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Pet Mountain Lion Gets Man Arrested for Marijuana

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Ok, if you're growing marijuana, don't harbor an illegal pet mountain lion:

mountain lion

Russell Rexrode, a 41 year old Ft. Bragg resident, has been sentenced to 180 days in jail following his conviction by a jury of felony cultivation of marijuana. Sheriff's deputy Dustin Lorenzo testified during the trial that he weighed 119 pounds of processed marijuana and 142 pounds-worth of unprocessed marijuana plants found at Rexrode's residence. Sheriff's Lieutenant Rusty Noe testified that the wholesale value of the pot was $2,400 per pound.

Fish and Game Department Lieutenant Lynette Shimek testified that she led the search of Mr. Rexrode's property on Oct. 17, 2005, on the basis of evidence relating to "unlawful mountain lion possession." Superior Court judge Ron Brown presided over the case, and in addition to giving Rexrode the jail sentence, he ordered the defendant to pay $1,500 for the misdemeanor offense of having the mountain lion. [Ukiah Daily Journal]

Now, I understand why someone would grow marijuana. It's medicine. It makes people happy and creative. And I understand why someone would want a mountain lion. They are majestic. But this guy pushed his luck too far. As much as many of us may wish to live in a world where you can grow weed and raise mountain lions, we just don't. And if there's one thing that's going to generate more buzz around the neighborhood than a homegrown marijuana garden, it's a lion.

But here's what I want to know: how come the guy got 180 days in jail for growing pot, but only paid a $1,500 fine for the mountain lion?! It should go without saying that mountain lions are vastly more dangerous than marijuana.

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Oh no!

First turtles, now mountain lions. The animals are turning against us!

This guy is...

It's an interesting issue which is more harmful to our society.

Stupid Action

Marijuana makes him hard to think how he should hide his marijuana garden.


why are men mostly the stupid ones now a days you do not see women doing that now do ya i do not think so.

look now ppl

i think that that man is dangerus i also think that he might have caused war look at the sighns .............. the year is 2009 yester day was new yaers eve that man should have hade a much graeter fine

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