Top Question on Obama website: When will marijuana be legalized?

President Elect Obama is known for reaching out beyond the beltway to take the pulse of the nation. His website, offers all of us the chance to communicate our hopes, dreams, fears and needs. This is governance from the ground up, the way it was meant to be. A new program just instituted on the website, is one where citizens may pose specific questions, and others can vote on their importance, bringing significant questions to the top of the list. In the short six-and-a-half hours the “Open for Questions” segment of Obama’s website actually stayed open, 7300 questions were posted, 10,000 people participated and 600,000 votes were cast for the most important issues on people’s minds. Guess which question had the most votes? "Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?" Yes, it’s true. With all of the incredible and difficult issues facing us today, the question above was the most prominent in people’s minds. Questions two through six, in order of popularity, read: "What will you do as President to restore the Constitutional protections that have been subverted by the Bush Administration and how will you ensure that our system of checks and balances is renewed?" "What will you do to establish transparency and safeguards against waste with the rest of the Wall Street bailout money?" "Will you lift the ban on Stem Cell research in your first 100 days in office?" "What will you do to promote science and mathematics education to Elementary and Middle School students?" "Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor - ideally Patrick Fitzgerald - to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?" I want you to get this. Constitutional protections, the Wall Street bailout, stem cell research, elementary and middle school education, and the investigation of torture and a warrentless wiretapping by the Bush Administration played second fiddle to a demand for a change in marijuana laws. Not only that, the seventh of the top ten questions reads as follows: "13 states have compassionate use programs for medial Marijuana, yet the federal gov't continues to prosecute sick and dying people. Isn't it time for the federal gov't to step out of the way and let doctors and families decide what is appropriate?" trumping questions about our farming policies, use of mercenaries in our military, and “greening’ the environment. Then there’s this one, just missing the top 10 by one slot: "The US "War on Drugs" wastes billions every year tracking down and incarcerating non-violent users. What is your position on the legalization of marijuana? How do you feel about treating rather than imprisoning users of harder, addictive drugs?" Question 12 was one about universal health care. Here is Question 13: "How will you fix the current war on drugs in America? and will there be any chance of decriminalizing marijuana?" Question 14 asks the president to preserve Net Neutrality. Here’s question 15: "What kind of progress can be expected on the decriminalization and legalization for medicinal purposes of marijuana and will you re-prioritize the "War On Drugs" to reflect the need for drug treatment instead of incarceration?" Questions 16 and 17 reflect demands for solar energy investment, and banking accountability, and 18 reads as follows (followed by demands to sever the relationship between the FDA and big pharma, and investment in high-speed passenger rails. "The U.S. has the world's highest incarceration rate, largely due to the War on Drugs. Our prisons are festering pits of rape, racism, and gang violence, and divert a lot of tax money to the corrupt prison industry. How can we fix this?" So, here’s a quick tally. Two of the top ten, and six of the top twenty questions addressed our government’s policies surrounding cannabis (recreational and medicinal) and the War on Drugs in general. It doesn’t end there. Following question 21 about tax incentives to home owners for installing energy efficiency measures we have: "Would you consider the legalizing of growing hemp (not marijuana) for food, clothing and bio-fuel use?" and "Drug control policy in America is a mess, most specifically with regards to marijuana. Federal and state laws are in conflict all over the country. What do you plan to do about this? Will you allow the states to make their own determinations?" After that folks asked about public transportation, gay marriage, sustainable farming practices, and abuse of executive power. Then we get to questions 28 and 29, "What about the use of Hemp and finally legalizing marijuana for personal use?" "If we did not have over 2 million people in jail, many of which on marijuana charges, we would save billions a year and keep families together. Will you commit to a comprehensive drug treatment plan that will help keep families together?" These two queries just edged out a request to prevent bailout recipients from using the money for lobbying. Apparently, the arrest of nearly 1,000,000 otherwise law abiding citizens each year for mere possession of cannabis, the relentless persecution of the sick and dying, and the continued incarceration of 1 out of every 100 adults, (and jailing or probation of 31 out of every 100 adults) is finally getting on peoples nerves, Yes, these questions will not go away. I’m afraid lawmakers around the country will have to suck it up and realize that, as Barney Frank put it: this is an issue where the public is way ahead of the politicians. To see all 7,300 questions in order of their importance to the populace, click here. P.S. I kind of like questions 33 and 34 "What will you do to ensure that the government takes scientific research into account when making laws? Especially when it comes to questions about the legalization of marijuana and the use of medical marijuana." "On the campaign trail, you said you would put an end to the federal raids on medical marijuana patients. Will you implement this policy within the first year of your term?" Get my point? Are you listening? You can read other posts by Brinna on
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marijuana legalisation

