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H. CON. RES. 415

This congressional resolution celebrating the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition shows the hypocrisy of the legislature continuing to support the drug war. There are many interesting statements made, but this one stands out in my mind: Whereas passage of the 18th Amendment, which prohibited `the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors' in the United States, resulted in a dramatic increase in illegal activity, including unsafe black market alcohol production, organized crime, and noncompliance with alcohol laws Undoubtedly, the following edit to the statement is just as true: Whereas passage of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, which prohibited `the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating drugs' in the United States, resulted in a dramatic increase in illegal activity, including unsafe black market drug production, organized crime, and noncompliance with drug laws It is striking that our leaders can officially recognize the ills of one form of prohibition on one hand, and praise another form with the other. Virtually every line in the resolution applies equally to Prohibition as the drug war. I hope that it will become an advocacy point. H. CON. RES. 415 (PDF)
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proof that drugs aren't the motive

the motive is control and profit. the police at every gov't level have unprecedented power and wealth. they are being financed by the cash and assets of sick & mostly poor or blue collar working americans.

seemingly every police dept in my state[nc] and those on the national news has a fleet of new cars with k-9s and new toy technologies. along with apparent unlimited budgets to harass citizens that they have no evidence against.

the wars[terror and drug] have given the powers that be access to places they've never had access to before. including but, not limited to persons,papers and effects. [your underwear].

the constitution has been reduced to "just a goddamned piece of paper". thanks to traders and fake Christians like bush,cheney,walters and the past and present dea scum.

the experiment is over. life just isn't worth living in bondage. i'm just waiting on death to come myself. unfortunately i'm only in severe pain and mental anguish. maybe if i smoke enough pot one of these fascist bastards will put a bullet in my head. hopefully i'll send a few of them straight to hell in the process.

ned morlef

I feel your pain

Well, maybe its my pain! And I was a forcibly retired pain management doctor! And, its all because I treated pain patients with compassion. Well, at least I am not in jail yet! I hope you have a good day with less pain.

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