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Elderly People Who Grow Pot in Albania

Submitted by smorgan on
Apparently, Albania is Europe’s 2nd ranked marijuana producer, due in small part to the desperation of elderly Albanians who grow pot because they can’t work and their children have moved away and they can’t afford their prescriptions.

So, as you might guess, the Albanian government is waging total war on the elderly, which is ridiculously easy under Albania’s crazy marijuana laws. The result is a bunch of impoverished old ladies going into hiding, while the real drug traffickers remain the only people in Albania who make any money.

Meanwhile, with Amsterdam bowing to international pressure and closing some of its coffeeshops, perhaps the Albanian government should consider turning this mindless marijuana policy on its head and raking in those mischievous "drug tourism" dollars nobody seems to want. Seriously, you live in Albania. You can’t afford a U.S.-style drug war, so don’t try.

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