what will the leagle age for the useage of marijuana be ance it is leagle

Not only will there be an

Not only will there be an age limit, but an education requirement. As you obviously wouldn't pass!

test wow not on cigaretts huh and there worse

wat about the sick ones your making it like when its was time to vote the test they made up so cloreds or less fortunet couldnt vote selfish basicaly

Marijuana Decriminalization

Marijuana users should not keep getting arrested. Everyone else who has commented this page are obviously scared and do not want there names known. I stand up up for what i believe and will not back down. The U.S. is stuck on this "Drug War", but the truth is, If we legalize marijuana, the use of other drugs will eventually slow its roll until it eventually stops. Our prisons and jail cells are full of people who were arrested for Marijuana. Now this is fucking ridiculous! What about the people who are producing these hard drugs? While you all are so busy stopping people from selling pot, meth labs and crack dealers are increasing. The FACT is, Marijuana is the United States #1 cash crop. So it's not only gonna stop other drugs, But it will help our economy. I want you to think about this who ever actually reads it.

U.S. Citizen,
Chris Campbell

He couldn't be more accurate

Why worry about a harmless stoner when there are legit criminals out there with weapons and harder drugs? Millions of kids have their futures ruined because they get caught with a nickel bag that nobody else in the world would give two shits about. Weed grows just like tobacco. It's organic. Because of its effects, it should be treated the same way as alcohol. And let's be real for a second, legalizing pot is by far the quickest way to get this country out of debt. The government shouldn't be worried about the person smoking a joint on his or her free time or the high school kid trying to put a few extra bucks in his pocket by being a steady source to his friend. Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol is by far more dangerous and BY FAR more habit forming. it just doesn't make sense that marijuana is not legal.

You can't even compare

You can't even compare marijuana to alcohol. Marijuana is all natural. Alcohol is man made. You have to distill alcohol or do whatever it takes to turn hops and rotten fruit to wine and beer. However, marijuana only has to be dried before being used, and that can be done naturally.

The fact that marijuana was made illegal in the first place is mind boggling to me. After reading that the history on cannabis prohibition I've determined that it would it a complete ignorant politician to vote for the prohibition of marijuana. Also it is impossible, and extremely expensive if you try, to overdose on marijuana. Compare that fact to the amount of drunk driving deaths and alcohol overdoses each year and the amount of cigarette smokers getting cancer from all the toxins they add to tobacco.

I also thought about this: if marijuana becomes legal, then most of the "drug abusers" would be following the law if they used cannabis, eventually resulting in no more need for drug enforcement agencies. Those people would lose their jobs, and that's probably why they want to keep marijuana illegal. This is solely my opinion, but I believe it to be true.

Honestly if marijuana isn't legal in the next 10 years, then I'm losing hope in this country and moving to some Caribbean Island where I can smoke my weed in peace.

Your peaceful, nonviolent, cancer-free, college graduate and marijuana smoker,
Jim Konga

I agree

Well Chris I very much agree with every FACT you have just stated. To start of I am a !6 soon to be 17 year old kid who is in fact a marijuana user but what are your thoughts about that? Is it right for me to be using? Also to give you some background history about myself so you come to a more acurate conclusion I am not the best in school but very recently I opend my eyes to school and education, I have been failing school for many years and I am doing my best to turn that around by staying sober so I can maintain grades, job, and my after school activities. That is a little information I have givin you to think about all the young users but also the troubled users who dont always think with their head. (sorta like me) Please respond A.S.A.P I am very intersested in what you and many other people have to say about this, because many kids love marijuana, also if it is leagal then it will be very easy to get this product

Yours truley; Jeff Ellis Jr. (JT) =)

