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It's finally over

Submitted by David Borden on
I have finally been accepted into the St.Paul's pain clinic and have been sitting at the computer for hours without any pain.This is such a relief but it makes me all the more aware of how I have been needlessly tortured for four years.It seems that now,everyone knows my methadone doctor was incompetent and his medications redundant.I knew that but had no idea that everyone else knew as well.Just a little frustrating.I am currently without pain but going through withdrawal symptoms from the morphine that was doing me no good as a pain meds but obviously was addicting my body to it's presence.How stupid that I am on a medication that kills the pain but has less narcotic than what I was being prescribed.I await the permission to withdraw from the methadone.I am being prescribed a medication for breakthrough pain but the methadone blocks it totally.My new physician wants to see if there's anything new that will allow an operation on my spine that will bring back my height but I had already mentioned the procedure to my neurosurgeon and he said it was impossible.Doctors never agree on anything.I will have to continue to attend at the methadone clinic and be treated like a manipulative criminal liar for a while longer.Not what I'd hoped for but being able to function and spend more than a few hours a day on my feet is like a parole.I'm actually planing to travel to my in laws for xmas this year.I just have to get a carry for the methadone for a few extra days at the proper time.I've been going there(methadone clinic) for almost 10 years without a single break so I don't expect any problems.The gang war here is still killing at a frightening pace for a Canadian city.There's a shooting or a stabbing every few days and the gangland hits are still going down every month or so.Has anyone else noticed that the cops seem to be able to infiltrate all the Hells Angels rivals with devastating effect but they almost never get any convictions against the Angels themselves?Strange.It certainly removes their competition.We have a new crew at city hall and they are promising to end the homeless issue in 10 years.This will require a lot of work with the addict community.It remains to be seen whether this will be done through a humane and health care type approach or a law enforcement and prison program.The Harper conservatives have managed to unite the three opposition parties into rallying for a non confidence motion just a month after the election.This after promising to work together with the opposition to solve our financial dilemma.It would be nothing short of a miracle if this actually happens.Conservative supporters are spinning it as a betrayal by the opposition but the opposition did get 62% of the vote.That Harper managed to do what no one else could,unite the left,is a testament to his arrogance and lack of caution.Without a Harper government there is a very real possibility of a return to drug reform in Canada.

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