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More than just a swerve over the line.

Submitted by David Borden on

This really happened to me, and it just goes to show yet another invasion of rights, and harrassment the police and government can throw at you.  

  It was day a couple of weeks ago, I was taking my cousin to work. The thing is, I don't have a license. But I have never got caught driving the short distance there and back before, and never been caught, plenty of times. But on this day, our town was doing this special "take back our highways and neighborhoods" thing going on. In otherwords, if you did one little slip in your driving while they are behind you, they will pull you over.  

So, as I'm comming back from taking my cousin to work, I pass two police cars in the median. They followed me for about two miles, then stopped me. The first thing he asked me was, "do you smoke marijuana?" I said, "no." He then alerted me that to him and his partner it smelt like weed when they came to the window. So he then asked for my license and insurance. I told him I had no license, but had insurance.  

Now, I'm 19 years old with a suspended drivers license, in a car that smells like weed, and being pulled over on a special pull over day.  

He asked me if any narcotics or weapons were in the car, and I said, "no." He then searched the car with a dog, and swore up and down he would find something. He even said the dog was indicating there was drugs in the car. Finally, he puts the dog up, and shows me a little speckle of some bud. I was like damn, this sucks. So he sweated me for a long time. Finally, my ticket was wrote out, $250. I clearly told the cop I had no job. They don't care though. They are actually paid by the ammount of ticket revenue. How pathetic.  

Just thought I would share that story with you. Be careful out there, because the laws and corruption rates are gonna continue to rise.  



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