I love it that you've posted

I love it that you've posted this. Here's a little insight for you as well, I'm 20 years old and i do not smoke pot. I have never done it and i plan to never use it either, but i have grown up in a household with a family member who has done it more than 20+ years. Okay, this is what i don't most people who have posted on this website it is clear that yes legalizing weed the economy will pick up. But is that for certain? People today can hardly pay for their bills as it is, so why are we going to condone that by putting another luxury on the market? Then, we have the issue you brought up. The acceptance of smoking has gone so widespread that 12 year olds are doing it and growing up that its okay to do so. They start so young that they fall behind and fail out, so we are condoning for our youth to be uneducated slackers! Most smokers i know, tend to over do it and become worthless to the public when they are high. Also, i find it rather pathetic that (and this is a conclusion i've derived from ppl i know) that most of them smoke because they are "too stressed" or whatever the excuse. All i hear is how they can not deal with LIFE and can not handle personal issues, so they do it to forget. And we must not forget, people who are into the harder drugs are not going to quit just because weed is legalized. They will continue to do them no matter the circumstances. Those particulars, in majority, will end up in prisons or dead from overdose. Also, this country loves to revolve around rebellion, so we legalize weed and society moves onto the next form of nonsense. Fact is, weed is still illegal and those who are caught deserve to be reprimanded and deal with the consequences. So get over the bitching about being caught and deal with the fact that you screwed up. And also, when you do get caught remember that it's not only your life who becomes affected by your mistake. That's where most potheads get it all wrong..stop being selfish and think about how you can explain to your family members, friends, and lovers that it doesnt bother you to hurt them as long as you're happy and high. Because more than likely they are the ones dealing with the pain from your mistakes. Also, this post isn't being directed only to the person i posted this under. This is strictly a generalization from the point of view of a family member, a friend, and a lover of people who smokes weed.

BRAVO! AMEN! I could not have

BRAVO! AMEN! I could not have said it better myself!!!! I hope people read your post and mine and actually think about it a minute because it is so true. If marijuana was legalized there would be less hard drugs out there and less people doing them. I disagree that the harder drugs will completely disappear but the people doing them and making them would definitely decrease by more than half in my opinion. Plus, if the government would realize it they could tax marijuana and make money, it would create jobs all over the world, there will be less crimes, etc. I wish they would go ahead and do it because they know it's going to happen one day I just don't see why they don't go ahead and make up all the rules they want people to follow by and go ahead and legalize it! If they don't decide to make it legal everyone might as well sit back and enjoy having a broke government, hard times getting harder, crime rates increasing, more people losing jobs, the economy going to more hell than it is now, etc... I think that legalization of marijuana is the only thing left to save this country from going to hell.

i concur, and am in complete agreement with you

The only thing I do worry about is that if they do legalize pot, how will the government deal with those persons that produce and distribute the more dangerous and addictive narcotics that are ravaging our societies and keeping a great deal of our countries citizens dependent on them, will Congress do anything about that. Hey I love a joint or a bowl pack just as much as the next person and am 100% in agreement to have it legalized, but we cannot just sweep the other issues with the harder and more addictive drugs( that cause more loss of human lives and crime in general) under the proverbial rug, can we?

its spelled legal.

its spelled legal.

viva la revolution

It's no longer, "smoke weed everyday", its, "smoke weed till it's legal."


i agree... it can not be

i agree... it can not be stopped... if someone wants to smoke weed they will find it and they will smoke it..

Brother Obama

I know you read these posts and you know that I know that you know making weed legal is why you were put on this planet.


legalize and SAB

hell yes..

I understand marijuana is illegal, and its clearly a drug, but what people do is their buisness, and if smoking weed makes them happy then let them be happy however they chose. In my oppinion pot should be legal because enough people do it that the government could still make money off from it. However like anything that also has its down side.. like people still might not buy it legally all the time.. but itd still be a small income for the government.. And like cigarettes marijuana does have some bad chemicals in it, but its grown from the ground, this "drug" is a herb...

"bad chemicals"???

The burning of any biomass creates the offset of carcinogens, sorry it just happens. Not nearly as bad as cigarettes thou, which have the deadly chemicals added for extra added value. (Go figure the legallity of that) But hay, use a bong, or better yet VAPORIZE........

