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If You Oppose Marijuana Laws, But Support Other Drug Laws, Read This

Pete Guither has an excellent breakdown of why our policy towards the most dangerous drugs is just as flawed as our policy towards marijuana. It's a tricky subject that can be approached many ways, but he does a great job of hitting the most important points without writing a book. I think I agree with it in its entirety.

Pete's rant is enjoyable even if you already understand the argument, so go read it.
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Comment posted by Anonymous on Tue, 02/26/2008 - 7:24pm
Theres a dirty cop on the Drug enforcement task force his name is Delshawn King
Shared by hswinvest on Feb 22, 2008 8:40 pm. quote | edit | delete
This officer has violated his oath terribly and the goverment knows all about it. He has compelety made up investigation reports. The same report word for word is used as evidencewith 2 different persons names on them in two separate cases. One person (Victor Burns) has been in jail serving a 6 to 20 year sentence. Officer King presented videos of Burns making a drug deal and a audio tape with the informant Lamont Taylor setting up Victor Burns so Burns is pretty much busted. So why did officer Delshawn King use the same reports and the same video and audio tapes but change the name from Victor Burns to Harold Wilcox. This false evidence led to an Indicted on Federal Drug Charges against Harold Wilcox.(Remember the same investigation Reports Word for word with 2 different peoples name ) what kind of Shit is this and remember the goverment knows all about it and i Harold Wilcox have the reports and the tapes.King is a Detroit Narcotics Officer working on DEA task force. Would you agree that my right of Due Process has been violated? SOUND LIKE A COVER UP TO YOU? For more info feel free to contact: [email protected] Sue me for slander if its not true!!!!

Side effects

Drug addiction, in fact, any addiction, can sure mess up a life, but it only takes one drug raid to shatter that life completely. No drug in the world is that dangerous.

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