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When it Comes to Marijuana Laws, Obama’s Website Should be Called

Did anyone notice how the marijuana legalization question was ranked #1 on Obama’s site, but he answered the question 4th? Not only did Obama’s team fail to explain the "no" answer, but they didn’t even honor the 1st place popularity rank the question earned when it drew the most votes from the public.

There’s nothing surprising about any of this, but it is indeed perfectly emblematic of the profound lack of seriousness with which this issue is treated in our political culture. The marijuana question was answered second to last and received the shortest response of all the questions. It’s just not something our political leadership wants to talk about. There is scarcely anything less important to them than this and they’d really appreciate it if we stopped asking about it.

But we won’t stop. Certainly not now. Perhaps we appreciate the symbolism behind Obama’s campaign even more than its authors do. Yes, we surged at the opportunity to push forward ideas long relegated arbitrarily to the political fringe. We seized upon this new venue for unfiltered political dialogue, an entirely unclaimed territory in which we had yet to be told we were unwelcome. We clutched it in our collective fist, squeezed it with all our might, and recoiled in disgust when it squirted us in the eye.

Sure, we got burned, but we saw it coming. They didn’t see us coming. They never could have imagined that this experiment with online democracy would find us standing at the front of the line. They shook their heads, sighed and joked that this is what you get when you let the frickin’ internet dictate political priorities.

Well, it’s fine with me if they think that, because they’re the ones kissing the internet’s ass in the first place. Will they now retreat to the editorial pages and go back to letting the pundits tell them what the people want?
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Haha awesome! Dick Cheney actually came out and publicly endorsed Obama's team choices the new boss, as the old boss? - the illusion of being heard.

Anybody who says Obama has too much on his plate to worry about protecting kids and the general public from the unregulated drug markets needs to remember FDR's move to end Prohibition during the most tumultuous period in our nation's history. He sure as hell better not diss the reform movement by appointing that alcoholic redneck as drug czar.

Focus on Public, Not Public Servants

The reform movement has recently gained good momentum in the effort to end drug prohibition.

Why is there good momentum in the reform movement?

Traction gained from government lobbying? No.

The Internet has given reformers a powerful tool to expand public support? Yes.

I am discouraged by this never-ending notion that government lobbying is the answer to ending drug prohibition when it's very clear that politicians don't care about a clear public minority who basically waves some polls around to seem bigger than that, doing little more than continuously crying foul at every instance of collateral damage that occurs as a part of the effort to keep people away from so-called dope (a society-destroying menace), ignoring the need to find a proper solution to oppose drug abuse to undermine any remaining need for drug prohibition.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results. If you're not surprised by this outcome, then why do you continue to believe that we need to hammer away at the government via their websites or any other government-lobbying means when resources could be strongly focused on expanding public support by using the Internet to reach out to the mainstream, communicating in a "language" that they understand?

Reformers seem to be a lot like drug prohibitionists in the respect that if what they're doing isn't working, it's because they're not doing enough of it.

Increasing public awareness in the public mainstream is the answer.

Why do all of you well-established organizations continue to ignore that rationale?

My guess? Because you're all addicted to lobbying.

Great progress

I participate on a social news site and post many stories from DCRNet.I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the support I get from people I have absolutely nothing in common with and argue about every other issue with daily.But when it comes to the question of legalization,we all agree and even joke that this is the only place we get along.
This is so much different than when I joined the reform movement in the early 80's.Another thing that impresses me is the level of knowledge in most of the people I talk to...people are not stupid about this issue anymore and I don't think Obama or either party have caught on to that fact.
We won't give up,just tell me when the next question session starts and I'll be there and my right wing friends will come too.

One thing that has gone unnoticed

or at least without comment, so far, is that the message here about the website and the questions came very late and many of the drug policy questions were already high on the list when we began to visit the site to vote. Therefore, lots of average citizens who are not plugged into DRCNet were there asking the same kinds of questions we would (and did) ask. The message IS getting out to average Americans and they are realizing the need to end Prohibition 2.0, too. We are no longer operating in a vacuum.