Weed is not a drug. It's

Weed is not a drug. It's just a plant that grows. But if you so happen to set it on fire, there are some effects:
1. Happy
2. Hungry
3. Sleepy


Exactly. I'm far from a pot head and I agree 100%. Sure the chemical THC found in it is considered a drug, but so are the chemicals found in Advil. Alcohol is far more harmful and dangerous to be using than THC. The only thing that should be illegal is driving while under the effects of weed, or smoking in some public places (similar to tobacco laws) If the stupid government would stop investing millions on stopping people from using the herb, they would have some extra pocket change to maybe perhaps help the economy.

You never see someone wrap

You never see someone wrap their car around a tree smoking pot, but people have dwi accidents everyday... man made beer god made pot who do you trust...

lol lol lol

I like your attitude whoever you are. I had to laugh at that one.

legalize marijuana

This country needs help and the only way to get us out of this horrible depression and future depressions would be legalizing marijuana. The government don't even understand the tax benefits of this, Imagine the great possibilities our country could have and the jobs that could help American citizens get back on their feet. Set an age limit, and just imagine our prisons would decrease and all of the state budgets would definitely start to decrease also. So many great possibilities would and could arise from this without a doubt. It's time to end this waste of money drug war and go after actual criminals who deserve to be in jail. Let us all rise and come together as on nation!

legalize marijuana please save our nation

man love that speech your wright we all do need to come together as a nation and if marijuana will make it happen then so be it



Leagalization not complications

Mr. President,

For years people have smoked marijuana. I have done my fair share of it, and now I am on probation, and I almost went to prison for it! I am an example of what a real "pothead" was. "Potheads" are not ignorant, actually to be quite honest I am exceptionally knowledgable about many things! For one: I know for a fact that if marijuana was legalized our country would make a change for the positive, not the negative. I have ADD and sometimes it is hard for me to concentrate, in my classes! By the way I am about to have my white coat ceremony, and I will be an official MD. Last year I was arrested for the posession and use of marijuana and the day after I got out of jail I went to my family doctor and was diagnosed with impulsive ADD. I do not get an extreme overabundance of energy or anything, I just get very ill tempered and sometimes can not pay alot of attention to thing, but to get to the point, I had been smoking marijuana for years and when I couldnt anymore, my concentration significantly got worse!!!! These bullshit pills that they put me on, RITILAN does nothing for me, but when I could smoke pot, I was getting straight A's in all of my college courses, including abnormal psycology and many other human behavior classes! I know for a fact, that for a large group of American Citizens, marijuana does alot more good, than damage! Not to mention, that marijuana has much less damaging and mind altering effects than alcohol, It is our right!!!! You have no right to keep us from that!!! If anything, alcohol should be illegal and marijuana should be legal!!!!

ritalin instead of bud...uh i don't think so..

haha yeah i hear ya...AND...Ritalin...a safer drug than marijuana?....NOT. It just a different concentration of cocaine. There is waaaaay more negative side effects from Ritalin than marijuana. Oh, the ethics of this country are so ridiculous and close-minded.

Weed saves lives...

For many years now, outsourcing has been going on in excess because the spoiled little brats of America who don't get how good they really have it, are too far removed from the generations of noble Americans who really knew what it was to be free (My grandfather- A marine who lost all his comrades at iwo jima)... Both employment and Federal tax revenues would jump if this were made legal and produced/sold within the United States. The issue is this: We have a chance now to make pot legal and end one of the last wrongful discriminations of the 20th century.
I'm a smoker. I started when I was 17 years old and I'm 21 now. I still smoke. I am a musician and ex-Apple specialist. Throughout my life I've never tried to hide the smoking aspect of myself (unless there were cops) because regardless of whether or not my nation is really free... I will always be. I have been arrested in Manhattan and detained until 3 in the morning all because I had been hitting a pipe with my friends before a show. It's NOT crack ladies and gentlemen, but an herb as aforementioned in the thread. I'll leave you with a thought that's close to home. My mother, who died in 2007, was diagnosed with a rare gland cancer originating in her pancreas (the same thing Steve Jobs was able to throw his money at and stay alive). My mother was a good woman. She worked harder than anyone I've met so far... Out before I was awake and back well after I was sleeping. She made her own business for herself called Senior Dignity, and for over 15 years, made it possible for the elderly to be cared for and respected in their own homes. She brought happiness to so many families that I couldn't finish my eulogy at her funeral without breaking down. The point is this: as the last year of her life dwindled and faded, she turned to an old friend she had abandoned a long time ago. That friend was her weed. My mother in the last 6 months could not move from her bed. She lost 3/4 of all her weight. Her breath was comprised of a horrible gaseous stench emanating from her belly. She couldn't keep food down. There was nothing we could do together anymore. What brought us both comfort was the weed. We smoked together frequently and talked about ski trips of the past (her favorite sport). She could eat on it. She could sleep on it. It relieved me of my incessant fear that she was in pain.
I know that the legislation concerning this substance is dead wrong. I hope I could bring some insight into how others see the plant. Its not just a bunch of hooligan teens acting out. Human beings need this.

