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The Discovery of 2,700-Year-Old Marijuana is Pretty Cool

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I haven’t yet discussed last week’s news that a major head stash of marijuana was found in the tomb of an ancient Chinese shaman. It’s significant because the stuff was clearly well grown, with an apparently decent THC content. My analysis: awesome.

Unfortunately, researchers couldn’t get the seeds to germinate, which sucks for breeders because the ‘Tomb Raider’ strain would’ve taken Amsterdam by storm. Of course, it would’ve been even cooler if it had been seedless to begin with, proving that even cavemen could grow better pot than the nauseating schwaggy sawdust being sold on the streets of D.C. and New York as we speak.

Regardless, this is another reminder that the cannabis plant has been with us from the beginning. The logical assumption is that its properties are intended to be useful to mankind, especially after those properties are revealed to be unique and widely regarded as beneficial by the population. Trying to eradicate it is as stupid as it is impossible. It was here 3,000 years ago, and it will still be here 3,000 years in the future. Unless, of course, the drug war has completely destroyed the earth by then.
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I knew I left my marijuana stash somewhere! Nah but seriously, this story is amazing.


damn hes smokin that dusty stuff.... hahahah


Well looks like shamans also loves being high, and probably thats the reason that they feel enlighten. Joyce

I bet them researchers are

I bet them researchers are kickin back with a 2700-year-old joint right now.



Thanks for the info. That's

Thanks for the info. That's the first I've heard of that one! Awesome...not one bit of a surprise, though. I hope this in some way helps to make the legislators lighten up and change the drug laws. Marijuana has merit. 




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