It is, tho, very disappointing to see our concerns brushed aside with such disdain. Hopefully, alal those average Americans who voted for those drug policy questions are as upset about that disdain as we, if so Obqama might just discover a tidal wave of anger rising against him even before he takes office.

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not my government

I have had enough of my so called "government". It is nothing more than a dictatorship, that tries to give the illusion of a democracy.

Obama isn't change just more of the same.

There is only one way to change this country and that's the way it's being done in Greece. You will have to go to the streets and start fire bombing everything in site.

Violence, is all these people understand, and either they inflict it on you or you inflict it on them. There is no other choice.

We have had 40 years of a "war on drugs" and all we have seen is violence projected on our citizens, not one shot has been fired by citizens towards the federal government.

It's time to load the canons, and take aim at a government who's sole purpose is to retain power.

This country is headed for revolution, the sooner we wake up to the inevitable facts the sooner we get it over with.

Power will not return to the people without a fight, no matter how hard you try, they will use force to retain power, so force must be used to take it back.

Mark your calendars, a revolution is coming, those who are not blind see it, those in power fear it, and those with the balls to stand against tyranny will kick it off.

I say let the war begin, one man's terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, so let freedom ring.

Revolution Well In Effect

While I prefer to see a peaceful resolution given the horrible damage caused by violence, we cannot sacrifice effectiveness to avoid violence.

We don't need to start a revolution. We need to stop one.

The revolution, arguably in place since the ink dried on the U.S. Constitution, is many public servants revolting against the limitations of power contained in the written American foundation, rightfully established to oppose power abuse.

They have been attacking and attacking, and at least landed a significant blow in 1937 when out of nowhere came an extreme change in the judicial interpretation of the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, a change in effect today (used as the constitutional basis for drug prohibition).

The brilliant written American foundation condemns power abusers, but words do nothing if people don't support those words.

Revolting public servants, by attacking the U.S. Constitution, have declared war on their own country.

I find it horribly sad that we are likely heading towards another bloody conflict in which "We the people", the true rulers of the U.S., must shoot revolting public servants in the head to defend our nation.

Again, I'm all in favor of peace, but public servants are ignoring their masters more and more in light of peaceful actions (such ignoring resulting in the same kind of damage caused by violence), destabilizing our nation, and that is simply unacceptable.


I agree,the question was #1 and the misplacing of the question and the insulting dismissive answer were a slap in the face.I never expected Obama to jump on this issue before he even takes office but this is disgusting.I still am trying to convince myself that this is similar to writing your congressman and getting a response from a self-important staffer.
I have been recieving emails from and yesterday I went to the "your seat at the table" link and responded by telling them that I was disgusted and I no longer support Obama and vowed that I would never again vote for any democrat who does not openly and enthusiastically support reform.
I then wrote the same message to the DNC.
I encourage everybody to participate in the next round of questions and ask their friends and family to do the same.

I post all these DCRNet stories on my social news site so that thousands will see them.
You can get to Propeller from AOL under "user submitted news" and vote these stories up to the front page where I have seen as many as 20,000 views.

Check out the site...mntnman444 on

Keep up the fight!

Call the White House

The number to the White House is 1-202-456-1111 Call him the day he takes office and give him the facts. Be polite but firm. We need to stand up and say enough is enough. Go to his blog on Most everyone is in unison that Barack let us down. My post (Robert) is on top at the moment.

Obama bolg

Here is the website.

I have dislexia apparently.

I have dislexia apparently. It should say Obama Blog.

I agree, its time for a revolution.

One thing before I begin, this isn't just about drug law reform, its part of it, but mostly about the total LAWLESSNESS of the government...

I am so mad right now about everything that is going on I could literally scream. I am dictated to every day about do this, don't do that...or you will go to prison.