your story touched me

you really do have a touching story i was glad i read it and didn't skip over it

In Genesis....

Then God Said, "I Give You EVERY Seed Baring Plant On The Face Of The Whole Earth And Every Tree that Has Fruit With Seed In It."

Cancer and Marijuana

Hey anonymous.


I too lost my mother to cancer about 2 years ago. She was diagnosed stage 3 originating in the lungs. The doctors at the time said she had only six months left. She lived two more years.


Cancer is often claimed to be attributed to cigarette smoke and people often try to lump marijuana in with it. Its not the substance its the process of smoking anything habitually for a long enough duration. Cancer is a rogue growth of cells. We all know a cell's basic function is to duplicate and die. Our bodies are bombarded with free radicals such as carbon in a hot powder form, radiation which is electrons passing through and killing cells or photons if the source is the sun. Point being, my theory is that when cells reproduce at a greater than normal rate, they adapt and become accustomed to it. Thus, the phenomenon known as cancer.  So I doubt there will be any one single cure. There are too many variables to have just one cure. Preventing cancer has more to do with habits of your daily life. Cancer runs in my family on my dads side. I don't know about my moms side other than her because she was adopted.

I was fortunate enough to make it out to see her before she passed. Her last days were spent with her parents and sisters. Good people that loved her very much. My last words to her "Your welcomed in my home anytime." Her last days were very much like the way you described your mothers passing. Unable to eat, a bag of awesome drugs next to her bed... basically synthetic cannabinoids, lortabs, and oxycontins. 

The war on drugs in certain respects in this country is a joke. The people on drugs are winning.  Yeah the violence coming up from Mexico is a negative.  Fundamentally though, the people pushing the product across our borders all have families and loved ones in some form or fashion and they are making the all mighty dollar the best way they know how. If drugs were legal in this country that problem would sort of take care of itself.  I know we have the tech and industry to grow better stuff. If it were legalized and regulated and taxed just like alcohol and tobacco and let those incarcerated for possession crimes out. It would take a load off the penal system budget freeing up tax dollars. It has the potential to facilitate jobs not just in the distribution and taxation of the recreational use, but also in the textiles industry. Increases appetites in the depressed. It is a purely natural high. Has high tensile strength due to its natural high density fibers in the stalk. Used to make high quality and durable fabrics for sails, clothes, ropes and whatever you imagine.

 Do some research on pharmaceuticals and the 90's till now in America.  All of it is the same shit rebranded, repackaged and sold as something to treat all your symptoms but never the root cause. All of these synthesized drugs originate from stuff you can find in nature.  Mother Nature has been doing an awesome job for such a long time with her amazing creations and designs.  It is our responsibility as creatures of this planet to respect it and treat it as if it were our own body.

She passed on Oct 10th 2009 around 1 pm about a week after I last saw her. My older brother Ryan whom I never knew, passed away on Oct 11th 30 years prior 2 months after he was born due to heart complications. I really enjoyed reading your story so I thought I would share mine.

Happy April 20th.

I won't be smoking up this year on account my work drug test and I can't really risk losing that.  But I totally support and advocate the unprohibition of pot.


The purpose of this is for those who are experiencing or are dealing with a friend or loved one with cancer.

