malarkey to distract them from the fact that SWAT raids are really much cheaper than putting someone under surveillance for hours or days at a time to learn their habits and enact an incident-free arrest outside a suspect’s home.  The bottom line is still the dollar.

Along with the cost-cutting use of SWAT, the profit incentive is definitely a big deal for training SWAT officers.  Jeremy Scahill’s best selling book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, notes that many SWAT officers receive training at Blackwater USA’s 4000-acre training facility perched next to the black waters of the Great Dismal Swamp in Moyock, North Carolina.  Blackwater’s SWAT training programs link SWAT to the military industrial complex.  That training connection, along with other problems such as corporate-run, privatized prisons, are reasons for major concern.

The fact that police departments and prison guard unions get so many recruits from military retirees adds another troubling link to the military’s alliance with the profit-hungry military industry.  The military itself (if not the military personnel) is of course officially anti-drug.

We’ve already witnessed how the California prison guards union acts to maintain status quo drug prohibition in California.  Blackwater USA, a non-government, for-profit business, and dozens of other companies like it, have millions in hard cash to pay lobbyists who access the highest levels of government to influence drug enforcement decision-making as it affects the profits of these corporations—profits from SWAT training in this case.

If there is any good news, it’s that commercial enterprises, unlike the government, can more easily be sued in court.  Blackwater USA and other security companies have a legal obligation to quickly respond to the hazardous consequences of their flawed training services.  And Blackwater, as attorneys like to say, has deep, DEEP pockets.

These lawsuits would create political momentum favoring drug law reform. Vital information would be exposed concerning drug enforcement decision-making processes at different levels of government.  Law firms choosing to do battle with Blackwater and similar mercenary companies will effectively be launching a new front in the war on the War on Drugs.  Certainly, legal professionals will gain the sincerest appreciation and support from the 100-million cannabis smokers in the U.S. for aiding in the defense of everyone’s cherished rights to life, liberty and the various pursuits of happiness that remain threatened by cultural invasions of paramilitary profiteers.


Like most things in life...

...this sort of SWATZI thing will go as far as it can, then will be forced to come to an end. My question is, just how far will the publics tolerance be tested? I'm afraid that what it will take is the killing of some poor kid in the process of "serving a warrant". Oh wait , they've already done that...silly me. So if killing innocent kids and pets is not enough to outrage the public, what is? I think I know the answer, but you can't put it in print anymore...can you.The good ole USA...slip sliding away.

Just another manifestation of prohibition

Policies of prohibition, not drugs, maim and kill police and citizens. Change the laws of prohibition and most of these belligerent actions go away.

We asked for change and we will soon have a president that ran on the platform of change. Let those who advocate for change; be there to help to create the change that we so desperately voted for. Let us not allow these “change agents” to become incumbent politicians that are afraid to make changes that might upset their chances of being reelected.

Be appalled at the strong arm tactics of prohibition but always remember that they use legitimate power to enforce a law that we have the power to change.


I have lost all respect for law enforcement and the drug war is the reason. I no longer believe it's just the drug war related cops but all of them. They continue to stand by the drug units even when they know it's wrong. It's not just the drug war cops it's all of them. I agree with the other person who said, "now I'm afraid to call the cops." What's to stop them from planting drugs in my home, if I'm dumb enough to call them for any reason ?

SWAT Team on Food Raid

Google "Swat Team Food Raid Ohio"---Swat Teams "protecting" Americans from unsafe food! Holding children at gunpoint.
Good links to SWAT Teams and paramilitary raids.

Marijuana, Inc.

"Marijuana, Inc." a one hour documentary will be aired on CNBC this month. It will be January 22nd and 25th, at 9:00 AM and 1:00 AM (EST). Meanwhile, it would be nice for all the marijuana friends getting this to go to the You Tube video and leave a positive comment on this subject, which you can do by going to: – that is of course – if you have something positive to say.
Send this to everyone on your email list for them to add their positive comments on this subject also.

drug war

Yes. People need to be more aggressive towards DEA agents. They need to have BALLS. In regards to terrible regimes, not one has been toppled by being a nice guy. If it means arresting DEA agents DO IT. If it means that the people throw rocks or molotovs or get together in military type operations or whatever when they come DO IT. It is the only way. Have some guts guys. Only complaining on the internet is not enough. Liberty is worth risking and fighting for. Remember the Boston tea party my friends. And the war that followed. It wasn’t about being nice. Liberty is not gained just by complaining or writing. Most of the time it is gained by sacrifice and force.

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