The part that induces the pure rage and hate inside of me is this, those same people think that the law doesn't apply to them, they don't even try to hide their treachery and corruption anymore, and they have NOTHING but contempt for the people. We are SLAVES to these pieces of filth. Its sad that most Americans have become fat lazy apathetic dogmatic slobs too dim witted to figure out how bad they are getting boned, and I'm sick of paying the price for their SLOTH.

We stand on the edge of complete economic ruin so that a few rich elite white men can have "more" AT OUR EXPENSE. Ladies and gentlemen...I think its high time we put those lawless pieces of trash in their place. Its time to take our country BACK from these people and its time we make them PAY HORRIBLY and WITHOUT mercy for their treachery.

Non-violent revolution

I think a revolt using civil disobedience is called for just to get their attention.For instance,targeting small poor cities by organizing enough people to attend a smoke-in that would bring the city to a screeching halt having to arrest process and prosecute a number the city can not possibly handle.If the city chooses to arrest nobody,there is still the picture on the MSM showing that no matter how much the cops tell people they are enforcing the law,they're not, so why not just make it legal.

Right On

I have to say that I agree whole-heartedly. The corruption level is unbelieveable, and I'm convinced this country would be busting at the seems with prosperity, if it weren't for the upper elite trying to screw us again and again. Bernard Made-off with the money, is a perfect example of their lawlessness, and then for him to get home monitoring, after stealing 50 million dollars, is proof of corruption at the highest level. What did they do, wait a few days to look at his bail, so the judge can get his giant cut of the rotten pie? Of course they did. Even if they legalize the herb or allow hemp growing, big pharma will get their demonic hands on it, in some way, shape or form. Anyway, that's my rant for now........

right there with you

oh yea im right there with you brother. the law needs to be changed and now is the time for change just as obama said. after this economy boosts up , if marijuana law is not reformed i am out of the country. i dont think the current law is right and we need change just as obama's campaign was about.

Big let down...

It seems that our softly spoken words for reform are falling on deaf ears. Obama should be able to hear us with those satellite dishes he has for ears! But ya know, it's no big surprise. I knew he'd pull this shit, they all do. Guess it has to be one town, one county, one state at a time. He duped me into voting for him as I though he had common sense. Oh well, me bad for being a "Patsy".

Don't be so naive

Seriously, give the man a chance. Did you really expect the first thing he was going to do was legalize cannabis? Give me a break. There is no doubt he is going to basically decriminalize ALL drugs, IF he shifts the paradigm as he claims. Then comes legalization. But seriously, let the man get the important stuff done before we get all hot and bothered because his first act wasn't to legalize pot. Give him a chance to build his reputation, then I guarantee we will see legalization within a few years MAX. Pull your heads out of the sand.


Who's naive? ...since we're on the same side and surely agree on many things, let's just say I hope you're right!

I don't think the issue is so much that we expected Obama to instantly legalize cannabis. I think the issue is that right off the bat, he's completely ignoring the demands of the majority of Americans. By putting the number one question at the bottom of the list on a website that calls itself "change," and then giving a non-sensical, disrespectful one-line answer, he is strongly indicating that we can expect four more years of the same garbage. Lies, propagandizing, ignoring or making light of serious issues which could correct a huge injustice and boost an ailing economy at the same time!

I had no faith in him, and I had even less in McCain. That's why I voted for Bob Barr. I strongly believe that both parties are corrupted beyond repair. They do not serve we, the people, and they never will again - until enough of us unite and make them serve us!

The President is supposed to work for the American citizens, not the other way around! It's been that way for far too long now. When a politician shows no respect for us and the Constitution, we owe him no quarter when it comes to meeting our demands. While I don't advocate violent Revolution (that's illegal as of late), I strongly advocate a revolution that involves voting - booting both parties out of office, and trying all transgressors for crimes against the Constitution.

Nothing will change until a majority of Americans wake up to the fact the we have been had, and are well on our way to a police state. A certain critical mass is required for any "REAL change we can believe in!" Neither Democrats or Republicans (save for Ron Paul and a few others) will do it for us.