She smoked for about 5 years when she joined the Navy as a Dental Tech back in 1987. 

Her career consisted of taking x-rays and developing them and cleaning peoples foul mouths. Bringing smiles to the world. Literally

Back when she started, the same safety and precautionary practices such as a concrete wall that exist today were not in use.

So she had about 25 years of exposure to x-rays.

Her second marriage was not a good one. My stepdad is a very negative person which induced unnecessary stress in her life. 

Right before she was diagnosed, she felt more fatigued than usual, her voice started going so she went and saw a doctor. That was 2007.

In light of cancer awareness, the unofficial official pot holiday, and mothers day right around the corner, Early happy mothers day mom and I love you.


The purpose of this is for those who are experiencing or are dealing with a friend or loved one with cancer.

She smoked for about 5 years when she joined the Navy as a Dental Tech back in 1987. 

Her career consisted of taking x-rays and developing them and cleaning peoples foul mouths. Bringing smiles to the world. Literally

Back when she started, the same safety and precautionary practices such as a concrete wall that exist today were not in use.

So she had about 25 years of exposure to x-rays.

Her second marriage was not a good one. My stepdad is a very negative person which induced unnecessary stress in her life. 

Right before she was diagnosed, she felt more fatigued than usual, her voice started going so she went and saw a doctor. That was 2007.

In light of cancer awareness, the unofficial official pot holiday, and mothers day right around the corner, Early happy mothers day mom and I love you.


marijuana yes it is harmful but less harmful then cigarettes and alcohol its only been illegal because the government could not make money off of it. However if they could it would really help out our nation just try


if marijuana becomes legal or not do it because of the right reasons i am sure you get fed up with people telling you 2 do it or not


i do firmly believe in the legalization of marijuana,you dont hear about people getting a buzz of weed an going out and killing people like the case with alcohol,yet alcohol is legal, there have been scientifically proven studys of the benefits of marijuana,what about alcohol, no studys there,i hope america will open there eyes to the understanding that man did not create this so called drug,but created by the almighty creator of life,amen

Why is marijuana illegal?

I honestly don’t know why. There are 2 kinds. One that makes you relax, and one that bugs you out. Probably the politicians smoked the bad kind and bugged out. Too bad. If they smoked the good kind it’s the best anti-anxiety medicine in the world. Doesn’t get you fucked up in your mind at all. Maybe if we can figure out which is the good kind and get the politicians to smoke it, they will chill out and stop being so paranoid, and world peace will follow. Also, it would be an enormous benefit to our economy in so many ways, from sales of twinkies and pizzas to movie rentals, there would millions of jobs created by legalizing it and everyone would be relaxed and happy. America would be the greatest place on earth with so many happy, relaxed people walking around high on the good herb. The only people who’d lose out would be the pharmaceutical companies because they sell nasty poisons that mess people up.

It really doesn't make sense

It really doesn't make sense as to why its not legal. I mean that salvia is bullshit. It doesn't work. Plus the world would be a better place and you know it.

Let U.S. Smoke

Cannabis is a simple species with one purpose, Reproduction. Along with different strains of Indica or Sativa this plant has male and female plants. Male plants are 100% necessary for reproduction and can supply products such as Hemp. Female plants grow as much as possible before the start of winter to reproduce and make seeds leaveing behind their genes for a new generation. Female plants bud and produce flowers for the sole purpose of this process. Humans (A.k.a us) discovered that the reproductive parts of the female plant can be burned and inhaled to produce a euphoric state of happiness, sleepyness, and increased hunger.

Fuck our government for ever even thinking this creation of mother nature should be destroyed, and outlawed.

Legalizing cannabis will help our naton with our debt and unemployment problems.

