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Police Cannot Identify Good Marijuana

Via DrugWarRant, here’s another typical case of police wildly exaggerating the value of a marijuana seizure:

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - North Charleston police have scored a major pot bust, seizing 500 pounds of marijuana with a street value of more than $2 million.

Police said there was so much marijuana they couldn't let reporters see it because the smell would overpower them. They instead showed pictures of the haul.

Charleston Police earn bonus points here for claiming the pot’s odor would "overpower" reporters, even though no one in the history of the world has ever gotten a buzz from standing near some marijuana.

Moreover, photographs reveal the pot to be ugly, brown and stemmy. It was shipped from Arizona, indicating that it is exactly the sort of ubiquitous Mexican commercial garbage that its appearance suggests. I doubt it’s worth even half of the $2 million pricetag proposed by police.

Again and again, we find law-enforcement recklessly exaggerating marijuana prices to the point of absurdity. In fairness, prices shift dramatically depending on quality, but it is precisely because police often lack the subtle ability to judge marijuana quality that they so often issue such laughable claims.

As I’ve explained before, exaggerating the value of marijuana encourages people to grow and sell marijuana.
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Prohibitionists hype the amount of cannabis seized and it's value to justify the need for ever increasing amounts of taxpayer dollars. This has finally backfired on them. The public and press are tired of it and are turning their backs on the war on drugs in record numbers. We know that prohibition is counter productive in that it increases the sale and use of drugs. Cannabis use alone has increased by 4000% since President Nixon declared the "war on drugs". 75% of responders to a July 2008 CNN Poll favored the legalization of marijuana/cannabis. 95% of responders to the 2008 Miami Poll favored the legalization of medical marijuana/cannabis. People know that cannabis is the safer choice than alcohol or tobacco. The news is full of articles, letters to the editor and commentaries calling for the end of the war on drugs, and for the legalization of cannabis. We know that legalization will take the control of cannabis away from criminals. Legalizing cannabis will be less harmful to society than prohibition is. Die hard prohibitionists are trying to marginalize Barney Frank and Ron Paul for wanting to decriminalize cannabis use. Prohibitionists are employing every dirty trick in their inventory to silence them. What prohibitionists don't understand is this. Politicians like Barney Frank are paying attention to the fact that voter opposition to prohibition has reached critical mass. They're riding on top of the ground swell of voter opposition to the war on drugs. Drug Prohibition has been going on since 1914. So, most politicians probably still believe it's business as usual and are oblivious to what's about to hit them. They'd better wake up if they want to keep their jobs. Because, there will be plenty of foresighted candidates willing to fill their positions by supporting legalization. In fact, if either presidential candidate came out for the legalization of cannabis, they'd win the election, hands down. Because, we know that cannabis prohibition could be ended by the president at the stroke of a pen. I do not use cannabis or advocate it's use. But, I know that legalization will protect our kids and the war on drugs is over in my mind.


The Heat got sett up!! That s#@!!! is Dirtweed? There's no way that crap could have a smell. If i where them I'ed go get my money back!!!! sahibX


police have become the laughing stock in america thier lies have caught up with them now they are considered no better than scum ..they only have themselves to blame .they have become dispicable profiteers in human misery.i would not believe one no matter what he said and neither should any jury

exaggerating the value of marijuana encourages people to grow

As I’ve explained before, exaggerating the value of marijuana encourages people to grow and sell marijuana.

All the lying filth from Richard Nixon is what caused me to start smoking pot in the early 70s just to find out what all the screaming was about. I knew it couldn't kill me trying it and now I am hooked and dying from marijuana overdose... oh, well, I Would be if those statements of what happens to people who smoke pot were true.

Once Nixon's anti-drug commission rejected the scientific research performed at the behest of Nixon et al came out telling him there was no safety danger at all his response was to bury the research... I knew I had been lied to way back in high school.

How many pensions are we supporting based on cops and other lying administrators who were "needed" because of pot busts? Enough to really help the elementary schools get books.

Now I grow my own reefer and I smoke the best knowing that I am more responsible for stopping crime by over the boarder smugglers than the dummies in the police depts are. I regard the police as low moral frauds and self centered criminals who can openly carry guns. Of course, there are exceptions and they are honorable men and women. But having seen the cops seize one of my pot drops that had two kilos in it and only report it as a quarter pound bust on my customer, I know what's up.

You want to take a bite out of crime? legalize cannabis right now. Take the money out of it for the sellers to leave it alone and for the fake cops to get out of their monkey suits and get a real job.

Controlling the press

All health concerns for the press aside, why didn't the press demand to photograph the 500 lbs of marijuana? Why would the press allow the police to report to them about the 500 lbs without being allowed to authenticate the story by viewing and photographing the 500 lbs of marijuana? Why did/does the press capitulate to a police-generated story without corroboration?

The press has the responsibility to provide information to a well informed citizenry. They clearly did not live up to their responsibility.

showing their ineptitude

i posted this article that i found in the local Augusta GA paper on my blog page last sunday

it is the most ridiculous crap i have ever heard

the incompetence of the cops, the exaggeration of the value of the dirt weed, the whole story is bogus

i have been run through this old south mill over 10 pounds of last years commercial dirt weed and was given a 25 yr sentence - on a first offence

it is the type of crap that does not belong in our society

i am still on parole after doing 3 mandatory minimum, out since 1999, WTFO???

War Survivor


I am privileged to have been the first person to post a rebuttal to the LEO claims on the newspaper's website @

Of the 7 comments, only one was favorable towards the article, and since it comes across as a nearly-illiterate redneck ranting, it may well be a spoof. Read it and decide yourself.

There is a great comment by Howard Wooldridge of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. He's a former narcotics cop who got sick of the hypocrisy.

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