The problem is they said he

The problem is they said he will not support legalization, they said nothing on whether or not he plans to decriminalize cannabis. First he is going to decriminalize, then once a few more states follow CA's prop. 215 the Federal gov. should calm down significantly. Cannabis is FAR too much of a political hot button that no president would go from here to legal in one step. Also, I don't know if anyone remembers (sarcasm), Presidents don't always tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

ex. 1 "Read my lips, 'No New Taxes'"

ex. 2 "We know that the (Iraqi) regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas."

ex. 3 "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

I think what is most important to remember is that, a politician is nothing more than an extension of the Public's masturbation hand, sure they will jerk us around, beat us about and basically mistreat and abuse us in any way that they deem fit, but in the end its really just their job to make us happy, although I think there are some that could use some reminding of that.

One good thing about the

One good thing about the one-line answer they gave (depending on how you interpret it) is that they didn't try to justify their answer with anti-pot propaganda. That shows they're probably just taking the safe political stance and don't really believe marijuana should be illegal. And better still, they're not trying to convince the public that marijuana is evil or anything like that. The Obama team was probably just surprised by the #1 question and didn't know how to respond, so they just decided to go the safe way.
About the question being the #1 question, I wonder how representative it really is of the public's views. Maybe it's just that many more young people are on the internet than old people, so that's why it happened. If not, then we really are the majority and obviously that's great. But if it was just because of the young vote, then at least that bodes well for our future. The people are definitely against the war on marijuana because of how they voted in the election, but that doesn't mean they'd all go as far as legalization. When the legalization question went to the polls in Nevada two years ago, it lost 46-54 or something like that, and when they voted on it in Switzerland the other day (which is supposed to be a pretty progressive country), it lost 30-something to 60-something. So even when it seems like we're the majority, unfortunately, that doesn't mean we necessarily are. Regardless, it still was a very strong message to send the Obama administration. They might be acting like they're ignoring it just to play it safe, but they definitely must have gotten the message. And not just them, but many many other people as well. I think people who are not reformers don't realize the amount of people who actually want legalization. I bet all the ones who did not vote for the marijuana questions who got to see it be #1 (before they took down the results, and before they answered it fourth), must also have gotten a really strong message. Plus, we get at least one more round of "open for questions" on the website, so we can repeat that powerful message again in a few days.

age n MJ

I am 64 and am totally in favor of legalizing MJ and HEMP as a major industry in this country, before we collapse completely


we can start with jury nullifications.

Another place to voice thoughts

Hey guys another new site just popped up where you can start a discussion about the new presidency. You can view the site at There is also a place to make suggestions at

Wow... another one.

Just what we need.



smoke weed?

But it didn't make Obama drop out of school! Likely, there were a lot more like him than never dropped out because of "drug" abuse! The people I went to school with dropped out because they were, mostly, lazy, to begin with. Surprise! No studying = FAILURE. It had nothing to do with drugs! Too bad that the majority, in this country, don't see that MJ is less harmful than alcohol (which is the true gateway drug). This all just makes me want to drop out of life! Yeah! That's it. Stay high all the time and wither away into oblivion! That would make life tolerable!


somebody from a upper comment^↑ sad this is the whie houses number??1-202-456-1111

Also i wouldnt get all worked upp YETT because i doubt the president would legalize marijuana being the first thing they do. come on people how would that look?!They would probabli impeach him he has to wait a while before he starts anything.
AnD if th government does legalize it they will make their own comercial packaging shit like ciggaretes like take out most of the THC and put like tar or some shit
so they should just legalize it but then ust leave it alone && not fukk with it or anything they might try 2 be fags end tax it
because thats the whole reason why it is ilegal because they cant tax hemp/marijuana because people canjust grow iT in their backyardst
thats why the gov. gets pissed at ppl who get caught with growing and they would charge them with a bunch of stuid shit like
possession,intent 2 deliver, trafficking& all dat shit.

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