Smoke the herb, and live free.



just do one thing, bring it up for the american people to vote on instead of having legalization in the hands of up tight politicians.
and if you do that you will see that over 95% of us say yes! please obama, this will help our nation.
as bob marley says, "HERB IS THE HEALING OF A NATION"

1. Treats a variety of

1. Treats a variety of ailments
2. Can benefit the economy through the creation of new jobs and the decrease in funds wasted on the War on Drugs
3. Way healthier than tobacco, alcohol, and other substances that people end up abusing because weed is illegal
4. If legalized, would lower the prison population
5. Makes you feel good

Bottom line: use common sense.

ok well here listen here are

ok well here listen here are some ups and downs about weed a couple ups are that if we do legalize weed that we will get out of this depression and we could create more jobs for people. some downs are the US is like the largest state wit fat people and side effects of weed are munchies we will all be little fat kids
Ok dont get me wrong i started smoking weed at age 12 i am 15 now i have never got in any trouble with the police well i mean i never been cought by the police smoking weed,weed is like my air i smoke everyday i am smart i am passing all my classes so i really dont see anything about legalizing weed except for the fat kid one lol

If they legalized marijuana,

If they legalized marijuana, the situation would be identical to the music industry. The music industry being the distributed government marijuana, and the drug dealing marijuana being a napster. Almost impossible to benefit as a country.

What the Bible says about this...

I'm not trying to justify Marijuana with the Bible...but think about this..

Genesis 1:29-30 - Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. (30) And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food." And it was so.

So...If God gave us all seed-bearing plants...what right do you have to keep this dru.....Herb illegal Mr. Obama? I think we have a divine intervention and you have nothing against that.

If you (the gov't) just cared about money...then I should off myself because this isn't the free country we always boast so proudly of, reconsider your actions and come back when your more sensible about things.

Good Point!

Weed...makes you happier (silly, funny, better outlook on the big bad world), it grows from the earth, no one gets mean on it like they do when they are drunk, would definately help the economy (most people would rather buy from a store or bar rather than calling up a drug dealer...I for one will not mind paying taxes on it), it's a natural pain killer/anti anxiety treatment (I call it The Anti Bitch Treatment...LOL).
I don't understand what is wrong with it.
They say it's a gateway's the thing...people make their own choices. Not everyone who smokes pot does other drugs...hell most people who smoke don't even drink.
Alcohol...makes you happier until you have had too much, then you are sloppy and in alot of cases violent and completely stupid.
Give me a choice...I choose marijuana!
Same rules would drinking at work/no getting high at work, no driving drunk/no driving high..etc...
Maybe if the politicians got high from time to time they would notice just how unharmful it is...I mean really...some/most of them may already do it.
Take a poll...let this one be the peoples decision...and if it doesn't work...hey we already know life without legal marijuana.
Give us one good reason why not!




The Guy with the Bible Passage Makes a Pretty Good Point

Hmmm it raises all kinds of questions in my head...I just need to know, are there any DOWNSIDES to marijuana? Do you get addicted to it like cigarettes?

legalize it to make my

legalize it to make my terrible work days go by quicker

Legalize Cannibus

Hear me out Obama....
These racist people want to criminalize something that makes me feel good and keeps me healthy...
I would do anything for the legalization of Marijuana
When ever im sick, i smoke and all that pain goes away,
I remeber i had a fever, a bad one with a nasty cold
i was throwing up and in bed for 2 days
i was smoking some weed(in a blunt/cigar) and i promise like 4 minutes not an inch of pain was in my body..... after i was done with my blunt i starting crying and thanked god for placing such a plant on this earth
Ive been smoking for two years now
I use the herb responsibly... it has not side effects but hungry sleep and happy
please.......i really would do anything for you to legalize it
Every time i smoke i just feel better and better.
I use to have seizure about 5 times every month....
I haven't had not ONE seizure since i began smoking
So please look into legalizing it.....
Even if you dont im still gonna buy it from my drug dealers
even though i rather buy it from a store legally
So please i beg you...i beg you mr obama
i voted for you
dont let me down

The Alex kid above me is

The Alex kid above me is right.Legalize it and tax it. It would end the economic problems and lead to a well balanced nation. The criminals put in jail for it would come out a get jobs. More taxes,more money. The only reason why some people want to prohibit cannibus is because there would be less tobacco smokers it weed was manufactured like tobacco. Either way im gonna buy or not
Might as well save money by taking those out of jail for possession and when they come out they would NEVER be able to sell weed because the average pot smoker would rather buy from a store LEGAL,since it would be much safer, and only containing THC, I have 4 children, they all smoke as well as myself. And we are way more healthier than people who don't smoke.

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