"Extremely Small Amount" of Marijuana Causes Panic Throughout Massachusetts

It all started when an "extremely small" package of marijuana fell from the pocket of 19-year-old Sean LaCroix at his grandparents’ house, where he lived. His grandmother found it and put it in the car so she could turn it over to police. The car belonged to her husband, John LaCroix, fire chief of Newton, MA and was subsequently discovered when fire-fighters cleaned his vehicle at the station.

I know, this is really one of the most uninteresting stories one could possibly imagine, but here’s how the press reacted throughout Massachusetts:

Marijuana found in car of Newton Fire Chief
Boston Globe, United States - Aug 22, 2008
By Rachana Rathi, Globe Staff Police are investigating Newton Fire Chief Joseph LaCroix after his firefighters allegedly discovered marijuana in his ...  Marijuana found in fire chief's vehicle
WHDH-TV, MA - Aug 22, 2008
NEWTON, Mass. -- During the routine cleaning of Chief Joseph LaCroix's City issued vehicle, firefighters discovered an envelope that contained a small ...  BREAKING NEWS: Marijuana found in Fire Chief's car
Wicked Local, MA - Aug 22, 2008
By Gail Spector, TAB staff Firefighters cleaning Chief Joseph LaCroix's car yesterday found a bag of marijuana, mayoral spokesman Jeremy Solomon confirmed...  Drugs are found in car of Newton Fire Chief
WHDH-TV, MA - Aug 23, 2008
NEWTON, Mass. -- Newton Fire Chief, Joseph Lacroix, is fighting back against the discovery of marijuana found in his city issued car. ...  Newton Fire Chief Joseph LaCroix said he does not know how ...
Newton TAB, MA - Aug 22, 2008
By Chrissie Long and Gail Spector, staff writers A bag of marijuana was found inside Newton fire chief Joseph LaCroix’s car on Thursday but the chief says ...  Newton fire chief says he does not know how marijuana got into his ...
Daily News Tribune, MA - Aug 22, 2008
By Chrissie Long and Gail Spector, staff writers A bag of marijuana was found inside Newton fire chief Joseph LaCroix’s car on Thursday but the chief says ...  Sorry, Grandpa: Marijuana in Newton Fire Chief's car belonged to ...
Boston Globe, United States - 2 hours ago
The marijuana discovered last week by firefighters in Newton Fire Chief John LaCroix's city-issued car belonged to his grandson and was mistakenly put in ...
What is this, if not a towering monument of idiocy? All of this serves as a frustrating reminder that there are two kinds of people in America: those who believe marijuana poses a grave threat to public safety, and those who actually know what marijuana is. The latter group typically believes it should be regulated like alcohol, while the former believes we are all just one stoned fire-fighter away from perishing in a terrible conflagration.

Nevermind that the marijuana turned out not to belong to the fire chief. Even if it had, wouldn't the citizens of Newton know by now whether or not their fire chief was capable of arranging for local fires to be put out?

As amusing as it may be to witness this colossal media circus surrounding something so mindbogglingly trivial, don't forget that Chief LaCroix nearly had his career ruined over this. If his grandson hadn't taken responsibility, he'd likely have been forced into retirement, unable to prove his innocence. Can you even imagine how many times a small bag of misplaced marijuana has led to an absurd outcome like that? It is the legacy of our nation's brain-dead marijuana policy to produce epic fiascoes like this on a daily basis.
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Pot being so "harmful?"

I believe, in this great state of Massachusetts, that marijuana laws should be lightened for small times offenders. It is not the policy of the government to put people like this Fire Chief into a dangerous spot. They obviously miss the point, if a Fire Chief has been smoking pot all this time would there have been only an EXTREMELY small amount?
I urge voters in Massachusetts to vote yes on question #2 this November in regards to the decriminalization of marijuana.

Furthermore, I believe that marijuana does not evoke gateway tendencies, nor does alcohol. They are one in the same.

I just recently got bagged for OUI in Massachusetts (bad idea), but was also convicted of my second marijuana possession offense. If it wasn't for my illicit drunk driving I would be Scott free. NOW, I am on probation for a year and have to take drug tests. I feel that alcohol has caused many more problems for people such as myself than marijuana has ever cause anyone that I know.

I am a law abiding citizen, I pay my taxes, I drive the speed limit, I smoke marijuana...

Marijuana is not the enemy....

America uber Alles!!!

Wow, typical but still unbelievable! I wonder if the fire chief has gained a new perspective on the War on Some Drugs/Citizens? I don't condone being impaired in any way at work, and especially not when your team is dependent on you in a dangerous situation like fighting fires. Still, the article asks the most important question, "can the man lead his team to succesfully put out fires?" I'll bet he can, or he wouldn't be the fire chief!

It would have been interesting to see whether his wife would have been arrested and charged when she ventured into the wolf's lair to turn in a gram of the "evil weed." I'll bet with her social standing, it's unlikely. Lucky she's a WASP! I just hope that the more these farcical things happen to ordinary citizens (cannabis smokers included), the quicker they'll adopt a new perspective whereby they'll realize that ANYONE can become the victim of the police while commiting the otherwise victimless crime of drug use.

Welcome to the National Socialist States of America...

Above the law

If he wasn't the fire chief, this would have just been another arrest to add to the tally. The "it's not mine" excuse wouldn't have made a bit of difference. Same goes for the mayor whose dogs were shot recently.

So much for equal protection.

"its not mine"

I agree with this case, being he is a Fire Chief. If it was anyone else, it would be disbarred immediately. Any other citizen would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

Strange indeed

It is odd that the fire chief wasn't arrested and thrown in jail, long, before the grandson had a chance to take the wrap.

ridiculous beyond belief

The grandfather was spared the bullshit. What happened to the grandson? Was his life destroyed instead? And who is the complete asshole who snitched when finding an extremely small amout of pot in the first place? Anybody who turns me in had better hope I don't know who he is.

S Sharp

It was probably another

It was probably another union prima donna lookin for a way to discredit anyone outside the "bargaining unit", saw an opportunity and ran with it. Sad sign of the times. If I had to manage assholes like that for a living I'd probably smoke about a pound a year, not to mention the horrible shit you'll see in the fire service just doing the job in the first place. If youre a fire chief, or a medic, or a firefighter, and you smoke weed I bet your shits together, you do a kick ass job, probably actually better than the average schmed, and you don't bother anybody or cause problems. Sorry you're the enemy but evidently our political or rational thinking hasn't progressed any since 1937.

screw em

id like to cornhole every anti pot person out there .except they would like it.wtf

gramma is a pig

"subject" said it all. what kind of fool could be such a nazi as to turn your own grandson into the cops for a tiny bit of pot?

This is the ugly power of dis information. gramma only wanted to do the right thing. adolph hitler never broke the law once.

the law of man is not what protects you. the truth is what protects you.

we can all be bent or fooled into being monsters to each other. go read on the Zimbardo Effect and fill your shoes!

WE NEED TO GET THE SCIENCE OUT THERE ON POT TO BE ADDIQUATELY STUDIED BY THE PUBLIC. It is patently bad for us to allow ourselves the luxury of letting gramma stay stuck on stupid. what does she do next to the kid?


Oh wow. They just have no clue. The more public these stories the better!

Christoffer Jones

I agree with you, the more

I agree with you, the more public these stories get the better.

"Forced into retirement"

Yeah, this fire chief might have been forced into retirement, but if he were an ordinary civilian, at least in Arizona, he, his grandson and quite probably his wife would be facing jail time. Oh, and his car would be impounded, too.

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