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Panel Calls For No Marijuana Enforcement During Democratic National Convention

Police in Denver must be so sick of Mason Tvert. But in case they haven't noticed, he's not gonna stop calling them out until they stop wasting valuable public safety resources on petty pot busts:
A panel set up to review Denver's marijuana policies has recommended that police refrain from busting adults who fire up during the Democratic National Convention.

Police will have to deal with numerous security issues next week when thousands of people - ranging from protestors to delegates - descend on Denver, said Mason Tvert, leader of a group that sponsored a law mandating that marijuana be a low-enforcement priority.

"It is absolutely absurd for the police to be spending any of their time worrying about adults using a drug that is less harmful than alcohol," he said today.

Tvert, who also sits on the Marijuana Policy Review Panel, said he would deliver the recommendation to Mayor John Hickenlooper, Police Chief Gerald Whitman and Denver City Council president Jeanne Robb. [Denver Post]
Of course, this conversation wouldn't even be happening if Denver police just listened to the people they serve. The citizens of Denver voted against petty marijuana enforcement not once, but twice, first legalizing possession of up to an ounce, and then calling on police to make marijuana enforcement the lowest priority. Is there anything confusing or ambiguous about that?

If the community makes a statement about what type of policing they want, it is law-enforcement's job to make it work. Anything less renders the police department a rogue agency, abusing the very population whose tax dollars pay police salaries.
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smoking @ dnc conv.


If Alcohol is being served, Cigars are burning, then Cannabis should be allowed. How would you feel about being fined $100 by Dever police for alcohol possesion? Why should adults with dried out plant material in their personal possesion be asked to hand over $100 to the local government? The civil fine idea is a disaster waiting to happen. If you give your local government that carrot, then how do you expect them to settle for a lower taxation $$$ amount? Good luck. I remember going to rock concert`s back in the `80s @ the omni in atlanta where people would just fire it up once the lights went down and............................

This is funny

It's like asking your torturers for a glass of water in the middle of a wicked session. "Water? Yeah, sure! You want ice?"

dnc convention


Here we go. Obama has chosen Biden as V.P. Biden claimed he would step up the drug war if elected pres. Obama say`s change. Biden crack rock law anyone? Change of heart maybe? Saw the light maybe? Biden would have some credibility w/ law enforcement . Wipe away their tears when marijuana is legalized. We got to do what`s right you know. This is going to be interesting. What did ancient pyramid builders know about 2012? Consfearacy reporting live on this 5th day of Fay.

Like I've said before,....posted by ..donl

So stop paying them if they don't do their job!...then maybe it'll sink in ....oh yeah!!we work for the people! Duh...

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